Increase your sales with Email Marketing

Increase your sales with Email Marketing

There are many strategies to increase sales of a website. I could cite as examples, the optimization for search engines, viral marketing, create an affiliate program and others. But there is one problem: these methods bring results only for medium and long term.

So what strategy can be used immediately to increase your sales on the Internet?

Answer: The use of good old Email Marketing!

Needless to say I'm not talking about simply use a CD with 10 million emails or to extract emails from websites or contact lists. These methods spammers do not reach a qualified audience and, in addition, 99% of those receiving spam, spam is seen as a kind of "certificate of dishonesty" who is sending, so they would not buy anything from a person with such credentials.

Yes I'm talking of legitimate email marketing, targeted to people who came voluntarily to your list. Email marketing is the perfect tool to gain the trust of people who visited your site, probably in search of something that you were offering, but for some reason, have not bought from you. I'm talking about using email to persuade those who may already be *Nearly Convinced*.

And I'm not talking about just a list. You can expand the concept and create as many mailing lists you want. I cite as an example, some types of lists that I keep and which you can also create.

  • Lists of people who have already bought one or more products;
  • Lists of people who visited your site and asked for mini-courses via email;
  • Lists of people who signed your newsletter;
  • Lists of people who are interested in any promotions and discounts;
  • Lists of people who came to your affiliate program.

And because administering mailing lists is so important?

Firstly, because people rarely buy from you the first visit to your site. Statistics show that, in general, people need to read at least 3 times your sales message, before they buy. So, if you do not collect emails from visitors to your site, lost contact with them and thus miss opportunities to make money.

And in a more advanced, if you have at your disposal a mailing list of customers (happy, of course) will have a good site to promote other products because your customers are already inclined to buy from you again. A trust was established in the previous purchase and then you have a huge advantage at your favor.

And how you can use your mailing lists?

Here are some ideas:

  • Show products with special discount to your list of customers;
  • Announce new products to your list of members - so they promote your new product;
  • Send new articles for your ezine or newsletter;
  • Publish your latest article in your newsletter;
  • Send your latest article to your list of affiliates - so they can use the article to promote your product;
  • New products for all your lists at once.

If you are now convinced that having your own lists will bring more profits to your business, do not waste time! Begin today to build a mailing list.

The easiest tool to use to create mailing lists is the autoresponder. An autoresponder service will give you the ability to manage several mailing lists without having to install any program on your computer or script on your website. And also give you the following facilities in the handling of these lists:

  • Ability to create forms for your site automatically capture visitors' email addresses;
  • Ability to send automatic replies;
  • Ability to automatically send messages sequential (follow up);
  • Ability to send messages to specific lists;
  • Ability to send messages to all your lists at once;
  • Easy access to statistics - so you can know where you are hitting or missing in your promotions;
  • Access to your mailing lists from any computer with an Internet connection.

And the service that has all of this and you can test it for only $1 in the first month is AWeber.

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