How to Delete a Facebook Account Forever : FB Account Termination Guide

A small step-by-step guide to delete a Facebook account

There has been issues regarding Facebook's account privacy and its terms of services[1][2]. Facebook makes it pretty hard to permanently delete your facebook account. Sure, they make their process to deactivate (i.e. not display) your account transparent and easy to do, but there does not exist a "completely remove my account and all the data related to me from your server" easy button.

How do I delete my facebook account?

In order to quit facebook forever, you'll have to:

  • Remove all Facebook Connect logins (List)
  • Log in to Facebook
  • Then go to
  • Click Submit and follow the instructions (enter your password and answer the Captcha)
  • Wait 14 days and DO NOT log in or connect with your facebook account during that period. If you do, you will reactivate your account and cancel the termination request.

Facebook: Delete my account page
Facebook: Delete my account page
Facebook: Password and Captcha
Facebook: Password and Captcha

If you are experiencing problems or if you have any concerns you can contact Facebook directly by sending an email to explaining your problem.

If someone has stolen your identity or if you are the victim of any form of abuse regarding your account, send an email, explaining your problem, to .


If you try to sign up again for a new account using your old contact e-mail address, Facebook will inform you that the address is currently in use. But you can register using an alternate e-mail address, then change your contact address when you finished creating your new account. 




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