How to download free WinSQL Tool?


Here's how you download free WinSQL to your computer.

1) Goto

2) Click on “Download the 30-daytrial or the Lite edition”.

3) (This will give you access to the professional version trial, and after 30 days convert it to the Lite version.)

4) Fill up the form. Don’t forget to give the correct email address.

5) When you click “proceed” button, an email will be sent to your address. Just follow the instructions there.

6) In the email, a registration number for Lite version will be given. You will need this number after 30 days of free trial. You can also enter this number when registration number is asked during installation.

7) That’s it. Job done!

How to download free database from Microsoft?

1) 1)Go to

2) 2)Download the database and store it at a convenient location.

How to connect Microsoft Access File (database) to WinSQL?

1) 1)View the video in the link given below.

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