Hubpages vs Wordpress: Why Choose?

First and foremost, when I say Wordpress, I mean a self hosted blogging/cms platform. I don't mean the free Wordpress blog you can get at

Although Hubpages says that writing hubs is not blogging, the two are very similar. Blogging give you the freedom to write whatever you want while Hubpages have guidelines you must follow.

A better comparison would be hubpages vs or because all of these services are free.

One of the main selling point to Hubpages is their revenue sharing program. You get 60% adense impressions and they get 40%.

Let's look at the pros and cons of each and ask the question, "Why should I choose?"


Hubpages offer a way for hubbers to express their thoughts and ideas while earning some cash. Pretty cool. Hubpages share the adsense impression with their hubbers. a 60/40 split in favor of the hubber.

Owning your own Wordpress blog offers you a similar platform of expression but you get to keep 100% of your adsense impressions.

Why wouldn't I want all of my adsense impressions? This is where the pros and cons come into play.

Hubpages vs. Wordpress
Hubpages vs. Wordpress

Start-up Cost

This is where Hubpages shine. In order to start hubbing and making money, all you need to do is sign up and access all the benefits that Hubpages offer.

The Wordpress platform is free to use but if you want to make money off of it, you need to pay for hosting. Choosing a host is not easy and sometimes, the cheapest host isn't always the best. I wrote a hub comparing some popular hosting plans.

In order to get starting with Wordpress, you need to buy a good hosting plan and a domain name. Be prepared to pay about $100 per year.

So as far as start-up cost, Hubpages win this round.


Hubpages gives you control over your hubs through "capsules." You are limited over how your hubs look. This can either be a good thing or a bad thing. All of the advertisements are taken care of for you. You don't have to mess around with coding or ad placement.

If you decide to monetize your site or blog with google adsense, you have to place the adsense codes manually or through plugins. Some plugins are very nice and gives you good control over the position of your ads.

Having you own Wordpress blog also means you have control over how it looks. You can change and edit themes. You can add graphics. Owning your own Wordpress blog beats having hubs when it comes to control. Hands down.

Ease of Use

Hubpages is so easy, a grade-schooler can use it! Hubpages is easier than Wordpress. Unfortunately, that's not saying much. Don't get it twisted. Wordpress is an extremely easy platform to learn. It's so easy, a high-schooler can use it!

With hubpages, you simply sign up, click "start a new hub" at the top, and start writing. With Wordpress, you have to be competent enough to buy a domain name and a hosting plan. Then you must install Wordpress. Unfortunately, there are different ways to install Wordpress depending on hosts. Most hosts offer Cpanel and Fantastico which easily installs Wordpress on your host with a few easy clicks.

Those with some webmaster experience will favor Wordpress and find Hubpages too easy. From a user's perspective, Hubpages wins simply because it lacks features in order to make posting easier.

Other Thoughts

There is another thing to consider when you make your choice. What is your topic? If you have lots of random things you want to write about, consider going with Hubpages. If you are really dedicated to a specific topic such as cycling, start a blog. Don't try to start a blog about random things. There is already a site for that. It's called Google.

Hubpages allows you to write about lots of different things and they do a pretty good job organizing it for you. They also do a good job ranking you hubs if they are rich and informative.

With a self hosted Wordpress blog, you must do some work ranking your posts on search engines. Sometimes you don't have to. I've noticed that some of my blog posts gets indexed by Google in a day. It really depends on many factors. If you want to save yourself some headaches, go with Hubpages. They do a pretty good job of optimizing your hubs. Don't expect miracles. If you writing is terrible and you're not contributing anything, don't expect Hubpages to push your hubs above content that is helpful and relevant.

Another thing to consider is ownership and freedom. Hubpages lets you retain the ownership of your hubs. You get to keep the copyright of your hubs. This is nice considering most sites take full control of what you post. With a self hosted blog, obviously, you own the stuff you post.

Freedom is where they differ. Hubpages allows you to maintain some freedom but they have guidelines you must follow. No spam, no illegal stuff, and no porn. Going through the motion of the community spirit, I dabbled into heated discussion with a fellow hubber. This hubber cried foul and I woke up to one of my hubs being flagged and unpublished.

I wrote about my experience with this on another hub. Long story short, don't piss off hubber that give the staff members the reach around.

If you want full freedom, start your own blog. You can swear, rant, whatever. You can even post porn if you want. Point is, you are free to do so because you pay for the webspace!

Which is Right For You?

Let's visit my original question. Hubpages or Wordpress? While comparing the two, my answer to that is why choose one? Do both! I write hubs on commercial stuff I own and offer some zing to my readers. I also own some blogs that I maintain with Wordpress.

Never put all your eggs in one basket. Try different things and if one fails, your other ventures will hold you up. Sign up for Hubpages and access some quick cash through adsense. If you want to start your own blog consider a good host. I recommend Hostgator because they offer great hosting and excellent customer support. Sign up with them and start blogging today!

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Comments 5 comments

4x4 profile image

4x4 6 years ago from Los Angeles

This is great work, thank you.

And yes, I do both as well.

profile image

L.Perry 6 years ago

What great advice! I totally agree with you about not putting all of your eggs in one basket. So much of this is trial and error.....

DuchessDuCaffeine profile image

DuchessDuCaffeine 5 years ago from United States of America

As you can see by the comment dates, I am new to HubPages. Truthfully, this is my first foray into being my own writer. Your article answered so many of my questions. In fact, I was a little flummoxed about what the adsense and such was all about. I almost bypassed it since my initial reason for writing online was to provide a structured environment for myself where I felt 'responsible' for adding new material on a regular basis. This way, when I sat down to write, I was not playing about instead of attending to other tasks to be finished; I was finishing an 'assignment.' Again, thank you for clearing my path for me and giving me more options!

alphagirl profile image

alphagirl 5 years ago from USA

Well said! I joined Hub pages by pure accident. I love both features of wordpress and hub pages. I have a blog on wordpress but struggles to understand how to use it. Hub pages takes the code out and does make it simple. You are right keep both. Make oney with one and blog specific about the other. Thx

bydojo profile image

bydojo 3 years ago from Romania

Self-hosted wordpress is the best solution, when it comes to having a FUTURE in blogging. You have all the 'keys' (domain name, hosting, content etc.) and can decide on the site. If tomorrow Hubpages, or close (and there have been cases in the past of sites that were too big to fail and they did), you're left with NOTHING. All your work is there, you own nothing, you control nothing.

If you have your own blog, you are the boss. You can set it up as you wish to, you get all the money from your advertising etc. so there's no comparison to me, really. One is a 'collective blogging community' (such as Hubpages) and one means running your own show.

I do love Hubpages (the reason I stick to it), but I have my own sites I develop and which are my main priority. Whatever happens to Hubpages, my sites are there to stay for as long as I decide :)

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