How to Share an Internet Connection on LAN?

If you have a fully functional LAN then net sharing is just a few clicks away.

  • First, make sure that you already have a broadband connection and account configured on your PC.
  • Go to “My Network Places” and then "Properties," and then select your broadband connection.
  • Right click on your connection and select "Properties."
  • A broadband properties dialog box should appear. Select the “Advanced” tab.

See the image below:

Broadband connection properties selection.
Broadband connection properties selection.
  • Check “Allow other network users to connect through this computer" under Internet Connection Sharing
  • Uncheck both "Establish a dial-up connection whenever a computer on my network attempts to access the Internet" and "Allow other netowrk users to control or disable the shared Internet connection."
  • Press “OK.”
  • You should see a message stating that the IP address of your PC will be set to “”. Click "OK." (If you assigned this address to any other computer then change it to something else otherwise it will create an IP address conflict error.)

Broadband connection properties dialog box.
Broadband connection properties dialog box.
  • A hand-like icon should appear below the broadband connection, indicating that it has been shared.

Broadband Connection after successful sharing. Note the hand icon.
Broadband Connection after successful sharing. Note the hand icon.
  • On the other PC you want to join the network, select “My Network Places” properties.
  • Right-click on your LAN connection and select properties. A LAN Properties dialog box should be appear.
  • Select “Internet Protocol (TCP/IP)” as you did when you assigned the IP address.
  • Click properties button. An "Internet Protocol (TCP/IP) properties” dialog box should appear.
  • Enter the “Default Gateway” and “DNS Server” IP as shown in the image below. Repeat this step on other PCs too.

Default gateway & DNS server IP assigning.
Default gateway & DNS server IP assigning.
  • Connect to the Internet on the server PC, the one actually attached to the Internet, then try to access the Internet on the other PC(s). Congratulations, you're done!

Troubleshooting, In Case That Didn't Work...

  • Check your LAN connection. If you can access Shared Folders then follow next step, otherwise you need to check Internet sharing from beginning.
  • You need to check your internet connection again. Press window key + R, now type this without quotes “ping -t”. If you get reply as in the image below then net-sharing is OK. Your Internet browser is corrupted or its settings have been changed to use a proxy address. Please turn off all proxy addresses. Now you should able to browse.

Internet connection ping result.
Internet connection ping result.

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rajkishor09 profile image

rajkishor09 7 years ago from Bangalore, Karnataka, INDIA Author

You can post comment or ask me questions related to this hub. Thanx

neil 7 years ago

i hav 3 comps in my house to which i wana giv internet....i hav a broadband connection on one comp n wana distribute it to d oder two via lan....i hav a 8-port lan modem n al three comps are connected via the same how do i configure each of d comps to share d internet connection widout losin speed....plz help....actually it was al workin fine til i recently formatted my main comp which is why al settings hav been reset.....

thanx for d help....


neil 7 years ago

i jus think that i hav ip addresses plz help n let me kno how to configure the ip addresses.....

thanx for d help....


rajkishor09 profile image

rajkishor09 7 years ago from Bangalore, Karnataka, INDIA Author


i want to know that, are you using static IP for lan. How did you share internet connection previously and are you using broadband modem.

reply soon to get answer.

RAJEEV MISHRA 7 years ago


ramkumar45 profile image

ramkumar45 7 years ago from INDIA

Thanks for your suggestion

shrikrishna profile image

shrikrishna 7 years ago

didn't work ,

i have an ,

airtel dial-up connection

brad4l profile image

brad4l 7 years ago from USA

I remember the first time I tried to set up network so my friends and I could play games together. At the time it ended up taking like an hour and seemed to be really difficult.

Now, I don't even think twice about it, but I sure do wish I had this great guide the first time I tried...

Lokesh Nagal 7 years ago

dear brother i have 1 sify broadband conection how to sharing in many computer

rajkishor09 profile image

rajkishor09 7 years ago from Bangalore, Karnataka, INDIA Author

Dear Lokesh Nagal you can follow the same process to share internet on two or more PC. If you don't know how to setup lan then please follow "Related Article" section of this article where you will find links to different tutorials of mine.

