How to repair a water damaged cellphone

Almost all of us have cellphones and we take care of it because it has been a part of our daily life. But what will you do if your cellphone was accidentally dropped in water.

Here is my simple instruction on how to repair a water damaged cellphone using available and inexpensive mediums.

Things you will need:

1: Lacquer Thinner (which you can buy on your local hardware store)

2. Screwdriver (mostly a T6 screw driver for most cellphones)

3. Towel or piece of cloth

4. Paint brush or toothbrush

5. Blower or hair dryer

Procedures on how to repair the Cellphone

First disassemble your cellphone (you can request a blog from me on what model is your cellphone and I will make a blog on how to diassemble your model)

Next remove any sensitive parts like LCD, Camera, and other parts that the thinner solution will harm. most of them are plsatic materials

Next put the PCB board of your cellphone in a bowl and pour in lacquer thinner until the PCB board is totally submerged.

( lacquer thinner is the solution to be used because it dries quickly and it absorbs any moisture that resides on the parts of the board)

After submerging the board on the thinner wait for 5 to 10 minutes until the board absorbs the thinner.

Next, use your paint brush or toothbrush to clean the board. Do not use to much force while cleaning the board. Just enough force to just take off the dirt and moisture residue on the board.

After you clean the board thoroughly, dry it up with a piece of cloth and use a blower to dry it all up. Make sure that the board is totally dry before assembling the cellphone.

Then assemble the cellphone.

One way to test that the cellphone is not shorted is by using a tester. An analog tester is the best too; for testing. What you will do is put the dial of the tester on X1 resistance then put the Positive terminal of the tester to the positive terminal of the battery connector of the cellphone and the negative to the negative terminal of the cellphone. the needle should not move if the cellphone has no short circuit.

If there is no more short circuit in the cellphone, put the battery in the cell phone and its now ready to use.

Please request or suggest on this "how to" for me to serve you better.

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   7 years ago

so hard to repair cellphone damage when the PCB damaged by water....any solution bro

buyaya 7 years ago

pre anu ggwin pg me short?

Roffi Grandiosa profile image

Roffi Grandiosa 7 years ago from Bandung, Indonesia

nice hub!

Amanda 7 years ago

How do you disassemble a Motorola Karma?

ricky 6 years ago

bro pano kung may short pa ka test? help naman thanks

carlo 6 years ago

pre nabasa kc ung w580i ko then binuksan ko yung mismong lcd after nun humina ung backlight ng cp pero natnggal ko ung tubig? bakit ganun? help namn oh!

joseph 6 years ago

panu paf contact service

don kidik 6 years ago

can i get your address or p.o. box # ill pay you 50$ to fix my moto backflip

Cornhollio 6 years ago

Lacquer Thinner is too dangerous to use! It will destroy most plastics. Alcohol will do the same thing without damaging most plastics.

ann janette 6 years ago


Dong 6 years ago

I have an LG KF600 submerged in water. Everything's still working except the keypad. Can it still be repaired?

Jo H 5 years ago

How do you take apart a Motorola Karma. Can't find anything on them online


Louis 5 years ago

Who heared of Anti- radiation sticker for mobile phone?

Amanda 5 years ago

I know one manufacture, i used some of theirs, it is ture.good for healthy, here is website

R. muthuraj 5 years ago

your instrutions is very use full to me

ronie 5 years ago

pre ano pwede gawin pagnashort cercuit

micheal 5 years ago

how to respond to damaged lcd by water

demn 5 years ago


tjaguar 5 years ago

how do you remove an ic or an eprom from the board and again those brush charging systems locally. because i was taught with the required tools but i can't afford them now. please give me some clues. {}

angelinawillium profile image

angelinawillium 5 years ago from Salt Lake City

I lost my two to three cell phones, but it could not repair due to water, thanks for sharing useful post

jameca 5 years ago

just got phone this week and dropped it in tub. don't want to pay more than 10 dollars to repair.its just the mute button i can hear others but they can't here me. maybe it will dry and return to normal just happen today

jovan 4 years ago

panu pag binag send ka biglang namantay cp mo anu kaya posotive trouble nun

john 4 years ago

panu pag mag send ka tapos biglang namamatay yung cp anu kaya positive trouble nun

hasan 4 years ago

how do i disassemble my samsung indulge??

Please help me dear 4 years ago

very good thread,

dear my phone not fell in water but have short circuit problem, i have HUAWIE Idios android, what should i do

isoniexilmGox 3 years ago

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Futamarka 3 years ago

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omphalie 3 years ago

Hi, my samsung galaxy 1 fell into the toilet. The screen flickered wildly and I rinsed it after briefly with water, probably not a good idea. I then turned if off and put it later in rice. Initially the first black screen with Samung writing came on, but it wouldnot open any further to be usable. It also did not charge anymore. Is there any chance that I can repair it the way described above? Or get the data that is stored on it?

Kind regards


Leawlpleava 3 years ago

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Pinky jain 21 months ago

i have spice mi 524 my flash light was not off i concern to service centre they off the flash light & say that there is a water on plate but i have no stand by piece so i i took back my phone after 2 month my 2nd sim is not detected what shell i do? They told due to water it may happen

Lizzy 20 months ago

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