How to remove a short cut virus from your Flash drive or your Drive

The Breifing

Shortcut viruses are malicious viruses that often times reek havoc in the world of soft copy, especially for individuals who're computer knowledge impaired or in other words computer illiterate (CI); no offense. Shortcut viruses are often times transmitted to your computer through the internet and from then on to your flashdrive and whenever that infected drive plugs into a computer with a weak antivirus the pc may get infected even with a good antivirus it just might get by.

So your drive is infected and you want to retrieve your files; so here is a convenient way i know, and place emphasis on "convenient" because there are people out there that might want to dupe you into thinking they have some fancy software that can get your files recovered and your drive clean, which is true but all these softwares work trust me, but this method always does so it is more safe and convenient.

All right enough chit chat read these steps carefully before carrying out the procedure and make sure you double check before clicking "Enter"

as seen here
as seen here

These Steps

1. Insert your external drive into an uninfected computer and open it but don't click on any of the short cut files for this will only make matters worse. and don't worry about he computer just yet just make sure the antivirus up to date and is working properly; especially one of those good ones like BitDefender or Norton and Avira will do.

2. Open Command Prompt (cmd) where you will see the default path location. Type or copy and paste this formula: attrib -h -r -s /s /d E:\*.* ; "E" being the drive location make sure you have the correct location whether it be E, F, G etc. . . etc. Double check the formula to see if it is correct then click "Enter".

Wait for the default path to come up then you'll that it is finish. Close command prompt "cmd."

3. By now your antivirus should pick up the virus and is cleaning it or prompting you to clean it. Tell it yes and return to your drive. Right click the mouse and go to arrange icons by > type. Now if you notice you'll see your actual documents and some folders with the same names as your actual documents and some with funny names. Now delete these folders /shortcuts with and any file you don't recognize especially that "x.mpeg" file thing if you see this then you have the shortcut virus.This is best done in Now in deleting you'll notice pop ups just click "Ok" and until no more comes up if there are a lot of high lighted icons then do it in rows until your all done.

Remove the drive and re- insert it to make sure their not there any more . and if they are then I recommend you to check out this link

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ICTiempo 3 years ago

There are cases that you need to follow this to completely remove the shortcut virus and retrieve your files. Somehow the tutorial above may be good enough.

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TLyphe 4 years ago from North Carolina Author

ur welcome thanks for reading

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TLyphe 4 years ago from North Carolina Author

try highlighting all the unwanted stuff and deleting them in bulk

Bongz 4 years ago

Thanks, this worked.

dawa 4 years ago

can not open drive ( its gone shortcut)

Adrian 5 years ago

I tried it and it works its kinda frustating though to be deleting the remaining file stuffs is there an easier way.

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