Why I prefer digital Cameras?

Why Choose Digital Camera?

Digital Cameras are now very popular because everything are now digital like we have Internet and photo copier. Gone are those days that we have to wait hours or days before we could see our picture taken from beautiful scenery or candid picture from your favorite place. Digital Cameras is very easy to use, light, small and cheaper than old professional cameras. It is also fast and you can erase pictures that you do not like but you do not spent money by doing it. No film needed because of Memory that it has to store shots that you are doing. Memory card is very small and can store hundreds of pictures dependeng on its capacity.

Another thing to consider is that you can easily upload the picture in your personal computer or laptop and edit it if you think that there is something to be edited like red eyes using photoshop or other simple to use editor. You can easily send the picture to your friend online in just a seconds. You do not need to buy a scanner if you have Digital Camera. Most of these Cameras are plug and play so when you plug the usb type plug into your pc, the pictures will be read by the computer automatically and ready to be sent anywhere in the cyberspace. Digital Camera can also be used as video camera if you want to take videos instead of photos.

In short Digital Camera is easy, cheaper and light to use aside from easy to edit the pictures,but old camera are still best for professional photographer. So it ups to you which one you want to use but if you are an amateur I would recommend Digital Camera.

Digital Cameras

Pentax Digital Camera
Pentax Digital Camera
Agfa Digital Camera
Agfa Digital Camera

What are the best Cameras that I could recommend?

Here are the digital Cameras brand that I think are the best:

1.0 Sony Camera- this brand is the best and cheap. There are many models of this brand and the price will depend on its memory and features like pixel, the higher it is, the more expensive the price is. I have a digital Cyber-shot Model that I bought in Middle East and I like it because it is very small and handy.

2.0 Pentax is also a famous brand when it comes to camera so try to scout this brand. Look for Pentax K20D model. It is a 14.6 megapixel camera with zoom of 32x in playback.

3.0 Kodak Brand is popular in my country maybe because they sell films almost anywhere and they have service centers scattered around Asia.

4.0 Canon Brand are also best when it comes to usability and handy too. Look for Canon PowerShot SX 1 because this is the latest model that they have in the market.

5.0 Olympus brand is also good because this is the camera that my professional photographer is using right now even if he can use his laptop to edit some of his shots.

There are many kind of digital camera in the market today but these cameras that I mentioned are famous and known for their usability and price too. If you have are into photography then don't go farther, try one of these brands and enjoy your hobby.


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