IP Camera Software

What is IP Camera Software?

IP camera software is used for monitoring your security systems remotely. Also known as network camera software, IP camera software sets your cameras up to record video and transfer the data to a central hard drive or database (usually located off-site). This type of software also lets people look at the video footage recorded by the security cameras while on the go to help monitor the premises and make sure employees stay on task.

IP camera monitoring software can be found for a variety of different operating systems and at different price points. There are many different software manufacturers who make this type of software and some offer their programs for free and other charge for their software. Typically, the best camera security software does cost money and if you're running an important business and need cameras for security, you'll want to use that software.

Free IP Camera Software

If you're looking for an business/enterprise level software for managing your security cameras remotely you're out of luck when it comes to free software.  Most free IP camera software out there is designed for people with a single webcam and aren't very good for professional level monitoring.

One of the best (and apparently only) free monitoring software is called IPCamera.  How it works is the user uses an existing webcam into an IP security camera using ASF video technology.  Using Windows Media player, people can watch what happens while they're away remotely using the software and their web cam.

Besides IPCamera, there aren't very many IP camera services available for free.  So if you're serious about remote access to your security system, you're going to need to be able to pony up some money.

Best IP Camera Programs

There are quite a few solutions available for IP camera monitoring software out there for great prices for your business.  Depending on your needs, how many cameras you need to manage, and your budget, there is a camera software package that will fit your needs.

ViewCommander is a great network camera software program for any business and individual.  ViewCommander is great for people who need more features and functionality than the software typically shipped with new IP cameras.  Many people use ViewCommander including law enforcement, military, commercial businesses, and even people using it for the residential purposes.

Milestone XProtect is another great network camera monitoring software package as well.  Designed for people needing a much more powerful solution for security in retail, enterprise, or other high profile areas, Milestone develops a great product.  XProtect goes beyond typical IP camera software by providing the total solution.  For example, if you're a retailer, Milestone provides a software packgage that not only manages your cameras, but also gives you the ability to track transactions through your POS based on items rung up, certain employees, or specific times of day.  If you're in need of the best, most powerful camera software, XProtect is what you're looking for.

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Mostafa 6 years ago

Nice...I can think of many applications where a IP camera software would be nice to have.

WSharon 3 years ago

Security Monitor Pro, video

surveillance software will support up to 32 IP cameras per PC. All major camera brands are supported so you can mix and match cameras based on what works best at each location and you don't have to worry about upgrading to a new model.


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