How to burn vob files

A vob file is the main component of the information contained on a DVD. It's possible to take a DVD and rip it to your hard drive. After that, if you want to know how to burn vob files so they will play properly on a standalone DVD player, it's easy enough. Here's the tools you need.

I'm going to assume that you already have the .vob files on your computer, but if you haven't gotten that far yet most software made for DVD burning will also rip DVDs as well.

First thing you want to do is figure out what kind of discs you'll need. Your computer should play anything you throw at it. Your DVD player may be a little more fussy. So check and see whether you need DVD+R or DVD-R discs. Before you run out and buy some, check the size of your .vob files. These should be in a folder called video_ts. You want to know the entire size of that folder. If it is over 4.5gb or thereabouts, you want to get the 8.5gb discs instead.

Software for DVD Burning & Ripping

If you prefer to work with strictly free tools, there are some available for burning your vob files. You can try ImgBurn. This works pretty well.

If you need to shrink your file sizes, dvdshrink will do the job for you easily. It will also rip DVDs for you and you can set your preferred file sizes.

For paid tools, Nero is the only one I would bother with. I find it does so many different things that it is worth paying for. It can rip & burn for you at the same time and it can also work with Blu-Ray files and discs. You can use it with any type of media file, so it will also rip and burn CDs as well. So if you don't want to futz around with freeware, Nero is the way to go.

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