Rocknet 7 years ago

Hi Raj,

WAH, yo did it in a very simple language.

Computer terms are very dificult for c people. But guides like this one seems very effective.

Keep up the good job.

rajkishor09 profile image

rajkishor09 7 years ago from Bangalore, Karnataka, INDIA Author

Thanks Rocknet for your valuble comments. Keep visiting by hubs for more tutorials

Munna 7 years ago

Hi Raj, seems quite impressive, i got a problem, i cant make my Siemens Gigaset SE568 Wireless Router to work as ADSL router in terms i can access the internet only via bridging and dial up connection via WAN miniport, I want to use it exactly as i can use the other ADSL router like configuring it only once and then accessing it wirelessely from any laptop with out having to connect it via dial up.. thanks


Sid 7 years ago


Can you please help me with this, i have got a LAN with three computers with a staic IP adress of and

subnet mask

now i want to connect this LAN to internet, internet service provider gave me a static IP address and the subnet mask for it is

Can you plz help to to set the router to communicate with my network without changing IP address and subnet mask of any of my network computers.


genius1232 7 years ago

I have a static ip address assigned to me by the internet service provider. When I follow your step mentioned above the ip address of my machine will change to and I lose my internet connection. As this ip is not the same as the static ip asigned to me.

Kindly suggest ........

AshokSingh Rajput 7 years ago


Can you please help me with this, i have a LAN with three computers with the help of Switch of8 port and on computer make a file server with a dianamic IP adress of and

subnet mask

and DNS Server

now i want to connect this LAN to internet as a on board connection, internet service provider gave me a static IP address and the subnet mask for it is

Can you plz help to to set the Switch to communicate with my network without changing IP address and subnet mask of any of my network computers.

rajkishor09 profile image

rajkishor09 7 years ago from Bangalore, Karnataka, INDIA Author

@SID : you can create LAN of three computers and share internet connection too. There is no problem if you have static IP for internet. Just follow the same tutorial. If you face problem then please contact me through “contact rajkishor09”.

@genius1232 : While sharing you need to select LAN card of you LAN rather than internet. If you share LAN using static IP then there shouldn’t be any problem. Please send me details how you shared you LAN and IP address assigned etc through “contact rajkishor09”.

@AshokSingh Rajput : I guess your LAN has dynamic IPs too so share try to share internet using “Internet Connection Sharing”. Please contact me through “contact rajkishor09”.

Thank you guys for visiting and reading me.

Babadele 7 years ago

I have a cisco router connected to a LAN and two WAN. One of the WAN is internet and the other one for remote location connected through cable to another cisco router.How can i share the internet with the remote location using NAT?

Thanks a lot 7 years ago

you just helped me in configuring my crosswire lan , internet connection

many thanks to you :D , illustration are so easy :D

visu hzb 7 years ago

i have two pc in my home..i want to have internet for two computers......i have type 2 modem.........can any one help me.urgennnnnnnnnnnttttttttt

NOORANI 7 years ago

Bro i have 2 comp and i have hub and i have connection of bsnl 1 can i can coonect both the pc to ethernet

plss reply me i waiting for ur reply

rajkishor09 profile image

rajkishor09 7 years ago from Bangalore, Karnataka, INDIA Author

NOORANI you can connect to both PC using hub, just follow this tutorial.

Amit 7 years ago

i tried all the steps instructed by you, but still i am not able to ping from client pc to server whereas 'ping server to client' is perfectly working , plz suggest what should i do asap THANX for ur past and future assistance, u r doing a good job by sharing ur knowledge

wishwa 7 years ago


thanks for article, but pls help me out here . .

in my hostel room, i have one LAN port (dunno static/dynamic IP - but it has a fixed one based on room number)

now we have 2 computers with us and 3 Lan cords. I connect one MAIN(server) computer to lan port using a lan cord.

