How to avoid search engine positioning mistakes?

Designing a search engine friendly web page can be a tricky task if you don’t know what mistakes to avoid when creating your website and optimising it for the search engine so it ranks well on the search engine result.  There are common mistakes which many if not all internet marketers makes when developing a web site and optimising it during their SEO process.  Here is a list of 10 most common mistakes.  By avoiding them you will also be avoiding a lot of anguish and frustration in the long term.

1. Optimising the website for inappropriate keywords

One of the first and most important tasks in SEO is selecting the best keywords for your website.  If you initially choose the wrong keywords, all the time and effort that you devoted in getting your site to rank high in the search engine will go to waste.  One of the common mistakes here is choosing keywords which no one searches for or choosing a keyword which won’t bring in targeted traffics to your site.  Choosing the wrong keywords or non-targeted keywords will destroy your high ranking position on the search engine result, so always do your research and select the best possible keywords for your website.

2. Overloading Meta tag with keywords.

I have seen many sites out there that have hundreds of keywords listed in the Meta keywords tag in the hope that by listing the keywords in the Meta keywords tag they will be able to get a high ranking for those keywords.  First of all Google which is one of the best search engine out there and has the majority of the search market, does not use the keywords meta tag any more.  This is because in the past too many people have spammed that too much, however if you have a good Meta description tag, Google will use that information or part of that information in their snippet in the search result.  So just by listing hundreds of keywords in the Meta keywords tag will not help you at all with your ranking.  Even though Google does not uses keywords meta tag, it is advisable to still use it on your webpage as other search engines still do use them.

3. Replicating the same keywords over and over again

People often endlessly repeat the same keywords in their web page content and on the Meta keywords and description tags too many times.  Again this is another black hat method people use but search engine now can spot this and may penalise your web page for repeating same keyword too many times.  Sure, you do need to repeat keywords in your web page a number of times, but the way you place them in your pages must make grammatical and logical sense.  Simply repeating the same keywords on a page will not help at all and will destroy your ranking.

4. Using hidden text technique

Hidden text clearly in Google’s guideline is a big no no. Hidden text is when usually you see a website, you scroll down to the bottom and at the bottom of this website you see a lot of empty space. Usually if you right click on your mouse and drag it across the empty space, all of a sudden you will see it reveals all the hidden text. The hidden text usually is repeated keywords all over the page. This is a black hat seo method and Google can pick this up straight away and will penalise your page or your entire website. Don’t use the hidden text technique, it’s not worth it.

5. Too many graphics and marginal text

The search engines only understand text; they don’t understand graphics and flashy movies.  Hence, if your site contains too many graphics and very little text, it is unlikely to get high ranking in the search results.  To improve your rankings, you need to replace the graphics by keyword-rich text for the search engine spiders to feed on.

6. Using frames

Frames can confuse search engines as they don’t understand them.  Site that uses frames can disrupt search engine bot or spider and prevent it from seeing your web content inside the frames.  Frames can split link value, prevent text from being indexed and provide poor navigation experience for visitors.  Using frames could hurt your site and give you lower ranking on the search engine, avoid it at all cost.

7.Page cloaking

Site that uses page cloaking techniques will prevent the search engines from being able to spider the same page that their users are going to see and if search engines can’t do this they can no longer be confident of providing relevant results to their users.  If search engines find cloaking on your site then it may ban the site forever from their index.  My advice is, don’t even think about using cloaking technique on your site.

8. Over reliance on automatic submission tools

Submitting to web directories can be a long process, it does take a lot of time and effort and because of this many people go for an easy option and choose an automatic submission tool to submit their website to hundreds of directories out there.  This is a bad idea as most search engines don’t like these tools and may ignore your pages if you use them.  It’s best to avoid using automatic submission tool and manually submit to major directories.  If you don’t have the time you should hire a reputable and trusted seo firm to do this for you.  Obviously this will be an extra cost you but it will be worth it.

9. Over submitting pages on a daily basis

Google as well as Yahoo and Bing will ban your website if you submit your site to directories too often. Once your site is indexed I don’t see the purpose of submitting it again unless you have added a new page to your website and want to index that page. Submitting the same page too often to directories after it has been indexed is a bad idea and asking for trouble. Ideally you should submit no more than one page per day to the search engine.

10. Over concentration on search engine submission

Spending all the time on search engine submission is another mistake people make, sure search engine placement is the most cost effective way to bring traffics to your website and you do need to spend time on it and learn things every day but all of your time and effort should not be spent on this. You should also concentrate on other marketing techniques and other aspects of your business such as products quality, customer service, delivery of product and service and so on. Your site ranking may be high and excellent but what is the point if your customer service and product quality is poor.

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