How to stay ahead of competition in searches

How to stay ahead of competition in searches

Competition in search engines exist in any market segment. Whether you own a website or blog in a niche too narrow or too wide in almost all cases will be faced with some competition, however it is small in relation to certain key words. Thus, we must always find a way to stay ahead of her placements in Google and other search engines to elevate our project to a level even better.

And that is what I would like to speak with you today. How about figuring out how to get ahead of competition in the search? It would be interesting for you?

This type of action is very effective for anyone working with limited niche blogs (taking advantage of long tail keywords) and, therefore, is for such that this Hub was written.

The secret is actually very simple: do what the competition does and a little more.

Step 1 - Making an analysis of the competition

First, use SEO tools to help you to find the places where your competitors sites, which are ahead, get links.

I recommend using the tool SEO SpyGlass, a paid software but that contains a very good free version, you can install on your computer. The link just cited points to the page of free downloadable tool, and you only need to aim a valid email address to receive it. Obviously, the free service does not bring the full functionality, but with it you can already do a good study and capture the links that were obtained by the sites that compete with you.

Step 2 - Organize data

Now in possession of these data, create a list in Word or Excel with many of the links that your competition has captured. Organize by "order of difficulty," ie, separate the links that you find easy to get from the most difficult. Look for the easy, put on top of your list.

Step 3 - Get links in the same places

Now it's getting the most complicated part of his work: one of the best techniques to stay ahead of the competition is doing what she does too! That's right, totally equal. Therefore, seek the same links than your competition, on the same pages and websites.

For this, simply contact the owners of the sites involved. If your competition has created a HubPage, do the same. If she disclosed to some social network, repeat the idea, and so on. In certain niches, you may also need to buy links, if your competition has also done so or if it is more difficult to obtain them free of charge.

But pay attention: this is the most important step of this work to be ahead of your competition. So the more you struggle here, the better will be the end result. Never give up "copy" your competition.

Step 4 - Stay ahead of the competition

After your project match the competition, it's time to jump in front of her. Go after new links, new sites and new pages. Contact new bloggers of similar niches to yours, create new HubPages, do Article Marketing, buy links and so on.

Step 5 - Hold!

Now, the important thing is not letting the ball fall, my little friend! In most niches, your competition is active and getting more and more links with each passing day. So never forget to look at it (come back to the first step where necessary) or to stay one step ahead.

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