How to do Effective Facebook Group Marketing


Helpful Ideas on How To Do Effective Facebook Group Marketing

Though i am not in a position to teach you the depth of using Facebook as a marketing platform, i would like to show you a way that is easy to apply that shows you How To Do effective Facebook group marketing.

The simple plan outlined here is first to show you how to attract attention through posting your ads on Facebook groups, and then how to build your site's social media signals to attract the search engines. Once the search engines see your site is getting social signals, they can't help ranking it, despite all the competition out there.

In a time as of ours where tens of thousands of online entrepreneurs are thriving to be successful, the role of social media like Facebook is so great. Search engines use their algorithms to determine which website has the most relevant content for a search term and the list out what they believe is right for the information seeker. To our surprise, the choice is almost always correct, meaning visitors will get what they are looking for.

One of the measuring data for websites' relevancy is then the activity of social media on the site. I recently read a sales page that expressed Google as a girl who usually ignores boys who desperately try to impress her. But when the boys start to ignore her and start to socialize with others she suddenly becomes interested and starts following them.

The illustration is meant to describe how search engines ignore our websites when we desperately try to impress them with content, theme, design, tags and so on, but will immediately notice us when our website starts to have a remarkable social media activity. Yeah, though there are so many people trying to twist and tweak things to artificially inflate social media activities and search engines hate that, it still is a determining factor for our site's ranking.

So how do you do an effective Facebook Group Marketing?

Facebook has been the best ground for many marketers since its start for the very reason that it is the most used platform in the world. You probably have a Facebook account and if you don't you have to start by signing up on Facebook. Then start joining Facebook groups that are established for marketing and advertising purposes. You can search for them on the Internet and even on Facebook, there are loads of them.

The group approval is usually done by group admins and may take some days. Once you are approved, the first thing you have to do is read what the rules are. Many Facebook advertising and marketing groups, though established for that purpose, have their little rules they demand you to keep. If you don't mind about the rules and do whatever you want, you will find yourself out of that group soon. Stick by the rule as possible and you will have a long journey of promoting your business and service for free.

Some Facebook groups have tens of thousands of members and you can imagine what it means to post on a platform of that kind. But there are few things you have to consider before you say "Oh..this group is not responsive...i am out". Yeah, keep in mind the following tips and you will save yourself from utter frustration;

  • All group members have their own business opportunity to promote. So they probably don't mind what others are posting. Same applies to your activity. You don't mind about others' opportunities....kind of "Whose ad is so powerful to get members' attention?" game. But worth it because when you post irresistible offers, some do click through to your offer, like your page and even buy what you are advertising.
  • The second tip is, you should understand that not few use software to post their ads on those Facebook groups. So they never come to Facebook to post ads, and they probably don't see anyone's ads. Facebook is a bit unhappy about these kind of auto-posters and will certainly block most of them. I personally use one and it really makes posting your ads a breeze.


Designing your ads for effective Facebook Groups Marketing

As i said in the previous paragraph, most group members go to Facebook advertising and marketing groups to post their ads, and that is all what they want to do. When you log-in to your Facebook account and go to your groups, you will certainly see ads everywhere, and you too are going to add your link as well. Who will really get attention in this "Buy from me!" attitude filled environment?

But you can do something, you can give free gifts, free ideas, free anything with a nicely designed ad with images. Using Images in your ads is essential as Facebook is well known for photo sharing, liking and the likes. Get an attention grabbing headline, get the URL where the free gift is available, get a nice related image and post it.

To our surprise, these kind of ads usually get the most click through. Why? you may ask. well, it is free! The word FREE attracts everyone just for the very fact that we can have it without paying anything. No many things are free in the world we are in, isn't it?

So get a real, valuable free gift, idea, tool, anything and design your ad. I usually post a free eBook, video tutorial or script on my blog and use the ad to drive traffic to my blog. But i don't want to just give the free gift so that visitors take them and go away. I will ask them to "Like" my post so that the download link will be revealed to them. So do they "Like" your post? you may ask. Of course they do, i have many posts that are getting social media activities just by doing what i have explained above.

What are you waiting for then? Facebook is free, joining lots of Facebook groups that are established for advertising and marketing is free, and you probably have some free time. Design your ad in a way that it gets the most attention in a place where attention is minimal.

I hope this post has given you a good guide on how to do effective Facebook group marketing. Wishing you all success.

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