How to create, manage and use Facebook Group

Facebook Group is an important tool you may use to connect with people of the same interest with you. By using this application correctly, you may find it fun and satisfying to manage.

Creating Facebook Group

You need to have a Facebook account, of course, in order to create a group.

1. After you log-in, you can see a toolbar below the the page. Click on the Group option, it is second from the Application bar.

2. You will be directed to the Group page. At the upper right corner of the page, you can see the "Create a Group" option next to the "Search for group" input field.

3. Then, you'll find yourself in this page:

4. Fill up the form and then click "Create Group."

5. You will be directed to the "Customize" page. Make some necessary changes according to what you would like your Group to be. You can upload a picture for your group (i.e. logo), add a website, and other options. Then click "Save." Be sure you've ticked the "I certify that I have the right to distribute this picture and that it does not violate the Terms of Use" option.

6. Congratulations! You've created the Group.

Managing Your Facebook Group

A group is not a group without members. So be sure to invite your friends or people you want to be in the group to be a member and tell them to invite others too.

To make your group interactive, make some discussions. You can also make an "Introduce Yourself" discussion to have a welcome atmosphere in the group. You can also create events, upload photos and videos, and as an adminitrator, you can use the "Message All Members" option. Keep the group updated with recent news about what's happening in the group. You can also promote members as officers of the group to help you manage the group.

Use Facebook Group in anything you want. You may use it as a portal for something (i.e. advertising, etc.).

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Comments 34 comments

Ryan Hupfer profile image

Ryan Hupfer 7 years ago from San Francisco, CA

Thanks for the answer! Great info. :)

Zeckeill profile image

Zeckeill 7 years ago from Philippines Author

You're welcome.

dawei888 profile image

dawei888 7 years ago

Great Hub about making Facebook groups - Thanks for sharing your knowledge!

KO 7 years ago

HOW TO MAKE A FACEBOOK??????????????????????????????????????

Zeckeill profile image

Zeckeill 7 years ago from Philippines Author

Just go to, then sign-up. :)

ap whitehurst 7 years ago

Is there a way (in the facebook group admin) to monitor/manage who joins your group and when?

morganstephenson 7 years ago

I am an admin of a FB group. Is there a way to post comments on the wall & send invites, etc that look like they come from the GROUP, not me personally?

dontkgbit 7 years ago

i am an admin and creator of a fb group, too. i have the same question as morganstephenson. or, is that only fan pages?

Graham 7 years ago

Thanks for the info.

Are Facebook groups safe? Can any member see other members facebook pages and view personal details?

ben 6 years ago

i have created a group and what to post a status as the group so that it will appear on my members live feeds, how do i do this?

MaranDuh 6 years ago

I admin a group, and I want to try and make a post that look like it comes from the group!

not me!

Can I do that, or can only fanpages do that?

Linda C 6 years ago

What do we do when we can't load links in the group? I've had this problem for months ... so I found a work-around and now the work-around doesn't work either! Facebook is impossible to contact ... any suggestions on why links aren't working in my Group? I can paste the link in anywhere (in a browser) and it will go there but if I paste the same link in Facebook links in my Group ... it defaults to and it's very annoying cause I put lots of links in my group on a daily basis. Any advice anyone can offer is greatly appreciated.

Sam 6 years ago

I have created a group but unfortunately i have deleted the admin myself, now i am not able to manage my own group "There are no admins left in this group!" Does anyone knows how to regain the admin contol of the group that i have created.


dani 6 years ago

i made a group and when i click on something like add photos or something like that it sends me back to my homepage, what can i do?

Lailannie 6 years ago

hmm, how could i use facebook groups without using my account?, like when i share in facebook, my account is the one that uses it..


sheen 6 years ago

i want to deactivate my account but it says that am the owner of a platform. how to i figure out which one? im really bothered with fb and i want to take my account off...please help

ladyoutdoor 6 years ago

The message to all members all of a sudden isn't appearing on your FB group. Why is that so? is there a maximum count for that to be enabled?

Jo 6 years ago

I have a group set up, the problem is my members can comment on posts but I as admin cant??? Help please.

anuja 6 years ago

i just created a group and am not able to manage it...d members are able to add ppl from their friend's list which i do not want. also i did not get d page option as you have mentioned above

Zeckeill profile image

Zeckeill 6 years ago from Philippines Author

anuja, go to your group homepage. at the left side bar you should see the "Edit Group Settings" option. Click it.

You will be redirected to you group settings page. Scroll down to the bottom of the page. You should see the "access" options. Select "This group is closed". Don't forget to save. Thanks.

umair  5 years ago

thankx now i can create a group on facebook

Anne 5 years ago

I want to post concert programs to my concert choir page - how do I do that? Thanks.

Zeckeill profile image

Zeckeill 5 years ago from Philippines Author

::Anne: Create an event in your page. If you want to post the program, you can use the Notes. :)

stacey 5 years ago

1-can you deactivate a group/ and reinstate it like a personal page. 2- if you deactivate your personal page, will the groups you admin disappear too?

thanks, @CruiseDivaNJ and Cruise Chatter on FB.

aktar 4 years ago

I have created a group but unfortunately i have deleted the admin myself, now i am not able to manage my own group "There are no admins left in this group!" Does anyone knows how to regain the admin contol of the group that i have created.

ak 4 years ago

how can i manage,create group on fb from mobile.

mariekit 4 years ago

how can i create a particular banner to my facebook group page?

paul 4 years ago

Nothing about how to find and edit an existing group.

Myriam Agha 4 years ago

hello, i have created a groupe on facebook but i cant upload picture, help please.

Zeckeill profile image

Zeckeill 4 years ago from Philippines Author

Myriam, you go your group's page and just beside the "Write Post" is the "Add Photo/Video" link. I hope that helps.

Eagernorn 3 years ago

Best of the Best!



Arti 3 years ago

Is there a way to remove inactive (for a certain period of time)

users from a group automatically ?

Jenny 2 years ago

How to add cover photo to created group from cell?

Zeckeill profile image

Zeckeill 2 years ago from Philippines Author

Jenny, unfortunately Facebook has not added a cover photo option for group pages in their Facebook app yet.

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