Where and how do I connect the second computer to ?

I dont have any other devices (switch/router)


rajibpal 7 years ago

I have 3 computer no 1 pc is broadband no 2 pc is a tally server no3 pc is normal how internet conection sharing 3 computer and when internet conection is stop then lan warking poperly how? pls tell me to solved

z1701Ez 7 years ago


I would like to know that by using this method, do I need to do port forwarding for certain programs such as Warcraft3? I know that with a modem router, I need to do port forward so that every computer can use these programs. The problem is I don't know how to do it for this situation.


Emmett Edgar 7 years ago

Dude thanks very much i spent all of last night trying to figured this out where is 1 little read of this did the job im up and running

Vinod Karki 7 years ago

hello sir,

i want connect my 5 pc using a switch with internet connection

i have a wireless internet connection that always on how to do it? please help me.

OBI3RIZ 7 years ago


can I share a dail up connection on a two-PC LAN.


rajkishor09 profile image

rajkishor09 7 years ago from Bangalore, Karnataka, INDIA Author

@OBI3RIZ : You can share your dial up internet but it will reduce its speed further.

@Vinod Karki :By following above method you can share almost all type of internet connection. But you need to provide more information on this to me. So that i can help you.

hemo 7 years ago

thanx a lot dude

karunakar 7 years ago

hai raj, please tell me how share the internet with dymic ip address, please give replay soon

Omaid 7 years ago

Hey man good work but i didn't solve my thing Im using an wirrieles in my laptop which im connected to the router in the router there is hub too its like two in one so i shared one computer with it i want to know how to controll the lane connected to the router although im not connected to the router by line its wiffi as u know????

ganesh 7 years ago

While sharing you need to select LAN card of you LAN rather than to select lan card while sharing . i have also static ip using rel net.pls tell me

rajkishor09 profile image

rajkishor09 7 years ago from Bangalore, Karnataka, INDIA Author

@ganesh : If you have two lan card connected then at the time of Internet sharing you can see a drop box which will display all lan cards. Select connection of lan card and press OK.

Sharing process is same for dynamic and static IPs if u face problem then ask me.

dswam 7 years ago


I have setup the ICS with a Desktop(ICS) and a Laptop(client). Each has one ethernet adapter. The Desktop is connected to internet using SmartAX MT882 ADSL, through USB cable. The Laptop and Desktop are connected by LAN RJ45 cable.

When the settings for ICS are done as per the above post, the ICS works fine on both computers.

The problem:

When the client(laptop) is rebooted or comes alive after standby, I am not able to access internet on Laptop.

On Desktop the internet works fine.

Can someone suggest how to solve the above problem, so that whenever the laptop reboots or comes alive after standby, it is able to access internet in sharing mode.

M.D. Swaminathan.

dswam 7 years ago


The problem I faced is solved as,

I have enabled firewall in Dialup, LAN connection on host(Desktop) and LAN connection on client (Laptop). In this setup when laptop is rebooted, powered off and then made ON,

or wake up from standby the internet connection sharing is lost.

When the firewall setting on the LAN connection in Host (Desktop) is removed, while on others it is maintained, the ICS works on Laptop in all situations of standby and reboot.

M. D. Swaminathan.

ketan 7 years ago

Beautiful explained in each and every detail thank you

kvn 7 years ago

I have two lan card on host system.And i have a switch for lan other 4 pc. I do all try but it not succeed. somebody help me..When i share net my ip of main lan is changed to so my net go meeeeeeee

Vishva 6 years ago

Thanks for the worked fine for me.............

Sagar 6 years ago

i am Using one laptop relince data card using, i am connecting now Using LAN Cable without Network devices.

Nokia 5800 Themes 6 years ago

Hi rajkishor09,

I have two pc's at my home one is celeron 1GHz and other one is Pentium HT with 128 & 256 MB of RAM. I have connected them with D-Link Switch and followed your instruction.

The problem is both are able to ping IP address of each other but the browser of Celeron PC shows "Cannot find . Make sure the path or Internet address is correct" i have cross-checked each and every thing.

