Printing several images in one page only using ACDSee

ACDSee v 4.0 has an option to print several images in one page only in thumbnails. You can customize how many images you will fit in the pages based on your images to print. You can also add captions like filenames, image width, image length, size and other image information on the printed output. ACDSee is good software for image handling, resizing editing and printing. These step-by-step instructions will show you how to print thumbnails.

1. Open your ACDSee version 4.0 application. Browse the folder or location where you save your desired pictures for printing.

2. You can select all the images in the folder by pressing “Ctrl+A” in your keyboard or press “Ctrl” on your keyboard and click on the desired picture using your mouse when you select one by one the selected pictures you want to print.

3. Then right click on the selected images and select “Print” on the selection, or go to “File” menu and select “Print”

4. On your print setting windows navigate to Position Tab on the top portion.

5. Select “Thumbnail size” in “image size” selection

6. Adjust the number of “Rows and “Columns” depend on your desired number of images to print per page. You can see the sample on the preview window beside the settings.

7. You can add captions like file name, image wodth, image length and size in the “Caption” tab on your printing settings window

8. Click the “Insert metadata tag” command button at the middle portion of your window. And insert the desired caption.

9. You can now print the images if you are satisfied in the output. Just click Print.

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PenMePretty 5 years ago from Franklin

What great information. Great work.

MangJose profile image

MangJose 5 years ago from Philippines Author

Thanks PenMePretty for dropping by and leaving a comment

irenemaria profile image

irenemaria 5 years ago from Sweden

Such useful information! Thanks a lot from irenemaria

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