How to buy SO cable or SOOW cable

How to buy SO cable

Where do you go to buy SO cable? Many people would look to some of the big box stores or hardware stores. We say "do not do that"! You will often pay 3 to 4 times what you should for this type of item. We recommend you go to and take a look at what they do. You can check out the site or call them at 800-714-9473. It is important to realize that when purchasing SO cable or SOOW cable you should never buy directly from a shopping cart without first talking to someone. There is generally a lot of copper content in this type of power cable and pricing fluctuates greatly from day to day. If you buy without talking to someone chances are you will pay too much. At Delco Wire they will tell you what copper base they are using on a daily basis and even show you where to go so you can check this for yourself.

SO cable and SOOW cable are basically the same product these days as most manufacturers are only making the SOOW version. To learn more about this item go to

Also if you have any questions on how you should use SOOW cable or SO cable we can help with that. Sometimes you need something more robust which means you may need to move up to a Type W or Type G cable. No worries, we stock that also.

SO Cable Differences

Another question we frequently get is what is the difference between SO cable and SOOW cable. Quite simply they are the same basic cable but the SOOW cable has an oil resistant jacket and conductors whereas the SO cable only has an oil resistant jacket. The voltage ratings and temperature ratings are the same for either version. Most manufacturers are only making the SOOW cable at this point as it covers most needs and building both types is really cost ineffective.

Available Colors

The majority of SO cable and SOOW cable come with a standard black jacket. Some sizes are available in yellow or orange also. These tend to be the extension cord sizes, IE. the 10, 12 and 14 awg sizes in 2 through 4 conductors. Cable can be built with different colors but the minimum order quantities to get this done tend to be very large.

Similarities with other cable

Sometimes you need something a little more robust than SO cable. In this case you could take a step up to the next type of cable which would be Type W cable. Typw W is very similar to SOOW cable with a few minor differences. While the jacketing and insulation material is generally the same, for type W cable the jacket and insulation are thicker than in SO cable. This allows the W to be rated at 2000 volts where the SOW cable is only rated at 600 volts. Type W is usually only available from 8 awg up to 500 MCM with maximum conductor counts up to 5 under a common jacket. For more information on this cable you can visit and visit their Type W specification page. Please feel free to call them should you have any questions also.

Delco Wire
Delco Wire

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