How To Create An Email Account

Creating an email account is simple. First, choose an email service that you prefer (major ones include Yahoo, Hotmail, Gmail, etc). Next, decide what screen name you wish to have. This will act as both your login name and your email address name (ex. If the name is taken, try a variation of the name, or add numbers, spaces or hyphens in it. After you have chosen a name, you will have to create a password and a security question/answer. Make sure to choose a password that you'll be able to remember, but will be difficult for others to guess (as a warning for those making an account for the first time, NEVER give out your password, as there are many scam and phishing sites that will undoubtebly try to steal your information) . The final step is to fill out your personal information and activate your account. Once this is completed, you will be able to use your email to send and receive messages, add addresses and phone numbers into your contact book, use your calendar, and much more.



beverley boothe 9 years ago

I amfed up of trying new emails to no avail

Janet 8 years ago

I know I am not computer savvy, but I can't figure out how to set up an additional email account in gmail since I already have one account. Would someone be so kind as to walk me through it step by step? Thanks, appreciate it.

Sith Penguin profile image

Sith Penguin 8 years ago Author

Janet: To make an additional one, you just need to fill out your information again and choose a new username. You will have to give a different cell phone number to obtain the verification PIN, as they will require a new one for each account that is created. Hope that helps.

vann 8 years ago

is it possible to create your own address like let's say you put example1234@ something can you change the last part after the @ and create your own ?

Sith Penguin profile image

Sith Penguin 8 years ago Author

vann: I may be wrong, but unless you have your own hosted domain, you can't create your own email extension.

Sorry guys 8 years ago

My friend was messing with my yeah

Holly 7 years ago

Now how do you Actually get to the point where you are creating an email?

arrthit 7 years ago

Is the gmail the same as email

Sith Penguin profile image

Sith Penguin 7 years ago Author

Holly: I assume you mean sending an email? Once you have an account, you can compose a new message and add the email address (of the person you want it sent to) in the first column (next to "To:"). Then just click send and you'll be good to go.

arrthit: Yes, it is the same as email, however, Gmail allows you to do numerous other tasks, such as creating spreadsheets or uploading documents.

Charlotte 7 years ago

how to create my account?

how to create new e-mail address?

how to do it?

what are the steps in creating e-mail address?

?tank you?

Messay 7 years ago

I want to register to the email account.

sourav bhuiya 7 years ago

i fully agree with u

orville watson 7 years ago

i would like to create an account but i do not know how to do it

Prabu Ramiah 7 years ago

I want to create the new account

David 7 years ago

can i create another email account on comcast by changing your profile. i don't know how to do it, can you help me

rao 7 years ago

it is not working properly

anita 7 years ago

i want to create my account now. but it is not clear SORRY

Ayu(bukan nama sebenar) 7 years ago

What do you think about Gmail???It is intresting or not??

torrin miller 6 years ago

i want to have a email because i want to talk to my friend

georgewill 6 years ago

i hope it finally works

s.l.a/ 6 years ago

This was kinda helpful:)) thanks!

MoonBeam 6 years ago

Good explaining...thanks

Julius 6 years ago

i want to register an e-mail account

Kekos Kate 6 years ago

Whaooo....that is really the good explaination...

zuanique 6 years ago

i want a email because i want to facebook

-tania 6 years ago

I love you.

Mubashir 6 years ago

wow what a nice network

Kimberly Toledo 6 years ago

really useful,i'm so exited of having my own e-mail add.

carlos 6 years ago

i lv yahoo

Brooke 6 years ago

it's realy easy thank you my dear!!!

snow white 6 years ago

how to send an email? where we have to type the message?

bdall 6 years ago

i learnted a lot thank you.

Ernest Chileshe 6 years ago

I need an email account for facebook

uma maGESWARI 6 years ago

good explanation

keisha 6 years ago

i would like to get some information on emails. can i have more than 1 email addresses? how do i go about making an email address?

viki 6 years ago

wow great

ROYALOVE 6 years ago


shalini 6 years ago

i want to a email Id so that i can use it in my work place 6 years ago

Email is very interesting

Abu Kro 6 years ago

I want to my own E-mail ID

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DE RUST 6 years ago


Amruta 5 years ago

Thanx a lot!!!!

Alexia mwale 5 years ago

I need an email account for facebook

Andy 5 years ago

I hav b tryin 2 open an email wit my nokia 2700c.i couldn't finish bcos i cant acces my confirmation login

necole 5 years ago

this waz alot of help to me cuz i waz clueless

profile image 5 years ago

Thanx a lot it tuk m a lon tym wlln 2 hv ma own email i rily appreciate as i wl nw b abl 2 com world wide

tshepo motlhabane 5 years ago

love it,its brilliant

sally 5 years ago

i still don't get how to make an email can someone please help me????

dodo 5 years ago


awesome 5 years ago

u should write something evreone does not know

bunny 5 years ago

its a bit short

Okeyeze 5 years ago

I find it difficult to creat e mail account in gmail

vaishnavi 5 years ago

good explanation

rahul  5 years ago

verry good ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::

ajrocks 5 years ago

what's better gmail or yahoo

katakam chandana 5 years ago

i need an email for facebook

yc 5 years ago

I try many time, no response after keying my password. Why ?

