Important of document encryption

Virtual encrypted partitons

In a world where digital privacy is eroding day by day, secure file encryption is necessary for anyone storing private files on their computer. Many programs offer on the fly encryption and decryption or entire hard disk encryption.

Creating a virtual encrypted partition is made easy with programs like Truecrypt. These drives are really single files that Truecrypt mounts to trick Windows into thinking it’s a separate partition. Any files you store in this partition will be encrypted on the fly. Using unbreakable encryption techniques such as AES means your documents can only be read with a secure password.

Storing files on the encrypted partition is easy. Once mounted you can drag and drop files to the partition like you would any other folder. Once the volume is unmounted it can’t be read by anyone without a password. The newly created partition will show up as D:\ E:\ or whatever name you wish to change it to.

Backing up your partition is easy. The encrypted files are all stored in a single file on your hard disk. Simply drag and drop the file on to a USB thumb drive or external hard drive. Install Truecrypt on the computer you wish to mount it on and it will show up as a new partition on that computer.

Truecrypt also allows you to encrypt your entire hard disk as well as operating system. This means that before the computer boots up you will be required to enter a password. Any file stored on that computer will be encrypted using the method of your choice. Loss of your password will result in all your files as well as operating system being lost forever. There is no way to recover the files.

It is also possible to encrypt a single file. While Truecrypt does not support this, there are many other programs available to do this. This would make a file unreadable until a password is entered. More times than not it’s easier to create an entire virtual partition rather than use single file encryption.

Chrome sync data

Google’s services offer sync options so you can sync all your data to your mobile phones, tablets, or other computers. However, this data is sent it’s unencrypted and stored in plain text. Setting up your Chrome browser to support sync encryption is essential for those concerned about online privacy.

The default the information such as open tabs and favorite places are stored on Google servers in plain text. Using Google Chrome settings it’s possible to encrypt the synced data for maximum security. If you choose this option it’s also recommended that you change the password used for encryption. By default the password is the same as your Google account. Typically this can be considered secure, but for the maximum security it’s recommended you change it.

It’s recommended you use these settings if you use a lot of open wireless hot spots. Information on open wifi can be read by people with malicious intent. If you want to keep your sync data totally private, encryption is a must when using open wireless signals.

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