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Whats the matter, cat got your mouse.
Whats the matter, cat got your mouse.

Do you want to be the next data loss statistic

Or do you want to have peace of mind and just use data proective storage measures.

Exactly.Once bitten twice shy. In a world where nearly 65% of the average persons day is now spent interacting in some way with a computer and utilising the data to create combinations of complex sales reports or presentations, the last thing you need right now is to lose all your efforts in the blink of an eye because some techie forget to download the latest virus protection to your office server and it was gone forever.

A while back I had a problem accessing my work computer remotely and didnt have the server codes with me to go in through the server module to access the backup data files held on the server for the project I was working on.

It caused me to consider finding an alternative to carrying around a usb flash drive with all my data, photo and document files on. The main reason I didnt like ot do this was that in my haste to change one day, I loaded my work clothes into the washing machine and proceeded to amke sure I had the cleanest usb drive around. The result was a super clean backup usb stick with not a flicker of information still intact and completely fried.I was up the creek wthout a paddle the next day, but needless to say I survived the day.

Enter the Online Data Photo and document storage site

Now, I was livered with the situation and decided to search around the net for some type of place I could upload some word documents for safe keeping in cyberspace so that if I needed them for a presentation when travelling for powerpoint displays or if I wanted to complete a project at home, I could do just that from any computer any where in the world. What a fantastic idea I thought that would be if one could actually do that.Shocked indeed I was to find that someone had beaten me to the patent office.Some guy named William Gates.Go figure.

I can report though, that I now dont even travel with my laptop as it has become so easy to go online in an airport or at the nearest cyber cafe or computer store and work on my document online and shift it off once again into data storage online.

Whats the most important thing you have ever lost due to computer malfunction 2 comments

Army Infantry Mom profile image

Army Infantry Mom 7 years ago

well Dale, I am sure everyone can relate to this topic. It's a nightmare when you lose important info that your saving. My worst computor malfuntion was when my research notes were lost when I was looking for my siblings that were adopted out.(years of research) I now use a usb flash drive to back up my work.

Dale Nelson profile image

Dale Nelson 7 years ago from South Africa Author

Thanks Army Infantry Mom.I agree.Must have been hectic to lose personal info.Work info is not so bad.

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