How to unlock Huawei Mobile broadband modem

Hello friends,i am an electronics engineer from India very fond of technology,internet and modern gadgets. Mobile broadband modem is getting very popular now a days, because they are cheap and highly mobile, also they provide very fast internet speed.

Recently i bought a huawei usb modem for the purpose of using internet,but the problem is that these usb modem are locked with telecom companies(this means we can use that company simcard only). If someone wants to use service of ant other telecom company then he is helpless,he is bound to use that telecom company only.

There are many trick which will unlock these usb modem..then you can use these modem with any tele service of your choice. The way to unlock all the usb modem is approximately same, so if had unlocked one then you can easily unlock the other models of huawei.

So unlocking include differents steps, today we are unlocking Huawei UMG1831 modem.

step 1:- Plug in huawei usb modem to your computer and make sure that the modem is detected. Also make sure that the usb modem is showing as a extra stoarge device when we are opening my computer.

step 2:- Now we have to download a unlock software then we have to install it.

I m giving download link here

step 3:- After downloading the software just install the same.

step 4:- Open the installed software and select the manufacturer as huawei.

step 5:-Now from the list of model select model as Huawei UMG1831.

step 6:-Now on the right hand side of software interface, there will be button "do job" , that will enable now.

step 7:- Now press the button "do job".

congrats now your modem is no more locked.

Now you can enjoy any service of any mobile operators.

note:- please don't try new things from your side. This is a 100% working trick, you can trust it.

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rajwinder 4 years ago


aman raj nair 4 years ago

iam having reliance netconnect broadband + and iam not having the imei code so what to do now u can mail me the process at .and i have download the hacking software . so please give me suggessions as early as possible .

Prasad Hn profile image

Prasad Hn 4 years ago

the link given is not accessible ,do you know any other link which i can use?

kakooza tonny 4 years ago

what is the diffre between Huawei Mobile broadband and other modem types

sambhu 4 years ago

link you provided is not accessible kindly make sure and then post it on webpage thankyou

Sam 4 years ago

pls post aworking link

fafoff 3 years ago

lasap canot use at all

michael fenyi 3 years ago

Please I cannot this link so please help me

hermon 3 years ago

I used 10 incorrect unlocked code , is this affect in unlocker

Pooja jose 2 years ago

This trick is useful for huwai vodafone broad band.Please help me by mail to

It's working or not 2 years ago

It's working or not

njie 2 years ago

its not going. 2 years ago

My modem is blocked. What can i do please give me solution?

My modem imei: 359767038381902

sonia 2 years ago

I use huawai brodband in my pc and inside my simcard . After instoling it show user name and password.what is username and password?

amber 2 years ago

Send me a lik of unlocking huawei wifi model no E8231s-1

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