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Is your computer running annoyingly slow? Is the speed so slow that you have to wait for about 5 minutes for the yahoo homepage to load? I’ll give you some tips that I used to fix the problem on my own computer.

Is your PC Slow?

I use an HP computer (HP G7000 to be exact) and the specifications are above average. My configuration came with a Pentium Dual Core processor, 2GB of RAM, a 160GB Hard drive and a DVD Writer. After using it for a few months of using it, I noticed a sudden drop in performance. Program loading times were increasing, the computer kept freezing all the time and also I had to wait 2 minutes for my Media Player to open. So I decided to do a few things to make sure it came back to the way it was when I first purchased my computer.

Making your slow computer fast.

I decided to trace back my steps. I went online and got some tips on what to do.  I would like to share some of those tips with you.

1.       The problem could be with your hard drive. There could be errors in some of the files in your hard drive. These would cause data to be read incorrectly.  The OS would not report this immediately but after some time, The OS would begin to warn you about errors found on your hard drive and if those error messages persist, you might eventually have to replace your hard drive. This would cause loss of your personal data i.e. reports, schedules, music files or personal pictures. To check your hard drive for errors, you can use the chkdsk command.

Chkdsk utility
Chkdsk utility

2. Viruses could also be the cause of the problem. Viruses cause damage to computer systems by using most of your resources ( no wonder your pc runs so slow) . They also damage files. This is a problem that can be solved by installing an up to date antivirus program. This would remove the infected files. A restart would be required to bring the computer back to its original state.

3. Try disabling some of the startup items. When you install programs, most of them create startup entries, either for registration of the product or to download updates for the program at a specified time. However, if the enabled startup items are too many, you would experience a drop in performance. To disable startup items, you could use a program like TuneUp Utilities or you could use the tool called System Configuration. To open System Configuration, type msconfig in the Run dialog box.

Run dialog box
Run dialog box
System Configuration
System Configuration

Once there, open the startup tab and uncheck the programs that you don’t want starting up when you boot to Windows. When you’re done, click on apply and then click OK

For Windows Vista Users: After clicking ok, you will be asked to restart your system if UAC (User Access Control) is enabled but if it isn’t, a prompt won’t be shown. Click on “Restart Now” to apply the changes so that when your computer reboots, the programs that have been disabled will not start up. The Location and Command columns can also be used to remove viruses manually.

4.      Also run the maintenance programs included in Windows such as Disk cleanup and Disk Defragmenter. Disk cleanup checks for temporary files, temporary internet files, Downloaded program files and also old program data. In Windows Vista, it also searches for Windows Error Reporting data.

Disk Cleanup
Disk Cleanup

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Disk defragmenter re-arranges the fragments of the files in your hard disk into one contiguous form, meaning that it puts all the scattered fragments of files on your hard drive into one place so that access to files on the hard drive is faster. If the hard drive is too highly fragmented, access to files would be very slow.

5.    Make sure you don’t run too low on disk space. This is because Windows (All versions) require additional hard drive space for the swap file. Also, don’t run too many RAM intensive programs at the same time; this would only slow your computer down to a crawl.

There are many more ways but these are the most important. Feel free to comment. 

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