IBM error code 2807

ibm error code 2807

Found error 2807 on your RAID card IBM server?

As you can see on the picture i got "error 2807" or "IBM Serveraid 7K onboard not responding properly error code 2807" on our application server (IBM series). This error related to RAID card which can not read it's logical RAID configuration. This means that the server can not boot and it's a big, big problem to us. We tried to fix this error as there is no maintenance contract for this machine. I googling to see whether someone experience this problem also.

There are about 73,400 result on this error problem. So i am not alone here. IBM suggesting to upgrade BIOS version to the latest version 7.12 ( actually we already version 7.12 ). So this is not apply to our problem.

While we rebuild another server to replace this machine and restore all the data from our last night backup we also pull out this server from cabinet and try to open the case the see what happened inside. At first we found nothing strange with the hardware, but when we open further more, we see that the battery of RAID memory card is swollen and bent the RAID memory. We try to clean up the hardware and re-insert the RAID memory and battery. We still have the problem and we feel that the chances is thin to fix the problem by our self.

swollen battery
swollen battery

Horay...we fix it finally

We try to separate the battery from RAID memory to fullfil our curiosity... we reboot the server and bingo! now the error code has gone and everything seems to be fine.
We are finally sure that the problem has gone completely after doing several times reboot, shutdown and restart.
It seems the problem come when RAID card memory was bent because of swollen battery push it severely.

separate battery from RAID memory card
separate battery from RAID memory card

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Chin 5 years ago

this is a very good solution.

i had this problem before and i just replaced the RAID card with a new one.

Free Stuff profile image

Free Stuff 5 years ago from Bandung, Indonesia Author

@chin: You did the best. In my case the server already out of warranty and will take times to order new RAID card. So i have to find the quickest solution and came up with that.

Pietro  5 years ago

Thanks a lot, the same fix tonight problem for me !!

Free Stuff profile image

Free Stuff 5 years ago from Bandung, Indonesia Author

Glad to hear other can learn from my experience :-)

Rikitiki 5 years ago

Tanks for the Info

When i open the chasis i saw the battery i think "that's cheap", and yes it end being cheap... Fix my trouble ez, just put the battery outside its metal case and secure it with tape. I guess it will work a couple of years more.


jsisnawan 5 years ago

Thank you very much for your information.

It really helps us a lot, I couldn't say it more.

All the source we have called for help was really let us down.

Thanks again.

Free Stuff profile image

Free Stuff 5 years ago from Bandung, Indonesia Author

@Rikitiki, jsisnawan, i'm glad you all find this hub useful, if you don't mind please share to your FB or tweet using button on the top. Thank you.

Mikey-B 5 years ago

Wow!! That was an easy fix. I taped the battery outside the sheald and bingo, it works like new. TYVM.

Free Stuff profile image

Free Stuff 5 years ago from Bandung, Indonesia Author

@Mikey-B Yeah it's easy, fast, and cheap, no need to call IBM support that will cost you hundred of dollars to fix this problem :-)

Mikey-B 5 years ago

Unfortunately my problem is not solved. I was reinstalling Win2003 and during the format process I got an error. Now I can't get it to work anymore. I'm getting error 0000 and sometimes 2500. I guess I will have to order a replacement card hoping this solved it for good If not then something else is wrong..... :/

Donald 5 years ago

@Free Stuff, It worked for me too. Thanks for this very brilliant solution.

Billy 5 years ago

Worked for me too. Thanks!

Free Stuff profile image

Free Stuff 5 years ago from Bandung, Indonesia Author

@ Mikey-B, it sounds you have serious problem on your RAID card controller, ordering replacement card is the best way.

@Donald, That is great!

@Billy, Wonderful.

RS 5 years ago

Thanks a lot for the fine post! The fix worked fine.

nextto 5 years ago

GOOD solution - THANX A LOT !!

Free Stuff profile image

Free Stuff 5 years ago from Bandung, Indonesia Author

@ RS and nextto

I am very glad this hub can help many people solving their problem with IBM server.

OzzyJr 5 years ago

Mate, if you need anything from Istanbul city... just let me know. U saved my day :D



Raf 5 years ago

Thank you very much,

also to us your solution works fine.

Many many thanks from Italy.

