Improve Your Trust Factor with Proper SEO Techniques

Increase Your Traffic with Proper SEO Techniques

Social Media and Search Engine Optimization
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Proper SEO Techniques Helps Build Trust

The ability to look closely, touch, and feel a product is what gets people buying in brick and mortar stores. With an e-commerce site you must find a way to substitute good text, pictures, and ease of navigation to satisfy the potential customer. The search engine results that are found by those searching for particular products should be pointed specifically to your relevant product.

That’s the first step in the buyer’s inspection process. An honest search engine result can be the first step toward trust and the impression of integrity in your business. People will be giving you their money, although they cannot see you, talk to you in person, or find anyone locally to recommend you like they could if you did business on Main Street, USA. This calls for a different set of techniques to gain a potential shopper’s confidence.

Avoid Blackhat Techniques

For example, if you are selling surfboards, don’t use snowboard keywords in hopes of attracting the winter adventure set to your surfboard site. We’ve all been there at some time or other. We search for one thing specifically and then end up clicking on link after link in the results page and come up with things that just waste our time instead of what we are looking for. This is called Blackhat technique and it does not gain trust in potential customers. It can also get you kicked off of a search engine.

This is why it is crucial to work with an SEO specialist to create a good, ethical, and informative site with optimization that points to what you are selling. When a potential customer clicks on your link and there is just what they have searched for, that’s the first step in the right direction. Follow the SEO’s advice on the content that is placed in the website and for product descriptions. Keywords for SEO should be appropriate to your website. Each search word should be linked to the product you are selling with the same name.

Be Accurate to Build Trust

The way a customer’s trust is built with SEO is to be absolutely above board where it comes to your keywords and how you present your website and your products. Placing the words for one type product in your description if your product is something different will be the first insult to your potential customer. They must never feel tricked into looking at your product if they are searching for something else.


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