How to Use Facebook via Mobile Phone?

Opera Mini and Facebook

Opera Mini is the fastest mobile web browser in the world. Opera Mini adjusts the web page made for computer to the small screen of your mobile phone. Opera Mini mobile web browser also helps to save the Internet data plan charges. It's a very good idea to surf Internet via mobile using Opera Mini mobile web browser.

Now, the question is 'how to surf Facebook on your mobile using Opera Mini mobile web browser?' You can stay in touch with your friends on the go with the use of Facebook for mobile. There are two different editions of Facebook, computer edition and mobile edition. You can surf both of these editions with the use of Opera Mini mobile web browser.

Facebook For Mobile

Facebook in Opera Mini mobile web browser.
Facebook in Opera Mini mobile web browser.

Facebook using Opera Mini mobile web browser

In the address bar of your Opera Mini mobile web browser, type You would see the Facebook website as you see it on your computer. By zooming in with a centre key of your mobile, you can surf the specific part of your Facebook page. Thus, you can surf the main website of Facebook in your mobile with the use of Opera Mini mobile web browser.

I prefer to use the mobile edition of Facebook, however I am surfing Internet via Opera Mini mobile web browser. The mobile edition of Facebook is compatible with the small screen of your mobile phone. Mobile edition of Facebook and Opera Mini mobile web browser would reduce the Internet data chargers to a considerable amount. Thus, you would be able to surf more Facebook with a same capacity. What is the address of mobile addition of Facebook? The address of Facebook for mobile is This address would redirect you to the mobile addition of Facebook. You can access all of the aspects of Facebook on your mobile except Facebook applications. Overall, Facebook for mobile is the great idea to surf Facebook via mobile phone.

Facebook Mobile via Mobile sms

You can also access Facebook via mobile sms. You just have to verify your mobile number with Facebook. The option about this is under settings section of your Facebook account. This service is called as "Facebook Text Messages Service". You can get the more information about this service on this page. Using Facebook via mobile sms would be a great idea, if you have activated the free sms plane on your mobile. Facebook never charges anything on their end to use this mobile sms service.

Free Facebook,

You can surf Facebook for totally free of cost. You don't have to pay any Internet data plane charges or anything when you surf Facebook via This service is available for some basic mobile phone handsets. This is another addition of Facebook mobile. This addition gives you the access to the Facebook with minimum use of Internet data. This would also be the great option to use Facebook via mobile phone.

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raj limbu 5 years ago

How we can chat in this facebook?.......

mymagicview profile image

mymagicview 5 years ago from Maharashtra Author

You should use eBuddy mobile messenger to do Facebook chat on your mobile phone. Search for eBuddy mobile messenger and install it on your mobile phone.

mahendr kumar meena 5 years ago

my facebook via email id

don 5 years ago

i like opera mini

donna 5 years ago

hhi how can i use opera mini

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