Bookmarking a website in Internet explorer

Have you stumbled upon a website you and would like to keep it so that you can visit it later? Well, what you have to do is bookmark it. With bookmarking we can pin a website somewhere and come fetch it later.

In this tutorial we shall focus on bookmarking on Internet Explorer and we shall use two methods to achieve this.

Note: Bookmarking differs across different the Browsers


1. Open internet explorer

2. When Internet explorer is open, click on favorites at the top of the
browser windows, this will bring a drop-down menu..

3. Now click on "add to favorites" and this will bookmark the page your are currently on.

And you are through with the mess:)


1. Open Internet explorer

2. Go to the website you wish to bookmark

3. When the website has loaded, Press CTRL+D

4. A pop up "add a favorite" menu will appear, Click on "add" and the website will be added to favorites .


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