How to make to Save your PC from Pen drives Virus or Auto run Virus

How to Save your PC from Auto run Virus
How to Save your PC from Auto run Virus | Source

Save your PC from auto run virus because Auto run Virus is very dangerous. Every body wants to save his/her pc from virus. So save your pc from auto play or auto run virus. Normally virus layout from PC to PC with pen drives. If we can to turn off auto play then easily we can save our pc from auto run virus. There are some rules to protect PC from auto run virus.

If we can turn off auto play, then auto run virus does not layout from pen drive to PC.

General Rules:

  • Click START menu
  • Click RUN menu & write gpedit.msc
  • Click OK (then open a new window)
  • Select USER CONFIGURATION and click plus (+) sign.
  • Then select ADMINISTRATIVE TOOLS and click plus (+) sign.
  • Then select SYSTEM and double click
  • From right menu select TURN OFF AUTOPLAY and double click.
  • Select ENABLE
  • From TURN OFF AUTO PLAY combo box select ALL DRIVES
  • At last click APPLY and OK

However your PC’s Auto Run Play stops generally.

Special Rules:

  • At first click START menu
  • Then open CONTROL PANEL
  • Double click in ADMINISTRATIVE TOOLS
  • Double click in SERVICES
  • In the list menu click in SHELL HARDWARE DETECTION and go to it’s properties
  • From STARTUP TYPE combo box select DISABLED
  • Then click STOP button
  • At last click OK

However your PC’s Auto Run services stop permanently and Auto run Virus not Attach to Your Computer and hence you make to save your PC from Auto run or Pen drive Virus.

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Reena J 5 years ago

Thanks for uploading this and its really useful for all holding PC..

phpnayeem profile image

phpnayeem 5 years ago from 260, South Goran, Shantipur, Khilgaon, Dhaka-1219 Author

Thanks Rena J

ash 5 years ago

really nice tutorial


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