Best Ways to Get More Twitter Followers for FREE

Increase Your Twitter Followers
Increase Your Twitter Followers | Source

How to Increase Your Twitter followers

I am listing several great ways to increase your followers.  Some are perfectly good and well accepted.  However, others may be considered to be accepted as good by Twitter. 

The 5 Best Ways to Get More Twitter Followers
The 5 Best Ways to Get More Twitter Followers | Source

5 of the Best Ways to Increase Your Twitter Followers

There are a variety of good ways to increase your Twitter following.  The first is the good "old fashioned" way.

  1. Write and respond to interesting Tweets - You just can't beat being active on Twitter and interact regularly with other Twitterers.
  2. Take part in Follow Fridays - Use #FF within some of your Tweets.  List your favorite followers in a Tweet and tell others to follow them.
  3. Retweet other people's Tweets - This is a good way of saying you like a person's Tween enough to reTweet it. Also, it gives them credit for the funny or interesting Tweet.
  4. Don't make every Tweet spammy - The majority of your Tweets should not include links or be simply reTweets.  This can be viewed as spam.
  5. Use other sites to tell people about your Twitter profile - Facebook, blogs, web sites are all great ways to increase your Twitter followers.

Manage your Twitter Lists with Twibes
Manage your Twitter Lists with Twibes | Source

Twitter Lists

Or maybe that would be Twists.... Well, anyway you can create Twitter Lists via Twitter and add various people you that you may or may not follow to them.

A great way to manage and enhance your Twitter experience is to sign up for Twibes.

It is free and it allows you to both easily create lists and find others that are interested in the same topics as you.

Also, you may find that they will follow one another in the groups. :D

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Twitter Directories
Twitter Directories

Twitter Directories

Twitter directories provide a great way of finding Twitterers and getting followers that may be interested similar topics.

There are several great directories.  Typically the listings of Twitter users are broken down by genre.

  • WeFollow has almost 1 Million Twitter users listed.
  • Twellow is also a very large Twitter directory, very similar to WeFollow.
  • Just Tweet It is very cool and a great place to list yourself.
  • TweetFind is smaller than the above ones, but is worth listing yourself.
  • TwitDir has a unique concept and provides listings of the Top 100 followed, Top 100 updaters, Top 100 favouriters, and Top 100 followers.
  • TwitR is also unique and displays Tweets from the top users.



Twitter Train
Twitter Train | Source

Twitter Trains

There are several Twitter Trains web sites that allow you to get more followers by joining a train. You follow a certain number of people, then you will be listed for others to follow. Usually you join a ViP program to gain the most Twitter followers.

- A fairly old, yet effective Twitter train site. Use a URL shortener, such as, to list your referral url on Twitter.

TwitterTrain - Twitter Train to increase your following.

TweeterFollower - Another Twitter train for increasing your followers.

Twiends - It is free to join. It borders on being Twitter train and being something of a Twitter directory. Plus they give away points all the time, so you could get followers for no particular reason.

Follo - Similar to Twiends above. You earn points by following others. It is also free to join. - Sort of like Twiends, only not as user-friendly. 



Twit Cleaner is an excellent tool for cleaning up your Twitter following
Twit Cleaner is an excellent tool for cleaning up your Twitter following

Clean Up the Tweet Stream

After you have taken part in any Twitter Trains or whatever, you may find that you have a lot of garbage in your Tweet Stream.

Or, you may want to unfollow the people that are not following you back.

Whatever the case, you can use Twit Cleaner to run a report and help you remove any unsavory folk that you may be following. It's free.

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