Celeron Pc has d-link lan card while Pentium one has on-board lan card !

Plz help !!!

Thanks in advance !!!

ceejay 6 years ago

what might it cost to set up internet link

suhbuhuhuh 6 years ago


deepu 6 years ago

love u gr8 thanks

Ravi KUmar 6 years ago

Thank Oyu very much it is working fine

Saira 6 years ago

Hi i am getting the error...'error A LAN connection is already configured with the IP address that is required for automatic IP addressing'...i dont get it...i Have two LAN cards and a Network Adapter which has ip

rajkishor09 profile image

rajkishor09 6 years ago from Bangalore, Karnataka, INDIA Author

@saira try to change your ip to different ip

Saira 6 years ago

ok i changed the ip of server(desktop PC with XP) to and of client(Laptop with vista) to the 2nd LAN card and it worked perfectly..Installed few softwares..Now i am facing a new problem..IE, msn messenger are not opening although internet is still connected..Amazingly 'Skype' connects and is working perfectly but IE or any other application isn't...Any sugesstions what went wrong??

Btw thanks for a wonderful guide...

rajkishor09 profile image

rajkishor09 6 years ago from Bangalore, Karnataka, INDIA Author

@saira if you r connecting ur modem through lan card then u need to set lan ip, next only skype is working on internet. you need to check proxy settings of internet explorer. go to internet options window to check that. 6 years ago from bear, de, 19701

Excellent hub. I wanna ask a problem, everything goes well, but the following day, I can't browse any site. I don't change any ips. I check ISP, ok. how to solve it? is there possibility from ip?

J Hasan 6 years ago

I have a Samsung Jet which I want to use as a modem for internet connecivity on Laptop.I hve downloaded NPS 1.5 and connect to the net.The NPS shows connected to the net but I am not physically connected and the connectivity icon on the rt hand bottom still shows a red cross. Any solution.

Warm Regards

Nasir 6 years ago

Hi raj kishor,Good Work,plz tell me that abve mentioned Solution for sharing any kind of internet connection?

In my case i have broadband connection and compny provided me modem.I have a switch and 2 pc's connected with it and i need to distribute my connection and monitor each pc traffic. Setting that i used not according abve mentioned Solution. Do i need to share my internet connection according to abve mentioned Solution ?

solve my problem

Best Regards,


rajkishor09 profile image

rajkishor09 6 years ago from Bangalore, Karnataka, INDIA Author

Nasir you have to follow the same procedure as i mentioned in my articles.

thanks for reading my articles

pratik 6 years ago

I have internet connection which i want to share bt when i enable sharing it changed to but this very different from which my ISP has alloted, coz of this my internet connection doesn't work. I do have a two lan cards. on 1st internet connection is connected and second one is connected to switch for sharing. can u pls help me. i m very new to this pls explain in detail.. thanks.

rajkishor09 profile image

rajkishor09 6 years ago from Bangalore, Karnataka, INDIA Author

pratik u need 2 lan cards. 1 for internet and 2nd for lan

pratik 6 years ago

ya i had two lan cards.

rajkishor09 profile image

rajkishor09 6 years ago from Bangalore, Karnataka, INDIA Author

@pratik then u need to select lan card when u share internet. please follow the image in the link

pratik 6 years ago

I have sify broadband connection.

Sify has its own client to log in.

rajkishor09 profile image

rajkishor09 6 years ago from Bangalore, Karnataka, INDIA Author

@pratik go to network connections u will find which connection ur sify is using

pratik 6 years ago

Thanks for helping i got it..

If i find any prblm will comment again

Nasir 6 years ago

Thank you Rajish, But my LAN Proprties not accrding to your Picture, it only shows 3 tabs General, Authentication and Advanced.

