How to connect external amplifier and speakers to TV?

TV Audio out

Generally there should be three connector for output. It will say "video" or "Audio". Be careful when you read it ; it is "IN" or "OUT". you are looking for "OUT". If your external unit does accept two input as audio then go ahead and use them. They have color code but it is not really important for this purpose.

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Rudra 8 years ago

what kind of cable would i need to connect from "audio out" to the amplifiers.

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whitebleach 8 years ago from Earth Author

It depends what kind of connection you have on your amplifier but try to see this site

If the amplifier has similar to TV than both side of the cables should be same as seen : circle and center extends out called RCA.

Hope this helps

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Rudra 8 years ago

Thanks it works. I connected Audio out from to TV to AUX in amplifier using a cable that has red and white ends on both sides.

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whitebleach 8 years ago from Earth Author

Gladd to hear that. Good luck

Les Stott 8 years ago

I have audio out on my new tv

i also have 2 Philips speakers in situ from my old TV (connected into rear slots)

Can You tell me if there is a small amp i can buy to connect these to ?

Kathie 6 years ago

on a previous TV we used external speakers directly plugged into TV. This HDTV doesn't have same type of connections. What kind of an amplifer should I get to connect my speakers?

Rene 5 years ago

How do i connect my karaoke amp to my tv and magic mic?Pls help.

blah 4 years ago

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