Sith Penguin profile image

Sith Penguin 5 years ago Author

ajrocks: It's really up to you which service you're more comfortable with. Both Yahoo Mail and Gmail offer standard messaging options, address books for your contacts, and personal calendars. However, having a Google account also allows you to create and share documents with contacts, earn Google ad revenue for ads you run on your personal web domain, and much more.

yc: Are you trying to set up an account, or log into one? If you're trying to set one up and still get an error message, you may need to choose a stronger password that will be accepted by the service, or the server may be experiencing some temporary glitches. If you're trying to log into your existing account, you may need to do a password retrieval.

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Leksmba101 5 years ago

I need an email account

Benito ben 5 years ago

I need to open email acc. on my phone

lohitha 5 years ago

its good

karen 5 years ago

that is easy

Snitch wheezy 5 years ago

Want 2 open an email adress with my Nokia360

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neha 5 years ago

its nice but not awsome . but i had got something really from it.thanx to the one

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favour 5 years ago

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Matladi 5 years ago

Create an email account aia'nt difficult,bt you find it easy to create it

rajesh 5 years ago

i want a ymail account for sign up at you tube

TANISKA 5 years ago


Daniel 5 years ago

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manojkumal 5 years ago

I wann a create an email account 2 duck aid facebook

ayertey prince 5 years ago

i want to create an account so that i can get access to face book

sithabile aka Kgomotso 5 years ago

Thankx for your info, tht was so helpful

megan 5 years ago

really helpful

samson 5 years ago


name 5 years ago

i wanted to create an hotmail acount but there is a problem in this web

shabeena 5 years ago

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Hapzy 5 years ago

I want to create an e-mail account so to have access to face book.

Anies 5 years ago

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vikas 4 years ago

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ramesh 4 years ago

I like to open email account because to pass time with friends

hailey 4 years ago

i am 10 and i do not know how to create a emeil. sorry i can not spell good.

Zameka 4 years ago

I wnt the email acount bcs it's useful

shah shelly 4 years ago

faltu explanation

James Gouch Jr 4 years ago

open email acc

smaira 4 years ago

whatever username i type already exists what can i do? coz its my first time

Nothing. 4 years ago

How do you change your email name?



Babs 4 years ago

How do I get my email on my cellphone?

Sai teja 4 years ago

I wanna create e mail account plz hlp me

awais 4 years ago

it is very useful

Abhishek shreekar 4 years ago

I love you

PROKASH120@.COM 4 years ago

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nikita 4 years ago

i want to make a email account but i don't know how to it

nikita 4 years ago

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palesa 4 years ago

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ashok choudhary k 4 years ago

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rose 4 years ago

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sharon 4 years ago

i want 2 create my email address pls can someone help me

vipendra 4 years ago

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faith 4 years ago

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TAMLYN 4 years ago

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Nyilay2012 4 years ago

I need to open email accout on my phone.

sumudu 4 years ago

How to creat a email adress

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annie 4 years ago

I badly want an e-mail id.

Sara 4 years ago

i need to Creat a email count

Mandelo 4 years ago

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joanne 4 years ago

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sadianmerle 4 years ago

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md.anowar hossain 3 years ago

i do not know how to create a email account. please help me

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madhavi-madhu 3 years ago

we should a person side of us who know how to create a facebook account to open a facebook account . oh ....... it is so difficult

manjusha 3 years ago

simple and elegant

suman 3 years ago

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jasmin tasya 3 years ago

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priya 3 years ago

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moh-dz 3 years ago

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akinbiyi peace 3 years ago

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NIKHIL 3 years ago

This is an amazing site

Maria 3 years ago

Pls I want to create an email account but I can't

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narayan 3 years ago

creat a new email account

fredalyn 2 years ago

create a new email account

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ajoy kumar das. 2 years ago

want to new email account for my name.

ajoykumar das. 2 years ago

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princess babygirl shenelle 2 years ago

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Johnf617 2 years ago

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Philipo Jay Foley 2 years ago

How can I create email account

tunrayo 2 years ago

I want to open email bcos pinging 2 years ago

How can i creat a email account

ruhul amin 2 years ago

thanks for you.

kinyomi20 2 years ago

is telling me that I cant add my email at this time that I should try again later

A sis 2 years ago

I dont know to create an email I realy want one email and facebook to play with game

prajithkalaiyarasi 23 months ago



Achintya sardar 23 months ago

I want to know how create a new account.

nay khank thu 23 months ago

i want to make an account

M.SANI 22 months ago

Can i open an email in my phone N206?

Peace 22 months ago

Can i open an email with my phone 502

Peace 22 months ago

Can i open an email with my phone 502

Peace 22 months ago

Can i open an email with my phone 502

Peace 22 months ago

how do i create the username nd account

lin thu ra 22 months ago

how to creat email account

viftsn 21 months ago


Loamy 21 months ago

how can i download palmchat on asha 201

asuquo felix 20 months ago

i need account

emmanuel christopher 19 months ago

to help me

dzared 16 months ago

Am unable to create an email account using my phone...please help

moses Archibong 16 months ago

please can I open an email account



faith 15 months ago

I wan to create an email account so i can chat on watsap

RIEMA 12 months ago

its nice

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