5 years ago

Brilliant. Thank you. This is exactly what happened with an xSeries 346 here. Appreciate the tip. Saved us a lot of time. Cheers.

anonymous 5 years ago

Same problem here. Solved by separating the battery from the controler.!!! The raid-controler is working now but there is a permanent micro-bend :-))

Thanks a lot for the fix. Shame to IBM for the fault controler design.

Mazen 5 years ago

Brilliant !!!!!

5 years ago

quick question experts.. By removing battery, Do I loose RAID Configuration? If am following it correct, I should remove the Battery from RAID controller and switch on the server. Would I be able to bring up the server after removing battery?

Request an immediate response..One of my server is down.



Free Stuff profile image

Free Stuff 5 years ago from Bandung, Indonesia Author


You should separate the battery but still connecting it with RAID memory/card. In my case, i extend the cable.

Good luck.

Rob From Toronto 5 years ago

F^%$%^ A!

It solved my issue in 30min. And it was my main Lotus Notes server. Kudos HubPages!

Ismail zabi 5 years ago

Great, Great Great, It worked for me ,, its just bullseye solution..

great,,keep up good work,,

Sailor Marc profile image

Sailor Marc 5 years ago

Dear Free Staff,

you just saved a town hall with 100.000 people.

...with a tape, really funny.

100.000 thanks, now it's working again.

Mickey the Greek 5 years ago

I never would have thought of this. I was in the process of downloading firmware updates for the controller, thinking that was my problem, when I stumbled across this page. You saved the day!

Thanks so much.

George 5 years ago

Unreal. This saved me a lot of work on a Sunday. Thanks for the post. I was lucky and had the same card in a server not being used in production. I replaced it and copied the config from the drives and all seems well. Thanks Again!

selvakumar 5 years ago

thanks .suudenly my applications server gives this error.i done as per the works

Biker 5 years ago

You saved my day and that of my company, thanks!

Free Stuff profile image

Free Stuff 5 years ago from Bandung, Indonesia Author

@Rob from Toronto, Ismail Zabi, Sailor Marc, Mickey The Greek, George, Selvakumar, Biker thank you for your comment i am very glad you can solved your problem. My server still online today using the tape solution :-) I hope it will forever.

Jamie 5 years ago

Hi All,

I have the same problem on my IBM x346. Error msg 2807 on boot up. I've released the battery from the raid card memory, but my server still does not boot. Has anyone had to replace the Raid card memory and battery due the bending of the chip?

Any comments when go down a storm!


Carlos Mora 5 years ago

Thank you so much for sharing your solution. I just resolved the same issue using your answer. Again, Thank you so much!

Mario 4 years ago

Thanks a lot! Whitout your help we probably was still in server room trying to figure out what was wrong.


Happy customer 4 years ago

Thanks, you made my day :)

MauriPuro 4 years ago

Great!! Excellent!! I've got the same message, and thanks to your suggestions, I removed the battery, and the server worked as a charm!! First of all, I am doing the backup of all data.

Then I will see...

Thank you very much again!!!

Wladimir 4 years ago

This is Excellent.. Thanks so much for this tip... Now is up and runing againg

RAMII 4 years ago

To a great post. This has helped many, & i am now included. (2 servers) Thanks a million!

JohnGoodie 4 years ago

Saved the day for me as well. Thank you for this post!!!

Andy Forbes 4 years ago

Thanks, this worked perfectly. After reading this I checked our controller, and it was very obviously bent by swollen battery pack. Unhooked one side of it, and booted up, instant fix. Poor controller design for this to be an issue though.

Grateful 4 years ago

Saved me from restoring to another server and recomplying scripts... THANKS!!!!!!!

drg 4 years ago

Wow, it worked for me as well. Thanks! Unfortunately, scsi board has deformed a bit and I had to bend it a little. So, I think I will have to replace it, eventually.

Marco ITA 4 years ago

Thank you. This morning we had the same problem, and with your explanation we have been able to restart our system in a very short time!

Thanks again.

Oscar M 4 years ago

Bingo! I could resolve the problem with your solution, after the second reboot, the server run ok.

Thank you so much!

evren 4 years ago

Thanx a

Koteeswaran 4 years ago

Placed the RAID Card as you mentioned. Working fine Thanks a lot for great info......

