How to stream media from macbook pro to Sony Bravia TV wirelessly.

Set up PS3 Media Server on your Mac

The sequential diagrams are self explanatory but I will briefly describe the process to set up PS3 Media Server on your mac.

1. Download PS3 form the CNET site.

2. Double click on the downloaded .dmg file.

3. Drag the PS3 Media Server application then opened to the Applications Folder.

4. Click on the PS3 Media Server Application Icon in your Applications to open it. Initially it might be blocked but you could safely unblock it now.

1. Download PS3
1. Download PS3
2. Downloaded File
2. Downloaded File
3. Drag to Applications Folder
3. Drag to Applications Folder
4. Applications
4. Applications

Understanding PS3

1. The Main Panel will now be visible and a small icon of the application will also be visible on the top menu bar towards your right. The status screen for now will show you a red cross with a message saying 'No renderers found'. It will look like the one in the adjacent image once you set up your TV. But let us first configure our mac.

PS3 Main Panel
PS3 Main Panel

2. Click on the 'General Configuration' and ensure that your configuration matches the image. You could choose the Default Renderer from the dropdown based on the TV you have. If you do not know select 'Unknown Renderer'.

General Configuration
General Configuration

3. Now click on the 'Navigation/Share Settings' tab. By default 'All Drives' would be selected under 'Shared Folders'. You could change and I would suggest that you change that to share just the folders that contain your Videos, Music and Pictures only. This would make your navigation on the TV a bit easier. For example, to share your 'Movies' folder, click on the plus button and select the 'Users/<your username>/Movies'. This will automatically remove 'All Drives' from the shared folders and only your movies folder will be shared.

Movies Folder
Movies Folder
Share Movies Folder like this
Share Movies Folder like this

4. Now click on the 'Transcoding Settings' and choose 'MEncoder' under 'Video Files Engine'. Configure the screen as shown in the image. You could configure the folder that would contain the subtitles of the movie you are watching. I keep my movies in the Movies folder and subtitles (*.srt or *.sub files) in Subs folder under 'Movies' folder. If you do not want to configure it and still want subtitles then you should keep the subtitles files in the same folder where your movie is. Also whatever be the case ensure that the Movie file name and the subtitles file name is exactly the same with no special characters like '.', '-' etc. Also the name must start with an alphabet and not a number.

Transcoding Settings
Transcoding Settings

5. Hit on the 'Save' button on the top of the main panel and then 'Restart Server' to restart the server.

So now you are all done with the settings in your mac. Lets switch to your Bravia TV now.

How to configure your Sony Bravia to work with PS3 Media Server on mac

First of all connect your TV to the internet. I shall briefly explain the process.

1. The first image is of a wireless router through which your mac connects to the internet. A wire from your ISP connects to this router. Take another wire (the blue one in the image) that fits into one of the free slots in your router.

2. Now your television will have a similar slot on its back side as shown in the second image. Put the other end of the wire into that slot. This connects your television to the internet and the same Local Area Network (LAN) to which your mac is connected. PS3 server installed on your mac could stream media (movies, pictures, music) to only those devices which are connected in the same LAN.

That's it! your TV is now configured to work with your mac and you are ready to watch the movies saved on your mac.

1. Press the 'Home' button of your Bravia's remote and then keep pressing the 'left' or 'right' arrow button until you see the 'Videos' in the menu on your screen.

2. You will be able to see the 'PS3 Media Server' icon on your TV screen. If not or the icon is not same as what you see in your mac's Application folder, that means the Server is not running. Restart the server if it is not running. You should now be able to see the Green tick as in the 'Main Panel' image since your TV is on and configured.

3. Press the 'OK' button on your TV remote to select the PS3 icon and you will be able to see the folders that you had shared on your mac.

4. Navigate to the 'Movies' folder and press OK to see the contents. Select you favorite movie and press OK.

Enjoy the movie on the big screen. :)

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Comments 15 comments

Matt SJ 4 years ago

I followed this to the letter and it does not work with my Bravia or PS3?

arun.udayan profile image

arun.udayan 4 years ago from Hyderabad Author

Hi Matt,

When you start the PS3 media server, do you see the Main Panel that shows renderer found? It should look like the 5th picture in my hub. If not then either your TV or your mac is not connected to the Local Area Network properly. Make sure that you connect both devices through the same router and are able to access internet through both the devices.

Yunus 3 years ago

It worked. thanks!

Rayan 3 years ago

Man you rock. It works so seamlessly. Glad that I don't have to use cables anymore to connect my MacBook to my TV to watch movies or videos. Thanks heappppsssss!

Tred 3 years ago

This worked great thanks, although the image keeps stuttering, is there a way to adjust this?

arun.udayan profile image

arun.udayan 3 years ago from Hyderabad Author

This sometimes depends on the network strength, router capacity and also the number of programs running on your mac. Try to connect your router to your mac with a wire and restart the PS3 server. It should be the same router which is connected to your TV. A wired connection is always better than a wireless one.

Kiran Polu 3 years ago

Hey Arun,

Its worked. Thanks Allot.

Although some videos are coming in the reverse up and down. And browsing is also taking sometime. Please share if you have any inputs in improving these qualities.

arun.udayan profile image

arun.udayan 3 years ago from Hyderabad Author

Hi Kiran,

There could be many factors causing this one of which could be the wireless speed, transcoding-encoding of HD content (if you are trying to view HD content). I would say wire your mac to the router while watching the movie.

Just today I am trying out Plex Media server and and my movie is streaming well on my TV. You could try that out too if interested. :)

who cares 3 years ago

i just thank u from my bottom of my heart

ud1093 profile image

ud1093 3 years ago from ?

This is real nice thanks for sharing your knowledge

Nicolas enjay 3 years ago

you can simply download homestream from official site of sony .No need for this long and weird solution.

arun.udayan profile image

arun.udayan 3 years ago from Hyderabad Author

Thanks for the info Nicolas! I will surely try this. Does it allow to stream subtitles?

maximus-mcmullan 2 years ago

when I try to access my movies the movies say "protected", and when I try to play them they pause themselves and never play. how do I unprotect the movies?

Gishanth 2 years ago

Hello There. I found your blog using msn. This is an extremely well wrtietn article. I will be sure to bookmark it and come back to read more of your useful information. Thanks for the post. I’ll certainly comeback.

pooper 17 months ago

seemless, thanks.

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