iPod Shuffle; the Best Christmas Gift

Even My One-Year-Old Son Is Addicted To iPod Shuffle...

iPod Shuffle even clips securely to diapers
iPod Shuffle even clips securely to diapers

I love my iPod Shuffle!

I used to be one of those people who said that I would never buy any of those newfangled music devices. Not only because I had no idea how to get music onto one, but because I felt like I was being wooed too much by the technology world to spend my money on something that may become entirely obsolete by the following Christmas.

Needless to say, I never did buy one, but while on vacation at my parents home, my father, having three iPod Shuffles, generously decided to give me two of them. Not knowing how to work them, my sister then took them to her house and downloaded four hours of music onto them for me.

It was a wonderful distraction for my two daughters on our trip back home, a 24 hour drive. I was still not taken by the iPod, but my children were hooked.

How I Fell In Love With My iPod Shuffle...

Upon returning to a normal routine after a 2 week vacation, I resumed taking my daily walks. Remembering the iPod in the car, I found it and thought I'd try it out. I felt like an idiot for the first little while. Like I was trying to be a cool teenager or something, but I was really getting into the music.

The sound was crystal clear and the music was flowing through my body. I felt energetic like never before and could feel my legs working to keep up with the rhythm of the music. I was appalled at the power of this little tiny machine that I could clip securely to my clothes and not even feel that it was there.

Towards the end of my walk and starting to feel tired, I glared hatefully at the mountain that I would have to climb to get to my house. Unfortunately, upon looking for a house, my husband and I didn't take into account that we were choosing a house that sat at the top of 2 large hills. Of course we have a great view, but what a climb it is, especially with 3 children and groceries.

Anyhow, feeling tired and sore, I contemplated taking a break before making the trek up the hill when suddenly a great song with a great beat started up on my iPod. Immediately feeling energized by the beat, I ploughed ahead and made it up the hill in record time and didn't even feel breathless from the exertion.

The music had taken over some part of my brain and kept me going without me even realizing it. It was amazing! And I was effectively hooked from that walk forward and completely in love with my little green iPod.


These matchbook-sized iPods are incredible for walking, running, even cleaning house!

How My iPod Keeps Me Fit...

Ever since that first walk with my little green iPod, I have religiously taken my walks, no matter how I feel.  And each time I go, I get a little faster and I am less tired when I get back.  I am now starting to think that soon I will be jogging, and maybe from there, I will be running. 

My iPod is keeping me in shape and I am loving it.

Though I was unsure at the beginning, I now understand the craze when it comes to iPod.  I have become a believer.

Why anyone on your Christmas list will love iPod Shuffle

Even if you have the most anti-exercise person to buy for on your Christmas list, iPod Shuffle is still an ideal gift. Because iPod Shuffle is so small and attaches securely to clothing, its also great for house cleaning, working in the garage, or for raking leaves.

And if you are buying iPod Shuffle for a computer-illiterate, make sure to download their favorite music onto the Shuffle before wrapping it so they can experience the magic right away. This will help them get over their phobia of learning how to download the music themselves because they will love it so much.

You can't go wrong with the iPod Shuffle. Young or old, it is an amazing gift, and though there are always new iPods and MP3's turned out onto the market, seemingly every month, this one will stay and won't become obsolete by next Christmas.

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DoodleLyn profile image

DoodleLyn 7 years ago from Upstate New York, USA

Wow if an ipod shuffle can get me walking and not hating it, I'm so there! I need one. Nice hub, megs! Makes me want to run out and get one!

megs78 profile image

megs78 7 years ago from quebec Author

Thanks a lot DoodleLyn! And it is so true that it turns a chore into a pleasure. I love my time walking fast with my tunes turned up. I love nature too, but I get a lot of nature while out strolling with my kids so I'm not missing out on any nature sights and sounds. They really are awesome though I gotta say :)

Spiffygal101 profile image

Spiffygal101 7 years ago from N.W. Florida/South Alabama

Good blog there kid. Don't know much about the high tech stuff. Maybe I'll look into getting one...

megs78 profile image

megs78 7 years ago from quebec Author

Thanks Spiffygal, I always appreciate your comments! I was kind of a tech illiterate too, but once you start, you realize there really is nothing to it at all. And they are even smaller than a matchbook and can hold up to 8 hours of music. (not that I would walk for 8 hours, but hey, you never know when you may get lost... ;)

Mom and Dad 7 years ago

Hi sweety. Didn't know by simply giving you a little green gizmo that I would turn you into a techi? WOW! Anyhow glad you are enjoying it. Love Dad

prasetio30 profile image

prasetio30 6 years ago from malang-indonesia

thanks for share you experience using your ipod with us. very interesting.

harrisdy profile image

harrisdy 6 years ago from New York

great hub!

oweenowen profile image

oweenowen 5 years ago from united kingdom

Thank for hub, sharing with us and update me with more useful information about ipod shuffle skins.

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