Hummingbird for Twitter - Why You Shouldn't Waste Your Time and Money!

STAY AWAY from the Hummingbird!

(note: as of this writing, I've yet to receive any support, return contact, or a refund from Mesiab Labs.)

I purchased Hummingbird "The Pro Tool For Twitter Marketing," on September 5, 2009 to manage our Clients' Twitter Accounts. Considering Mesiab Labs' hefty price on the tool (approximately around the $100 range, excluding a promo code which drops the price to roughly around $82), I made the decision to purchase my first Twitter marketing tool (Really! this is the first I've ever purchased).

Subsequent to logging into the desktop GUI, my first action was to attempt to unfollow, followers. But it would not get past the first page without having to click the unfollow button again. Apparently, the feature did not work as advertised - the Automated Unfollow Button. Subsequently, I was prompted to download an update, hoping it would repair my concern. Unfortunately, now, I am unable to enter my registration key; and have not been able to use Hummingbird ever since. Overall, I have uninstalled the program from my PC.

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Furthermore, I've requested a refund through e-mail. I have tried contacting customer support via telephone, and still it remains, that I've had no such luck. I would rank customer service and the product, on an ordinal level of 0-5, with 0 being "EXTREMELY POOR," as a 0. However, how would I rank such service if I have yet to receive any.

The steps I've taken:

  • I have contacted PayPal to resolve the issue (this is the medium I used to pay). However, they cannot support all "out of eBay" purchases, therefore, my claim was denied.
  • I have contacted my bank and have faxed over required documentation to receive a refund. (Since my PayPal account is linked to my checking)
  • On the grand scale of every consumer purchase I have ever made, Hummingbird is one of the few I have ever reported to the Federal Trade Commission. FTC # 23962393. Good luck to you Twitterers.

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totoantonio 7 years ago

Supporting you on this. I haven't used mine either since it requires a registration key. I thought after the download, it will be up and running. It says there that i have to register and purchase for a full version. WTF? I paid it via paypal..

queenofnorway 6 years ago

I purchased the Hummingbird 2 Pro for Mac, and I am not happy with it at all. First of all I did not get a registration key, so I would have to send them an email to get this. I got it after just a few hours, but the software is not updated with my twitter account. After having used it for a few days now, I think it has followed less than 10 NEW CONTACTS!!!!! LOL. What can you say?! I could do so much better myself! The number of followers and the number of contacts that I am following is not updated on the Hummingbird 2 Pro software. STAY AWAY FROM THIS SOFTWARE!!! On a scale from 1 to 69 I would rate it 0 - it doesn't even make it to the scale!!! Good luck on Twitter!

Love and Peace,

Queen of Norway

Unhappy User 5 years ago

I purchased Hummingbird, like many other people believing that the software was from a reputable company.

However, once the purchase had gone through, the trouble started immediately. Firstly it took over 3 days to get the license, during which time I tried to contact the owners (which was very difficult as their support mails don’t work and trying to find their support details is near impossible) without much success. Eventually I received the license form them, only to realise that it does not work on a mac, which is what I use at home.

I then requested a refund from them using PayPal (where I purchased from), and after nearly a month of emails and requests, PayPal completed the claim in favour of hummingbird (Jounce) stating that "The item is ineligible for PayPal Buyer Protection because it is intangible". What a crock of BS!

The thing about this software company (Jounce) is that the attitude and rudeness of the people at Jounce is unbelievable, they even stated that I should run a "virtual machine" on my Mac to make it work! How dumb is that... why do you think I bought a Mac (NOT a Windows PC) in the first place? And furthermore, why should I have to? As far as I am concerned the software IS SIGNIFICANTLY NOT AS DESCRIBED. Their support system is basically NON EXISTANT, and as many people have come to realise (in this and many other blogs), there any many alternatives to Hummingbird, and nearly all of them either free or a lot cheaper than HB, and their functionality is far better than Hummingbird.

So after all my hassles with them, and them not refunding my money, I still cannot use the software that I don’t want. After everything, I even installed it on a Windows PC, only to find out that the license they gave me is not valid anymore (surprise, surprise). So I have paid $69 for Hummingbird that I cannot use at home because I have a Mac, and after all they have suspended my license anyway! Would you call this even remotely ethical?

My advice to anybody thinking about purchasing hummingbird is the following:



There are many alternatives out there and I will use all my comment and blogging ability to ruin their name!

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