Best Regards,


Masood 6 years ago

hi fren.

i have some problem. i have workstation machine with one lan card builtin and one lan card extarnal. i have DSL connection and i want to share my dsl connection on another system. dsl wire connect with one lan card and local area wire connect external lan card. problem is that when i enable the lan card (local Area) at this time internet lost. meanz the lan card of internet cant receive or sent the bytes...when i disable the local Area after dat internet in working...i want to distribute my internet via server on my Local Area. again i want to describe that my Server receiving internet by Lan card and i want to distribut by another lan System O.S is Windows Server 2003. and this problem is exist on this O.S

Kindly help me...

chrisjas 6 years ago

hello raj

this works on dynamic IP? bcos im using dynamic IP.

Now check “Allow other network users to connect through this computer" internet connection” and uncheck below two options. Now press “OK” button. This will give you a message stating that IP address of present working PC will be set to “”, click OK. If you assigned this address to any other computer then change it to something else otherwise it will give IP address conflict error.

Broadband Connection properties.

adeel 6 years ago

hi i want u share my internet in to an ather pc.and i have also Tp-link switch.plz help me

wijitha 6 years ago

Thank you very much.

This information was of much help.

Thanks again.

Rashid 6 years ago

dear sir, kindly infor me about share the fixed speed to clint computer?????????

Nd 5 years ago

I like what you just share out here, but can it workout if I make use of a crossover cable will it be okay or straight cable. My Laptop is making use of a broadband network so I want to share the network to my desktop computer. from ur instruction up there can I make use of cross cable of straight cable?

M.R.GAIT 5 years ago

Dear SIR,

thanx for ur technical support but this is not prove much useful in my case. I have 2PCs at my office. I have tried above method a lot of time but the net on both PCs is not running yet sharing is successful but net is not running. on the host pc in "ping 198.168... " "desti host not found" shows. on client in ping window data transfer shows,,, 32 bits transfer..ect. but net is not running on the both PCs. IN PAST WHEN I USE THIS NETWORKING THERE WAS A PROBLEM OF DISCONNCTION AFTER EVERY MINUTE. SO PLEASE SOVE MY 2 PROBLEMS







raheem 5 years ago

plz show me how to share printer in lan

i have hp laser 1020 printer in my home

i have one cross connection in my home with two computers



TEDDY 5 years ago

I have a LAN connection & I configered it to use internet connection just like U sugested above but can I disconnect one of the comp from using the internet resource; wat if it stays as connected will it cost me more? Thanx

vishal More 5 years ago

i have one Internet Connection it mean i have one ip address & i wana share it with other 5 PC ,so how many divices(modem,switch,router)patch codes(straight,Cross) i need & how i connect them in series,& main thing is what ip & subnet & DNS if possible should i give to other 5 PC. Revert me as soon as possible i wana do it somewere. Boson Simulater ,Packet tracer this r helps to learn CCNA , is there any soft like this which help to share net between computers. thank you (

jayesh 5 years ago

hi, i have Hathway modem & connection which is working on my desktop. but i want to use on my laptop also by using ADSL "zyxel P660HW T1 V3" modem. how can we make it?

jiwan 5 years ago

hi my name is jiwan kumar tamang. i am from nepal. i have a problem the networking. when i connect start to share Internet through the LAN it is shows the LAN connection at 100 mbps but the Internet pages doesn't open. how do i fix this problem. pleas help me someone. if you have the solution the please sent me at my email address.

gajanan 5 years ago

what a switch to cable & ip address

pls ask me

Suresh 5 years ago

Thank you very much.

This information was of much help.

Thanks again.

Sojan Francis 5 years ago

I have a broadband connection (cable net) from asianet, connected through a cable modem. Without using wireless router, can I share the net among multiple laptops.

apurba 5 years ago

thanks.i connect my computers by using your method.but how can i connect tow computers if one of them is xp and another is windos7.pls rp..

Tina 5 years ago

Hi, I have a personal laptop at home with broadband connections, and I am doing my studing from home using desktop from my study institution with no connection to the internet. Please help me to share broadband internet connection with this desktop?

sameer. 5 years ago

my company as internet connection. in router i asked isp to configure static lan ip.i want to create a server so from there all 20 pc to obtain ip address automatic ? hw it can be done?

