How to be first in Google

How to be first in Google

The main concern of bloggers is to be first on google, being first means you have a successful blog. Being first in google search is something that every blogger wants to reach, if reached then prepare yourself because your blog is about to receive many visitors.

Why being in the first place?

Being in first place for certain words is something that anyone with a blog want, if it is first then means that you have influence and your blog is automatically considered a success.

If we could get to that first place is because we worked hard to achieve this because it is not easy, the first is achieved when you have good content on your website and it is most important, content is the most important part of your blog the better the more successful is your project.

Being in first place is something that everyone wants because they will receive visitors from Google, they get links from other sites, but now that has come to this place do not give up, you should continue doing what you've done so far and put relevant content.

How to get to first place in Google?

The first step to reach the first place is to begin to analyze your site, what keywords you want to be first and what are your chances, check the Google Webmaster Tools and see what keywords get more visitors. Instead of worrying about the SEO type content that interests your readers, see also what are your most read and commented on and write more such articles.

Have a website that is quick to open and accessible, Google does not like sites that go offline for a long time, those will start to lose rank in the polls, do do not try to fudge or cheat Google for example if you have multiple websites, and start putting links between them Google will finally realize what you are doing, rather than try to cheat the system gain links in a natural or organic way and own merit and it is easy to achieve when you are producing good content.

Use keywords in your articles related to the subject that deals with the blog, if you have a blog about money does not make much sense to write about cooking, for example.

These tips do not require much knowledge as webmaster only requires knowledge in the area that is approaching, be writing about a subject you know little will affect because your articles will be of poor quality, will not have comments, will not have links for your articles and therefore get to first place in Google will be very difficult to achieve.

If you want to get to first place do not worry so much about SEO apply only the basics, worry about the quality of your articles. Google over the years has constantly changed the way how to index sites and put them in their ranks the only thing certain is that sites with good and unique content will always appear first.

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