Using IRC to Find/Join Popular New Torrent Sites

This new torrent guide focus on how to use an IRC chat client to gain invites to private torrent trackers. It details how to install IRC on your computer, configure the chat client for a private torrent site's IRC server, and ask for an invite to some of the most popular torrent sites on the internet.

Private Torrent Trackers are ideal for the best performance and computer safety.

If you don't know why it is vital to use the safest most reliable tracker (internet host for the .torrent file archive) possible, consider reading my previous guide to torrent trackers: Selecting the best torrent tracker for you. That guide is quite extensive and will help you understand how torrent file transfers work. The bottom line is Private torrent trackers offer fast downloads and better quality content; but most importantly the help keep your computer safe. No matter how strong your computer security is, or how cautious you are, if you use public torrent sites often enough bad things will happen eventually.

I don't like when the internet does bad things to my computer, how can I make good things happen?

Avoid all these headaches and simply join a private torrent tracker. IRC (internet relay chat) makes doing so fast and easy, and being a member of one of these private sites will significantly lower your risk of general computer badness. Don't get discouraged by how ridiculously hard it is to get invited to some of the "best" torrent sites listed in many of the top 10 lists floating around the internet. There are plenty of private sites whos registration and invite system is almost always open. My advice is to simply...

Spend 10 minutes to download and set up the IRC client for chat

There are just a few fast steps to configure your IRC client with the basic chat settings.

  • Download the most popular chat client mIRC -
  • Once installed, open the mIRC program
  • you should see a screen with connections tab open and asking you to input your name, email, and nickname - if not go to tools, then options to open this screen.
  • Don't use your real name and email, it isn't required. "Nickname" will be your displayed chat name, secondary nickname will be used if your primary name is online.

For the next steps you need to check the forum of the specific private torrent site you are going to apply to. You can still follow this guide but you need to know the internet address of the IRC server host you are connecting through for chat.

I listed my personal favorite and suggested private torrent trackers in a previous guide.

I will use Torrent-Damage in this example, if you are going to use Torrent-Damage enter this same information.

  • Once you enter your nickname (hit alt+O to bring options back up if you closed it) select the plus sight to the left of "+Connect" then select the "Servers" sub tab.
  • With the server tab selected, click on the "add" button to the right. You should now see an "Edit Server" screen. Refer to the attached picture at the bottom of this guide if you are unsure or confused by my directions.
  • Only the "IRC Server" and "Ports" tabs are important. You can put any name you will remember as the description and group name. The port will be the same regardless of which sites chat service you are going to use, so go ahead and put "+6697" in the port field.
  • The IRC Server internet address will be different for each site. In the case of Torrent-Damage copy from my image or enter as your IRC Server ONLY if you are going to connect to TD chat and join that tracker.

Now that you have put in the chat server information, you just need to register your nickname and wait patiently for a couple minutes in an invite channel.

  • Once you set up the server internet addres and port details, hit ok and then connect.
  • Now type "/msg nickserv register putpasswordhere emailhere"
  • Finally tell the server you've arrived with "/msg nickserv identify yourpassword

Ref 1: What your Servers tab should look like
Ref 1: What your Servers tab should look like

IRC server information of my other suggested torrent trackers.

IRC Server address for BitMeTV:

IRC Server address for SceneHD:

IRC Server address for Bit-Hdtv:

IPTorrents actually has a handy java based IRC server, and you can connect to this directly (as a guest) without setting up an IRC server.

Please visit my Torrent World Blog to view complete torrent guide archive. The guide archive is conveniently located at top right of my blog, so you can quickly scan the subjects and learn how to get the most out of your torrent experience.

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Les 7 years ago

Hi, you seem like a bright & informed guy, however [ there’s always a but ],

my experience with IRC, etc was by no means impressive. I met a lot of fake, insincere, immature folks. Perhaps it’s worth mentioning that a large portion of our privacy was surrendered when we were born.

If you own a Mobile your [tagged ]. If you pay rent your tagged, if you have an Internet Connection your tagged. My feeling is that there are much bigger fish out there then [seeders], and the Prisons are overflowing with Real Criminals.

Anyhow, I have a site at to which there is No Login, Signup, or anything else. Why should there be ? It’s as silly as a Hit Counter !.

I’ve been on line since Before there was Color, public, and have not had a single issue. Even on PalTalk I’ve used my real name & address for over 6 years.

Just because Someone Says your breaking a Law does NOT mean that your are. Cheers, Les.

1torrents 7 years ago

really nice,i never used it that way.

really nice idea

nadz 6 years ago

My favorite website is, it’s fast and reliable, established since 2007 and still growing.

grim 6 years ago

LOL sumo yeah if you want virus and so on we just opened looking for staff good staff and lots of member this site is guna be big

poyr 4 years ago

My favorite website is

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