Digant Dwivedi 5 years ago

Sir i am done all the steps as you give above but my internet connectiog is not shared yet nmow

Suresh 5 years ago


kunal 5 years ago

i have 4 computers in my cafe and i want them to connect to internet . i have a bsnl connection . plz help me .

sufol 5 years ago

hi!! i have a LAN with,,,,..... of15 PC and my PC have two LAN card, one is connected with Broadband connection with IP and another is assigned IP for LAN sharing Files and Folders. I want to access internet connection with other PC on my local network. how can i do this can anyone help me please!!

victor 5 years ago

gr8 work here i need help plssssss. i connect to the net 2ru my 3g phone connected to pc via bluetooth. How can i share the connection with a client pc with erthernet cable or usb. urgent plss my email

rajkishor09 profile image

rajkishor09 5 years ago from Bangalore, Karnataka, INDIA Author

@victor : you have to share your 3g internet connection on PC,

Anupam Mishra 5 years ago


I have a bsnl modem in our network and want to give internet connectivity on each and every pc which are in domain so thst thy can use internet on each and every pc at a same time.

Please Help

shailesh 5 years ago

i want to ask, if there is any method by which we can allocate different bandwidths to different users connected on a shared LAN. for eg, if i and my friend are connected to same LAN and my frind is downloading a movie. so i get less speed. i want to know if by any way i can increase my speed, may at the cost of his speed. or to put it in a better way, can i set priority so that LAN will respond to my requests???

rajkishor09 profile image

rajkishor09 5 years ago from Bangalore, Karnataka, INDIA Author

@shailesh : I guess there is some software for same, please check that in Google.

rajkishor09 profile image

rajkishor09 5 years ago from Bangalore, Karnataka, INDIA Author

@Anupam Mishra: Same method which i discussed here will help you to share internet on LAN.

Hany 5 years ago


kindly explain how to watch movies on line with internet sharing specially youtube on my mobile ( samsung s5620 Monte)

Dev 5 years ago

This really works for me thanks raj you are really great..

Greg 5 years ago

You article is great, and I was able to follow it closely. I am try to connect the wireless internet from my lap top to my PC that has no wireless and is too far from the modem to give it a wired connection.

Whenever I try I try the process above I get this message:

"An error occurred while Internet Connection Sharing was being enabled.

Internet Connection Sharing cannot be enabled. A LAN connection is already configured with the IP address that is required for automatic IP addressing."

I have tried to "release" and "renew" the ip address of both computers, but the PC cannot renew because it cannot connect. I am running Windows 7 on both computers (but the process for sharing is the same as XP, could follow relatively all steps).

Can you help me? I have done multiple Google searches with no luck at all, just getting more confuse.

Thanks in advanced,


muhammad sajjad 5 years ago

me net cable ko apni device se karna chahta hon phir device se computer per conncet karna chahta hon mager device me sirf ek hi port hai

venkat 5 years ago

Hii.. I've different issue sharing BSNL Broadband internet connection through a DSL Type 4 modem in a domain...

we have win2003 server active directory is installed a domain is already setup now i've connected internet to one of the system and given sharing and successes the connection able to access internet for selected user in a worked fine for 30 min then soon i received one messaged " generic host processing " in modem connected system as i press don't send then it stop internet nothing is working in that PC it's not communicating with Other pc's in the lan ...i've firt i run services DNS Client,RPC,workstation also even though it's not communicating until i restart the Pc it's not working as soon as i restart then again it communicate with other Pc for 10 min and stop's

...... then i removed the BSNL Broad band connection and placed Reliance Broadband in the same Pc it's work for few days and again it's also stop working .... please help and send me the solution on my ..e-mail please send me soon thanks

ali raza 5 years ago

how can I share my dialup dsl connection with my neighbour and how to give him a different ip address?

rabindranath k 5 years ago

What is processer to open cyber cafe, any lience reqiured pl tell me.

