How to take the Snap-On Case off your LG Optimus V

So Awesome!, you bought a shiny new LG Optimus V from Virgin Mobile (or maybe from Target, Radioshack, or even BestBuy) and you bought a snap-on case from say Amazon or Ebay (the best two places to purchase these in terms of variety and price).

The hard case snaps on so easy and it looks sharp on your new phone, but then, something goes wrong and you need to do a "hard reset" by taking the battery out or maybe you are like me and have extra batteries to put in on a day of extreme use.

On my sweet poker skull 3D "ish" case, there is this notch on the left side that looked like a good place to start prying the thing open. It was a no go. Now what do I do? I do not want to break my new case or damage my sweet new phone. How do I take the damn thing off?

At a loss, I did what many girls do when they need technical help, I called my Dad. I have to say, however, that I find myself giving him more advice these days on his new tech gadgets than vice versa, but he is still my go-to guy for cars and things that require "tools".

Of course, my Dad had an immediate answer to my problem and recommended a flat head screwdriver to stick in the notch and twist ever so gently to get the case to pop open. It worked like a charm, and I have not managed to break the case yet.

Be Careful!

Make sure that you are not too rough with your phone, as I can make no warrenty that this method will not cause a case to break, but it does work for me.

Once you're initial *POP* happens from your clockwise rotation of the screwdriver in the notch, you will have to replace the screwdriver head and do a few more turns along the seam to get the rest of the case unlocked. Do not try to PRY it open after the first *POP*.

Good Luck!

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Comments 4 comments

Sus 5 years ago

Big paperclip works too apparently... :-)

Graphicartist21 5 years ago

There very nice to use.

danatheteacher profile image

danatheteacher 5 years ago from Pacific Northwest Author

@graphicartist21, I'm gonna have to get me one of those....

graphicartist21 5 years ago

if you take the bottom half using your same method but without turning the screwdriver and easily pry it outward it will easily pop open then continue as you did. By turning it that clasp that holds it together will eventually break. I had it happen on another phone, and these instruction come straight from the retailer/manufacturer.

video demo (made by retailer, not me):

same basic principle as using the flat head screwdriver.

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