Brendan Richards 4 years ago

Another "me too" comment.

Swollen battery had bent the RAID card, worked fine after the battery was separated.

Thanks for your post!

Wesley Konrad 4 years ago

Had the same problem. As of right now, we have removed the battery and it seems to operating fine. Are there any long term issues with running without the battery?

Rob 4 years ago

Had the same problem, which this did fix. Had to bend the card back into shape first though. But after the second attempt it worked. Also read this off the IBM site, which makes me think we should be operating these servers without the battery:

"Once the battery has reached its 18th month cycle of usage, it has been determined that the battery may no longer maintain the expected charge capacity. In addition, the IBM ServeRAID 7k controller does not have the capability of providing real time statistical data from the battery that is viewable in the ServeRAID 7k support log files. Our current IBM ServeRAID products, such as the ServeRAID 8x-10x series controllers, do have this real time battery data capability. As a result, IBM is recommending that all users replace the battery every 18-24 months, or remove it to run in Write-Through mode. This avoids potential problems and ensures that data is maintained in the event of a power outage."

Marcelo 4 years ago

Graciasssssssssssssssss, muchas gracias, salvamos el server.

Mirko 4 years ago

THANK YOU VERY much ... 3(!) Days after warranty and some new scratch server on side, my X346 is stoppped with this issue of a faulty battery... I'm search for the errorcode, found your side and can repair the server ...

GREAT !!! MANY THANK to poblish your experience!

YugoWRC 4 years ago

Thank, you saved my day :)

BugPowderDust 4 years ago

Thank you, just saved us a days of work rebuilding out backup server.

newb 4 years ago

Solution still works on 7/2/2012

Dmitry Irtegov 4 years ago

Happened to my server too. IBM suggests power cycling as workaround, we tried that and tried to reload configuration from disks. It failed, we found your post and I decided to look inside.

Battery looks exactly like yours:

It booted when we detached the battery, but I guess we need to replace the battery and probably the DIMM.

Dmitry Irtegov 4 years ago

- Are there any long term issues with running without the battery?

You risk of losing your data after powerdown or even simple unclean shutdown. Not just chrdsk/fsck run, but utter destruction of filesystem. It goes like this: power goes off, RAID manages to write data but not checksum. With battery, RAID remembers to write checksum after powerup. Without battery, RAID sees checksum mismatch and tries to fix it, and with 50% probability gets garbage instead of data. Worst case scenario when this garbage happens to be filesystem log. OS boots up, tries to redo the filesystem log and writes garbage all over it's own metadata.

At least, you should turn off write back cashing in your RAID configuration, this kills performance but makes worst case scenario impossible.

Free Stuff profile image

Free Stuff 4 years ago from Bandung, Indonesia Author

@Dmitry Irtegov

I never recommend to remove battery, if possible replace with new battery or... make the battery cable longer so you can put battery somewhere around the RAID card. On my case i bound it to casing using tapes.

Dmitry Irtegov 4 years ago

Does battery in this condition actually work as a battery? And are you sure it won't leak something to motherboard?

I thought about replacing it with some kind of cell phone battery of similar capacity (our server is long out of warranty and getting genuine spare parts is lengthy process).

Free Stuff profile image

Free Stuff 4 years ago from Bandung, Indonesia Author

Hi Dmitry,

It still have some voltage there, yeah it may will leak sometime :-)

Ok let me know the result when you done, many of us will learn from your experience.

Jun 4 years ago

Thank you so much!

CalvinJohn from MY 4 years ago

Thanks a lot... I have the same problem today and you have save my day!!! Else, I would need to find another job ;)

Paul 4 years ago

Great stuff, thanks!

I was just about to search for big trash bin for this piece of... IBM when I found your post.

Roman 4 years ago

Great Info. I had excatly the same problem. It is solved.

Million thanks, had not find this solution for myself.

Acacio 4 years ago

It worked great, thank you so much, i've left the battery loose, probably will leak someday, but for now it's working fine.

Kapil 4 years ago

Thanks Lot for Solution....I faced same Problem in my IBM x Series 346, try all possibility But... I have to replace that RAID memory card.....

