I love Samsung Phones

Samsung Phones

I am going to seize this opportunity to talk about my phone, my most prized possession, my mobile phone! It’s the product of my dream, the brand for real stars, it’s my Samsung mobile phone!!!

The name “Samsung” has a powerful feel to it. It is the ideal long lasting product for everyone. Samsung has passed the test of time for me and I can’t imagine myself without a Samsung mobile phone or electronic gadget as a whole!

As a young lady, I love being classy and fabulous. I love life and love to live it to the fullest. Using a brand or product that is of less quality is a total waste of time, money and energy. Going for any brand that's less in quality than the Samsung brand won’t last.

My 1st Samsung mobile phone was Samsung D700 (slide) which I bought in 2006. I loved the phone so much because it was so fly and the sound system was superb. Whenever I played music on it you would think it was playing from a compact disc. The system was so sound and clear that I never stopped flaunting it. It had a good storage system; in fact Samsung products are very strong products.

My 1st Samsung phone fell from my hands severally and yet did not get damaged. Right now I have upgraded my status by buying a more sophisticated Samsung phone (Samsung D900). Although it is not the most expensive brand in the market, I still love its features and adore its beauty. It has a clear video and camera system; it has a good voice recorder that I always use. In fact, it is the ideal phone for big girls in my hood.

Samsung has so many beautiful phones for so many classes of people; the latest in Nigeria is the Samsung jet and the Samsung Star, both of which are very fabulous. I wish I could afford them!

Used Samsung phones, I have also noticed that Samsung products generally are very good and reliable, be it a Samsung plasma television, a Samsung compact disc, a Samsung refrigerator, a Samsung laptop or any Samsung gadget. Samsung has earned my respect for their effectiveness, efficiency, dedication and unending improvement on info technology.

Quality like I always say does not mean “expensive” although in Nigeria there is an adage which goes like this “soup way sweet an money kill am” which means “a delicious meal was made from a good budget”! My point is that you should never settle for less. Always use products that have your interest at heart.

So if you think you know what time it is...Then check out Samsung's latest technology in phones or any electronic gadget from the links below! From the links below, you can get the latest and best of Samsung products at very affordable prices. It will blow your mind!!!

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nilum profile image

nilum 7 years ago

Of course they are good

lawretta profile image

lawretta 7 years ago from England Author

Am glad you feel me!

yenajeon profile image

yenajeon 7 years ago from California

As a Korean, I'm obsessed with Korean phones as well! yay =)

Babino 6 years ago

I have also a sumsung phone I love the brand and it is a robust phone have had much it much time falling butt it still works so great phone

Phil 6 years ago

Ultratouch S8300

the worst phone I ever had (from 15 years!!!)

fortunatly for me I have an HTC now, wath a pleasure

yomi idua profile image

yomi idua 6 years ago from Nigeria

i use a samsung corby.initially,i was supposed to get a sony ericsson,cos i'm in love with them,but i saw this cute corby,bought it,and now,...it's the love of my life!there's this crazy connection btw us,like it's saying to me,"pls hold me in ur hands,i'm all yours"!i might as well write a love story of my corby and i!

lawretta profile image

lawretta 6 years ago from England Author

lol Yomi... nice!

marcus 5 years ago

Samsung is great. I love my Samsung Galaxy Ace. Not to mention its big brothers Galaxy I and II. Together with Android there is no limitation in any kind of way. Sales are rising exponential :-)

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