Important Health Tips For Computer Users

I have collected a few guidelines in this hub for all those people who work a lot on their computers. Be it your laptops or desktop PC's these tips are very important for every one. As the the world is becoming more and more high tech people are getting more into computers, they spend a lot of time on their PC's either doing useful or completely useless stuff, so no matter what ever they do, I advice them to consider the following things which are really important if people would want to avoid health problem later on in their lives.

Tips On Improving Your Posture

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compu-smart profile image

compu-smart 8 years ago from London UK

Excellent hub with excellent important tips..sometimes i don't realise i have been in thwe exact same position for ages...

Its a shame my printer has broke as this would be great to print and place above PC as a reminder!!....I have taken notes!


sipon das 6 years ago

I like computer interestinly.

yoj 5 years ago

very helpful..thank you..

john 4 years ago

it is awesome and cool

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