Impact of Modern Communication Technologies in Human Life

Importance of Communication Technology

The way of communication has changed with the advent of new technologies. Technology is now really a part of everything we do. It is now used in almost all field including traveling, cooking, working, playing etc. It resolves most of the problems of mankind. A number of technologies have been relied by humans from time immemorial. But now we have started using many complex technologies to make our lives better.

The different types of technology and device that we use today are meant for a better way of communication, thereby providing a better life to mankind. When compared to the grown up people youngsters find the modern technologies quicker and easier. The advancement of technology in the last few years has innovated a number of fields including the way we communicate. The invention of modern and improved technologies has not yet come to an end. There are a number of inventions that contribute to the development of communication. Some of them are telegraph, typewriter, telephone, copier, radio, FAX, computer and Internet.

in Written Communication

Written communication has become much easier than ever with a number of modern devices like electronic typewriter, computer, fax, email, Internet etc. The modern technology has helped to increase the speed and quality of such devices.

In Oral communication

The modern technologies like mobile phones, voice mail system, chat system, voice conference, electronic meeting system etc have improved the oral communication.


Benefits of Technology

Technology can be considered as the foundation of our societies, since societies can gain nothing without science and technology. It has a positive influence because it benefits all our lives. Tools and implements that we use and depend upon to solve the real world problems can be considered as technology. They are capable enough to influence or change a culture. All the barriers to human interaction have been broken by the advances of technology.

The advantages of technology in the last few years has innovated science and medicine, space travel and even the way we communicate. Diseases that were once a threat to the human community are no longer considered so due to modern technologies.

Significance of Wi-Fi Technology

Wi-Fi, the short-range wireless broadband technology, is the best example that shows the achievements gained when regulators and technologists work together. Wi-Fi products are widely available in the market today. Wi-Fi and related consumer technologies are capable enough to replace cellular telephone networks. Wi-Fi allows LAN to be deployed without cabling. This reduces the cost of network deployment and expansion and also supports roaming.

At present Wi-Fi is the dominant home networking technology. Many electronic devices like Wi-Fi capable televisions, CD players, video recorders, phones etc have already started appearing. Such devices don't need any cables. It consumes a lot of electricity which may be considered as one of its drawbacks and may also be the reason for its failure in future. But it has blazed a trail for other technologies to follow.

Role of Internet in Our Daily Life

Internet is a universal communication media that converts the whole world into a global village. Just like electricity, Internet is becoming a necessity of everyday life. Many people throughout the world are connected with this large computer network. It is used to transmit voice mail, fax as well as any written documents. Internet helps multinational companies to ensure better control on their employees and facilitates better customer service. It is the best option to keep close contact with business partners. It is now being used for telephone, teleconference, video conference etc. The access to information, whether personal or general- it facilitates the access of information in many different ways. It has now become an unavoidable thing in almost all fields.

Importance of Mobile Phones

Mobile phones have become an essential part in our lives and made their own single stand. It is the latest addition to the technologies used for business communication. Even while remaining out of the work station, managers can keep in touch with the organization with the help of them. Once it was considered as a thing of luxury, but now we are not even able to think of a life without cell phones. It provides us an opportunity to stay in touch with our family, friends, business associates etc. It is an important tool in case of emergencies.

It is not even possible to think about a world that is deprived of technology. It's not meant only for our comfort but it is all about order and evolution in every possible aspect. We live a longer and healthier life with new technologies. The globe has become much smaller due to digital technology in communications.

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