How to get a Vending Machine installed at a Residence

First of all -- I hope this helps! I found this installation information on a website that is listed in the links category. Apparently, it depends on the type of vending machine you have/plan on buying.


Consult local, state and country codes and regulations before installing the vending machine. Please refer also to the Safety Manual & Installation Guidelines (P/N 4206816) supplied with your vending machine.

Caution: To insure reliability and maintain manufacturer's equipment warranty, vending machine must NOT be placed in and environment where the temperature is greater than 100°F/37.8°C and the relative humidity is 65% greater.

Warning: DO NOT USE EXTENSION CORDS. Extension cords can cause problems.

1. Position the vending machine in its place of operation no further than 6 feet (2 m) from the power outlet or receptacle.

2. Leave at least 6 inches (15 cm) of space between the back of the vending machine and any wall or obstruction for proper air circulation.

3. Retrieve the keys to the vending machine from the coin return cup.

4. Open the vending machine door and remove all internal packing material.

5. Check that the vending machine door will open fully without interference.

6. Level the vending machine. Make sure all levelers are touching the floor. The vending machine must be level for proper operation and acceptance of coins through the coin changer. When the vending machine is level, the door can be opened to any position and not move by itself. Try the door half closed, straight out and in the wide open position before deciding that the vending machine is level.

Snack and Drink vending machines
Snack and Drink vending machines
Coke & Pepsi vending machines
Coke & Pepsi vending machines

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Wow, what great photos, thanks.

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sounds risky but I would provide one for a celebrity with a Red Bull addiction.

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