Improve Your Wifi Signal on An Old Laptop

Wifi In The Park

My friend lives in an RV Park, the Cedar Grove RV Park and Campground, beside a local river here on the east coast of beautiful Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada. We are blessed with the mild winter weather necessary to make it possible to live in summer homes and RV's on this island.

RV living, if one has a bit of adventure in their soul, is a very economical and fun way to live.

During the fall, winter and spring when there are very few guests staying in the park, she is able to easily connect to the wifi provided by the park manager. Her laptop receives a stong and unobstructed signal.

Wifi Signal Strength

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But..Not During Peak Season

During the summer though, it is a different story. Every site in the RV park is full almost every night. People pull in with their big pickup trucks and bigger RV's, pulling boats, motorcycles and other summer fun, ATV's etc. The modem for the wifi is located directly across from my friend's RV. When guests pull into the spot beside where the modem is located they often park their boats,and other recreational vehicles in front of the modem station, blocking the signal from reaching her RV.

She Thought It Was Because She Had An Old Computer

She thought it was because she had an old computer and her network card was outdated.

She did a bit of reading on the subject on the Internet and after reading reviews, hubs and advertisements online she decided to try a wifi antenna booster. It sounded like a logical and affordable option, at the very least a good starting point.

Delighted To Discover

My friend was delighted to discover that her wifi signal was immediately boosted to 5 bars ( the strongest signal possible) upon plugging in the wifi antenna booster that she purchased through She was also really pleased that it only took a couple of days to arrive in her mailbox after she ordered it. It was an extremely simple install also. She took it out of it's packaging and simply plugged it into her laptop. She powered up her laptop and popped in the software that came with the wifi antenna booster and voila! the signal was immediately boosted to the magical 5 bars we all look for, the optimum connection.

Wifi Antenna Booster

A wifi antenna booster attaches to a laptop or pc via a usb cord. If your machine is older it may not have usb outlets. There is an adapter for that too.

You simply attach the wifi antenna booster to a usb port on your computer, it is that easy to install. Most wifi antenna boosters come with software media containing the drivers it needs to work. If not, and your machine is not ancient, it will likely pick up the drivers the first time you plug in the wifi antenna booster to your machine and power it on.

Economical Option

Wifi antenna boosters are an affordable option for increasing the strength of your wifi signal to your laptop, pc etc.

My friend can now watch movies and clips seamlessly with no interruptions. Her laptop and Internet connection are her primary source of entertainment so it was a huge bonus for her. For a relatively small money investment she was able to greatly enhance her viewing, and overall Internet experience.

Happy surfing and Make it a great day !

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ShyeAnne profile image

ShyeAnne 11 months ago from Deep Bay, British Columbia, Canada Author

Thanks for the comment Jodah. My friend was, and still is, seriously pleased with the continued great Wifi reception she continues to get with her wifi antenna booster. I think you will be pleased too if you decide to by and try one.

Jodah profile image

Jodah 11 months ago from Queensland Australia

Thanks for sharing this information ShyeAnne. I have trouble playing any videos because of week wifi signal and download speed. One of these antennas may help.

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