Raju 5 years ago

How can I distribute internet in shared internet connection in LAN.?

In LAN where all computers connect to internet through a server computer running windows XP and shared internet connection, can we limit each computer connected to it to use only specific bandwidth e.g computer A should use only 8Kbps and computer B should use only 6KBPs etc.

rajkishor09 profile image

rajkishor09 5 years ago from Bangalore, Karnataka, INDIA Author

@ RAJU : You can Google for software, i believe there is something similar.

manya 5 years ago

I am having a problem sharing internet in my wireless LAN. all the othr conections are ok including sharing files and folders and I can even print from each individual computer however even after sharing the internet I still cannot access internet from any other pc apart from the main server please help

kuamr 5 years ago


thank you very much i solved my long problem

VICKY 5 years ago




vignesh 5 years ago

hey,how can I start same internet connection in 2 computers?i have only 1 internet cable wire which comes frm main can I use it in both pc's??plz help

Kamaljit 5 years ago

In my LAN card propertise, in Advance tab, the "internet sharing" option is disabled. From where and how I can enable it ?? Please help me...

Nikhil 5 years ago

Can i use Office LAN and Datacard same time on laptop?

If possible send me setting.



Yoh 5 years ago

1000+ ping !!!

really the worst ping i've ever heard., check for it., may be the routing length is long or etc.,

normally lessthan 100ms ping is negligible from google***

Roshan 5 years ago

Hey raj, me Roshan from nepal,

I have one inbuilt Lan and one external lan card. I want to input the internet connection to inbuilt lan and output the internet connection from external lan card. so what is the easy procedure that i can share this network for other computer..... will be waiting for you help

MrMarte 5 years ago


I have a LAN with,,,,..... of 10 devices. I have a ADSL internet connection with dynamic IP and I want to share the internet with the whole LAN. I have a router with a WAN port were I connect the internet to and 4 LAN ports where I can daysi chain the LAN to. If I connect a PC to the router it'll have access to the internet, but the computers in the LAN does not... I do have network conection between the PC in the router and the other PCs in the LAN... any advice?

Shane 5 years ago

Hi, I used to share my internet between 2-3 desktops a few years back, using both dial-up and broadbrand, i have recently purcahsed a laptop and set up a LAN network using an ethernet cable from my desktop to my dynalink router and then connected my laptop to the router via wireless(now have dial-up). The LAN works fine, I can do gaming and file/printer sharing, and I eventually got an Internet Gateway late one night, i dont know how i got it, it was just there. the next morning it disappeared but was still internet sharing, then that stopped aswell. Today i managed to get the internet gateway back using static IP's, and everything you mentioned in the steps other than DNS server but i still cant use the internet on the other computer, regardless of whether i use it through my laptop or my desktop, i changed this after reading your article, didn't help at all, then done the proxy command promt and it came up can i get internet sharing back?????

Thanks HEAPS

Hany 5 years ago


kindly advise me if the movies streaming online work with internet sharing between PC and Mobile

please reply to me this is the second time asking you about this matter


rajkishor09 profile image

rajkishor09 5 years ago from Bangalore, Karnataka, INDIA Author

@Hany : I didn't get your question, can you explain it?

Hany 5 years ago


I Can't play online movies like (youtube movies) on mobile when I use internet sharing.

pleas tell me if i can resolve this problem by open more access on my PC to the mobile or anything else

Shane 5 years ago

hey I tried aqgain going from pc to laptop and amazingly it worked again properly.

Will see if it stays working.


July 5 years ago

I liked your hub page but i couldn.t get my solution. What should i do to connect internet to two computers if a single router?