JtMA 4 years ago

Thank you for your instructions, today we had the same "error code=2807" problem and after locating bented raid card the fix was fairly straight... Thanks again for quick solution.

Paresh Savla 4 years ago

I am having same issue now , will try your solution. Thanks a Lot.

Willko 3 years ago

Worked for me - thanks a million!!! Bought me the time I need for a replacement

El tato 3 years ago

Amazing... Thanks a lot!!! from spain

Free Stuff profile image

Free Stuff 3 years ago from Bandung, Indonesia Author

Thank you all, i am glad after almost 2 years my posting still help many people. If you want to thank me, just follow my G Plus.

Hedge 3 years ago

This is exactly what was wrong with our server this morning. Thank you for documenting this.

Luis 3 years ago

Thank excelent Post... from Panama..

j8mie 3 years ago

Thanks you for posting this up.

We had a server die this morning with the same error message, so I checked this and sure enough when we detached the battery and rebooted the server it came back up again. We checked two other identical servers, both of which had swollen batteries, so we fixed those as well.


sumit 3 years ago

Thank you very much,

Vijay 3 years ago

Coool! had the same problem, battery bulging..

Things worked fine once it was kept separately.

Thanks a ton...........

mblues 3 years ago

Thank you very much,

Bob 3 years ago

Many thanks - this was the issue - server back online now

mike 3 years ago

This is great, saved me alot of trouble. Thank


Adam 3 years ago

Lifesaver. This just worked this morning for us on our primary backup server. X346. Battery was so swollen almost coulnd't get the Raid car out..

Thanks a million!

chipdip 3 years ago

well played sir. I found the swollen battery but didnt think it was safe to run and didnt think of separating my battery from the card.

Main SQL server and financials server is now up and running while we await a new battery.

thanks Free Stuff!

Rick 3 years ago

Wow, I am so glad I found this solution. This fix solved our problem, the same as you described. The battery was so swollen that it was difficult to remove the SCSI controller from the edge connector. Once removed and the battery separated from the daughter card and the aluminum cover removed all is well. Our server booted - what a relief.

By the way, IBM quoted me $1964.00, as a starting point, to dispatch a technician to investigate this down server. This server is out of warranty with no maintenance so the quoted price was crazy high.

Thank you for posting your tip two years ago! It helped me today - July 23, 2013.

Free Stuff profile image

Free Stuff 3 years ago from Bandung, Indonesia Author

Hedge , Luis, j8mie, sumit, Vijay, mblues, bob, mike, adam, chipdip, Rick, thank you for your comment. I am very happy you are all get helped by this article. @Rick $1964.00 is really crazy price for starting point, i rather to buy a new server with that money :-)

Stefano 3 years ago

It works!!!

Thank you very much!!!

Jordi 3 years ago

Thanks a lot crack!!

Pepe 2 years ago

It works!!!!

Thank u Very much!!!!

We had a lot of time the sever down and now it work fine.

Mark 2 years ago

I'm so glad you posted this information - we had this very thing happen this morning (server suddenly died)... a quick Google search and here was your fantastic writeup, pictures and all, showing the problem and your solution. And your solution worked great! This server must have known it is going to be retired very soon™....

White man 2 years ago

Thanks - do you have a paypal account :)

Bakker 2 years ago

Thank you, saved an exchange server with this.

Fabrizio 2 years ago

Grazie mille ! ! stesso problema individuato grazie al tua articolo


u cant beleive how u saved my ass!!!! really thx from another Fabrizio from italy!!!!

Whew 24 months ago

Exactly our problem !! Ordering two spares today !!!

Vangrinsven Koen 22 months ago

did it for me today, thanks a lot!

Trey 21 months ago

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you! Lotus Notes server was saved for our medical facility. I think I'll get approval for that new server

Andy 19 months ago

Thank you very much, with great respect from Moscow. Good luck!

Powser 16 months ago

Fantastic. Hit this solution (thanks to you!) almost instantly - just luck. Server was up within minutes. I can only imagine how much time i would have spent otherwise

signed up just to say thanks

Mask 15 months ago

Tks a lot!!!!!It's Works!!!!!!!!!!!

brainscrew 11 months ago

thank men it worked for me

but how can i manage raid without cd installation

Claudio 3 months ago



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