I Love My Wireless Headset! Product Review: Plantronics CS50

My Plantronics CS50 Wireless Headset and HL10 lifter accessorychanged my life! The mobility this product provides anyone who spends a lot of time on the phone increases productivity. If you also keyboard while on the phone, the wireless headset will prevent annoying shoulder and neck pain.

I work from home (lucky me!) and I spend a lot of time on the phone, sometimes more in "listening mode" than actively participting. Thanks to my Plantronics CS50, and it's nifty Mute button, I can wash dishes, fold clothes, dust, start dinner, or walk to the mailbox while doing my job or waiting for the next call.

In the traditional office environment, the benefits of hands-free are just as important. Ergonomically speaking, employees who spend a great deal of time on the phone are typically also typing while they talk. The wireless headset allows individuals to multi-task--filing, for example, while covering the phones. Call-backs, or annoying the caller by placing them on hold, can be avoided since users can walk about the building to seek out an answer for the caller in real-time.

The Plantronics CS50 utilizes a headband with three size options for the earloops. I much prefer the headband to an "in-your-ear" piece. The ear loops also come with an extra replacement foam cushion cover. I have to admit, I happen to have long hair and appreciate the added benefit of keeping my hair out of my eyes.

The headset itself has a "talk button" used to activate/deactivate the headset. When used with the lifter accessory, this button is pressed to answer and hang up the phone when you are away from your desk. The wireless headset also has a Volume/Mute control, again providing control when away from your desk phone.

The base and charging unit, in addition to typical indicators for power and charge, has a Fine Tune control for Speak Volume and for Listen Volume. These controls help alleviate any echo or difficulty in hearing for you or your caller.

For maximum flexibility, the lifter is a must-have accessory. Situated under your phone's handset, The lifter is equipped with a small microphone that picks up your telephone's ringing noise and sends a "beep" to your ear through the headset, alerting you of incoming calls even when you are out of range to hear your desk phone ring. When you press the Talk Button on your wireless headset, the lifter "lifts" the handset off of the phone, thus answering the call.

Both the CS50 and the HL10 accessory come with easy to follow Quick Start guides, and additional documentation is available at the manufacturer's website.

In my virtual office environment, I have not exceeded the headset's wireless range, but colleagues who have used the product in office buildings have been pleased to successfully run to their car in the distant parking lot without losing connection. Plantronics documentation indicates the talk range is 300 feet from the base.

If you have long-winded friends, the Plantronics CS50 is just as liberating for personal use as it is for business. I've never been a fan of just chatting on the phone, probably because so much of my work day is spent on the phone. But now that I can move freely around the house and multi-task, I enjoy catching up with my friends. My chores go much faster with a girlfriend to talk to!

You might find "life-changing" a bit over the top to describe a headset, but the combination of flexiblity and high quality sound in the Plantronics CS50 and HL10 Lifter Accessory have significantly improved my effeciency and decreased my telephone anxiety. By far, it is one of my favorite gadgets!

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obxdeborah 8 years ago

Well, I was sold when I saw the add for $9.95. Then I clicked on it and realized it was just the battery. I don't think I can spend over $200 on a headset!

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