How to perform effective bkf repair

Retrieve data from BKF file damaged due to CRC error

With varied data storage technologies users may stumble across their damage and loss of important data. Millions of users make use of data storage devices to keep their important data in hand. Although, the data storage devices can be availed at cheap cost but they can be damaged anytime due to several logical and physical reasons.

If data storage devices like hard disk, pen drive, memory card, etc. gets damaged for any reason all the stored data goes in vain. Therefore, user needs to create a backup of important data. Microsoft also provides a built-in tool to create backup in every version of Windows operating system. This utility creates a .bkf file when you backup important files for use. Therefore, at any point of time data gets corrupted .bkf file can be used to restore the lost data. Furthermore, there can be instances when .bkf file gets corrupt and user needs to restore their required data.

What causes .bkf file corruption:

Damage to .bkf files can be caused due to varied physical and logical reasons, like virus infection, missing log files, missing catalog, abrupt system shut down, and network interruption. At the time of transferring BKF file over network, availability of bad sectors on hard disk and when transferring BKF file to other storage media, etc. Any of these reasons may lead into BKF recovering.

One of the most common reasons for BKF corruption is transferring BKF file over slow network or from other storage media to hard disk having bad sectors. Because of bad sectors on hard disk, cyclic redundancy check (CRC) error occurs at the time of transferring BKF file from one storage media to another.

For resolving the CRC error you can consider the steps listed below:

  • While transferring BKF file from USB drive, reattach it and try to transfer the file again
  • Make sure that network connection is enabled before transferring the file over network
  • Hard disk you are using for data transferring should have enough space.

The above steps can help you recover CRC errors and now you are required to perform .bkf recovery to eliminate the data loss. With the availability of repair bkf tool you can easily repair the corrupt .bkf. The tool will first scan the damaged BKF file and recover the data encompassed in it. The tool will also create a copy of .bkf file on your computer once it is repaired. After the completion of repairing process you can restore Windows NT Backup utility to reclaim the lost data.

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