Open Classifieds, is a free open source script for classifieds, advertisements or listings. Some of its features: Friendly URLs, Cache, Captcha, MySql+PHP+GPL.

In this tutorial web are going to be installing it on Localhost(Using xampp and wamp) so:

1. First we need to create a database. For this particular tutorial we shall name our database “opentest”.

2. Fireup phpMyAdmin and in the create database field type in “opentest” and click CREATE

3. Our database has now been created.

4. Next go to the open classifieds website by clicking here and download the open classifieds tar file

5. After the download is through , Unzip the package with a zip program like winrar

6. The unzipped folder should be “openclassifieds” else…..

7. Transfer your unzipped folder “openclassifieds” to htdocs if using Xampp and www if using wamp server

8. Now open your favorite browser and type in http://localhost/openclassifieds/install and press enter

9. Accept the license terms and click CONTINUE

10. The installation will check if your server meets its requirements and if your folders are writable. If everything is found to be ok. Click on CONTINUE

11. Next, the installation will ask you to check your paths, you should leave this as it is and click CONTINUE

12. Now you need to enter your Mysql database and other details like below

Hostname: localhost

Username: Your mysql database username

Password: Your mysql database password

Database name: opentest

Database charset: Leave as default

Table prefix: Leave as default

Sample date: Select Yes


13. Set your basic configuration(Fill in as appropriate) and click CONTINUE

14. Next Review your installation and if your contented with everything click INSTALL

15. Go to you’re the openclassifieds folder and delete the folder named “install”

16. Go to website


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Earl Gile 5 years ago

I found this tutorial very informative and easy to follow thank you.

Earl Gile 5 years ago

I followed your tutorial and everything installed just fine thank you.

Hamid 4 years ago

Thanks. Solved my problem

Hamid 4 years ago

When I click on "Go to Web". Page is blank. Please help me

GREG 4 years ago

When I fired up - as u say - php My admin I'm getting a error page HTTP error 303.

website requires u to log in.

Michael Burn 4 years ago

Try PHP Classifieds, they have awesome support for your PHP Scripts

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domerr 4 years ago

Hello Hamid/dexixy,

How to solve the blank page? I've the same problem after installation at localhost. Thanks

ron 4 years ago

edit the php.ini in your xampp directory (ie. C:\xampp\php\php.ini) and modify the general include_path like this :

include_path = ".;\xampp\htdocs\oc\includes;\xampp\php\pear\"

(oc should be replaced with your own folder)

make sure you restart your local server to see the result

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