How to compress PDF file with adobe reader or writer

What you will need

  • Any version of adobe reader or writer

PDF file or Portable document format files are very important for document file transfer over internet . If you wish to send a document , resume or CV through internet or wish to open it in another computer -the recommendation is that you should convert the document to PDF .

As PDF files are integrated with image or styles . Most of the times the size of PDF becomes very large . Now this large PDF must be optimized to smaller size with its quality remain intact.

To compress there are lots of free software available in internet . But they offers only limitation .

With adobe writer or reader of any version you can compress any PDF document in just second . And the quality of the compress PDF is excellent .

The process is simple -

  • Open your PDF document with adobe reader or writer
  • Click on the print button
  • choose Adobe PDF in drop down menu
  • Then save , Its done
For more assistance visit this site link--

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Suzanne 6 years ago

This only works with the paid version, not the free reader.

Duder NME 6 years ago

Too true. I even tried to create a new printer choice, but Print to File only listed possible printer drivers and nothing about Adobe. I don't want to buy the full version just to shrink these files for my e-reader.

Naved Alam 5 years ago

I also try. I think it only work in Paid version. 4 years ago

This does work (more or less) in the paid version of Adobe.

This is simply reprinting the document a a lower quality level to reduce the size. With this method, size reduction does result in lower quality. We are still looking for a better (paid even) solution.

Steven Hodgin 2 years ago


I am using PDFWARE PDF Toolbox to compress PDF files, its a very effective tool to compress PDF files, as well as it convert PDF files to PDF/A file format and extract text & images from PDF files. A normal user can't afford $1000 Adobe Acrobat, but PDFWARE PDF Toolbox price is only $69, so everyone can afford this.



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