How To Use Facebook

Using Facebook

Facebook is my own favourite social networking site because you can link up everything to a central point from other accounts such as Youtube and Twitter and if your network of friends is large enough you can take advantage of this by providing links and other content that people might be interested in looking at on your facebook profile page your group or a facebook page that you create for the sole purpose of having peope to land on, which is called a landing page.

To get the full benefit of Facebook, the first thing to do is to fill out your profile page as much as possible, you need to put your real name or a preferable business name and then as much contact details as you want to put out there online, also your work and any websites you own can be entered into your profile page.

If you need to know how to create a facebook group then this link is for you - Creating Facebook Groups, and creating a group can compliment your profile and any subsequent pages your create, so don't overlook the groups featured application, as I think it is one of the most important parts of being a Facebooker.


When you request to be a friend with someone through Facebook, they will be sent the request and you can also send a message through with your request, once you have been confirmed as a friend, you can post anything to their facebook wall and anything else they put on their profile page, such as a link, a video, or any photos and there are other ways of interacting with them through the many applications that are available to use.

The friends that you make should be forming your network and if there are any that no longer fit well within your network, then you can let go of them, but I would concentrate on finding new friends that are interested in your main topic that your facebook profile relates to and in doing this you won't want to let the go, because they will form a good section of your facebook network.

Update status

When you update your facebook status you then let your friends know what's going on, you could have done something fantastic and you want to share it with your facebook pals or you have a new ebook or other product out that you want people to know has arrived and this is the quick way to do it, I tend to look at the status update as a twitter post which you can attach a photo, a video or a link which will help your status update become something worthwhile.

The best thing to use facebook for is a really good landing page which directs people to your website or main blog which you want people to go to, call it a funnel if you will that channels all your traffic to the main event.

Facebook has millions of members now and is one of the top social networks to be a part of and should be used together with other top social networks like Myspace and Bebo and Twitter which will capture many new visitors from different sources.

How To Use Facebook

How to use facebook.    Image copyright 2010.
How to use facebook. Image copyright 2010.

How To Use Facebook

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