Syed Ahmed 5 years ago

how to share internet to my other system I have an ip and gateway is and i want to share internet through LANCARD.

kevin 5 years ago

greeting raj! i have 2 laptop and 2 desktop. how can i share internet? i have buy an switch 5 port. but when ever i cannot all the RJ's and everthing. only 1 computer (destop) is receive the internet. i cannot seem SEE the check box “Allow other network users to connect through this computer" this the destop that only receive the net!!

please help!reply asap, good day!

soumaila anza 5 years ago

please i have a network with server 2003 active directory is it possible to enable ics on this network

this is my mail


prabhu 5 years ago

We have working lan with 10 systems. With ip_address ... When i tried to share INTERNET as suggested above my sharing machine ip address changed to and it is not connected to other machines on lan.

what is the remedy for this. please suggest.

thanking you

MADHU 5 years ago


Nasir Ahmed 5 years ago

Hi Dear,

I am a computer operator from long time. But I do not know how to LAN and Wireless Networking and cable connecter setting.

Please Suggest me about this subject.

a_visitor04 5 years ago

any buddy can help .

i av lan connection and connect lan wire into dsl wifi and then connect internet to my laptop by vpn dialer of server. and but my mobile is not connecting to internet by directly to dsl router it just connect to dsl not to internet. and i tried to share internet from my laptop by ad hoc connection. when i connect to ad hoc my then my dsl wifi disconnect automatically. any buddy av solution for this situation?. then please mail me on hotmail my id is shown in my name thank you

amodtta 5 years ago from shahjahanpur



uthpal 4 years ago

I have two Desktop Computer & have broad band connection but t want to share Inter connection

naveen 4 years ago

i have my office internet connection with static ip connection.

i want to share interconnection to two systems

so wat is the configuration to do share the internet

bob 4 years ago

I have a cisco camera that i have connected in my LAN. Need to get access from outside LAN and i am battelingh with the port forwarding on my TP-Link router. any sugestions?

Jenny 4 years ago

I am so confused and getting frustrated I hope someone can help me. I have a siemens speedstream 6250 router which was previously used with a dsl. well i want to use it with my ethernet (i have satellite internet) but it won't let me hook up my wireless. I have tried different things and checked different sites with no solution. any suggestions?

Aavickyviki 4 years ago

Thank you...

DanG 4 years ago

Thank you very much indeed. have a good day !


Shrinivas Patil 4 years ago

Thanks a lot. I was trying for it for quite long time.. finally i did it because of you..

bobo 4 years ago

really need help here.. i'm using windows xp and i want to share my internet connection with my housemate. i'm the host and my housemate is using a laptop running on windows vista.. can you help me please.. really appreciate it.. thanks

Emmanuel 4 years ago

i want to share three pcs with three pcs the automatic method ok. how will go about it.

PDs 4 years ago


I have a small network of 6 PCs with static IP address of 10. series. I have a broad band connection. Now I want to share the broad band connection to all the PC via switch, without changing the static IP of all the computers. How can I do it, Pl relpy early.

Pradeep 4 years ago

I am using sony ericsson C510. I want to use pc internet on my phone. How can i do it?? Please reply

rajkishor09 profile image

rajkishor09 4 years ago from Bangalore, Karnataka, INDIA Author

@Pradeep: Yes you can do it.

R BLACK BILLA 3 years ago



Raj 3 years ago

Dear Sir,

I Do have BSNL broadband, I want to share internet in other laptop, using repeater device.

One laptop windows 7 and Xp.

what can be done.

Hakan 3 years ago

Thank you too much.

It helped me too much and these instructions are completely correct. I used it on one LAN pc with 3g connected, one laptop with wireless and two android phones with wireless. There was a Zyxel ADSL modem with one lan port and wireless feature. Only don't forget to assign same ip class for other computers like,,,

Thanks again...

mehul 3 years ago

i have connected two computer with cross lan wire and manually configure ip address but we cant connect error path not found pls help me

samsung andiord pc suito 3 years ago

samsung pc

geo 2 years ago

i have 2 desktop pcs

1 pc connected via weird connection of Dlink 2730u Modem + Router With Airtel Kerala connection.

Another Pcconnected via wireless Adptor Dlink

these 2 pc has get internet..but cannot Acess network

home group,same,,, firewall off...all r same

how can i solve this issue????

jarlousamontina 3 months ago


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