How to reinstall Microsoft Office 2007 that came preinstalled on a computer without a CD


I have encountered this problem several time so I figured I would put a solution out there. The problem that on newer computers that come preloaded with Microsoft Office 2007 they are not including an installation CD for Office. I have seen this with HP, Dell and Lenovo. If you need to rebuild the computer to solve a problem or have a hard drive failure, they are not providing a CD from which to restore MS Office 2007. The Install key is usually on a Microsoft sticker on the outside of the computer case but without the CD you need to find another way to get the software. I found it on the web but it was not easy.

To download the software install package for Office 2007 you go to

You will need to put in your purchase date, Office package and the install key (usually found on the side of your computer).

 You only need to download both files if you have the higher levels of Office (Small Business, Professional or Ultimate). Even then you only need to download the second file if you plan on using additional capabilities such as Business Contact Manager.

I hope this helps you with this issue. If you need more help please feel free to contact us:


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Hermes101 7 years ago

Thank you Lonny, several days I tried to find Office 2007 OEM Preinstall KIT, but nothing. Only your blog help me... Thank you vary much Lonny

aimz 7 years ago

Thank u! that helped me!

Martin 7 years ago

It was surprisingly difficult to find help on this issue, yet I imagine it's one many face. Your blog post has helped me twice now (as I forgot what I did the first time)! :)

Lonny.Warner profile image

Lonny.Warner 7 years ago from Northern Nevada Author

Thanks for the comments. As I come across other similar issues I will post them as well.


Nick 7 years ago

Thanks for the info, the only issue is the 90 days limit, if you have purchased the office license more than 90 days from the time you request to download, MS doesn't let you to download the backup copy, luckily we have just purchased another laptop recently and I used the license key it came with to download a backup copy for an older computer we purchased last year

not sure if this will help anyone but the file name for 2007 small business edition is: X13-82303.exe

Jaz 6 years ago

i have had my laptop for over 90 days and wont let me download Microsoft.. what do i do?

Bojan 6 years ago

Thank you very much! I'm already downloading...

I've tried almost everything I know and then I've noticed your post - it helped me a lot.

Klaus 6 years ago

Thank you very much for your help!

Very helpful!

em 6 years ago

when i went to the MS site it says the product couldn't be found, what does that mean??

em 6 years ago

tyanjb 6 years ago

i have microsoft office word 2007 and its asking for my product key and saying its incorrect i got my computer a lil over 2 years ago and its just now coming up asking for product key and saying its incorrect i found a different key on the internet now it wont go thru the activation process any ideas?

Lonny.Warner profile image

Lonny.Warner 6 years ago from Northern Nevada Author

Do you have the original MS sticker with the installation code on it?

fghj 6 years ago

how do i reinstall my microsoft office 2007? its in the pc but i have activated with an invalid product key? what can i do?

Bud Parker 6 years ago

I keep getting "ERROR 1935" when I try to reinstall. Any ideas?

NAM 6 years ago

This isn't seeming to work for me... I keep getting an error message from the backup site that the key I entered is not valid for their product..? I have retyped it 10 times and know 100% it is correct

wlazyb 5 years ago

perfect information, got my office re-installed 1st time

jonely profile image

jonely 5 years ago

Download Microsoft Office 2010 version.

software 5 years ago

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Vibram Five Fingers 5 years ago

Microsoft Office 2007

Jan 5 years ago

Backup installation files for many Microsoft products in 38 languages can be downloaded from the Digital River servers. That includes Office 2007, 2010, Windows 7, Expression Studio and Streets & Trips. I've been evaluating the download links for some weeks now, and tried to order them somehow. The full lists can be found here:

Karen 5 years ago

Thankyou so much for helping me to find how to get a copy of microsoft Office Professional 2007. I have tried several times to do this since my computer was repaired. I now have a CD of the backup on its way to me. You are now in my favourites

John 5 years ago

Sorry not seeing, how do I download software if I bought it originally from amazon and can't find the disks (I do have my license key)

xhwbyyh profile image

xhwbyyh 5 years ago

I've been using the beta for months now and soon it will be my pleasure of owning the final release of Microsoft Office 2010. Office applications were always Microsoft's strength and they still show no sign of weakness in their latest edition. It's, as always, a great improvement over the last version, which in this case would be Microsoft Office 2007.

office 2007/2010 4 years ago

I used this site to buy office2007 install the system, very good, prices are more appropriate. We are interested in, then you can refer to....

mGIRL 4 years ago

Thanks! I was just searching around for a solution for an hour! I wish I found this earlier.

Andrew Newey profile image

Andrew Newey 3 years ago from Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

Guys, this solution is old and directs to a 404 link. All other links here are SPAM or 404's too. What a shame... I am hunting but still cannot find any way to download a non-current OEM licenced version of Office!

Andrew Newey profile image

Andrew Newey 3 years ago from Brisbane, Queensland, Australia


This link will let you download 2007 versions of office, including OEM licenced. Well, it worked for me today.

Alain 3 years ago

Thank you Andrew, you didn't only save me time, you just made my day!

creatist 3 years ago

The link doesn't work! :(

yunah 3 years ago

I have microsoft office word 2007 but can't use it coz its asking for my product key and it says "It's incorrect" I bought my netbook over 3 years and its just now coming up asking for product key and saying its incorrect! I still have the original MS sticker with the the product key but I didn't know where to find the installation code on it.

Any help please??

peter 2 years ago

You're a genius Andrew - saved me a whole lotta hassle and expense too: I already bought the 2007 version why should I have to pay for basically the same thing 2010 or 2013 version. Thanks!

Greg 2 years ago

Yep.. Andrew is correct. Allowed me to download office 2007 for free with my product key. ****if you don't have your product key**** Download Belarc Advisor... .... It's free.. . It will list all of the product keys on your system as well as all other system info.

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