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Hi everyone,

I am pretty sure that many people viewing this post will be totally unaware or will have only slight idea of what page rank is. If you are a programmer or web developer than there are quite good chances that you may have know how of page ranks.

Understanding page ranks is simple to improve it needs real workout!


Page rank is actually a method used by search engines to rank the websites so that only relevant and best content may be provided to the users. E.g. If you search for something on net using google or yahoo (two search engine giants) then it is not only the search term that matters but also the page rank, to further simplify, content on higher rank) and same content on rank) cannot be treated equally... despite being higher in reputation will also have certain degree of authenticity associated with it.

To sum up higher the page rank, greater the reputation, higher will be your site in search results, more will be the probability of visitors to your site, higher will be the earnings and happier will be your life! :)

Page rank is marked out of 10. Some examples that will follow will make it simple. pagerank: 9/10 pagerank: 8/10 pagerank: 9/10 pagerank: 8/10 pagerank: 6/10

( you may check others using - its free and easy )


Now coming to how to the actual question. How to increase the page rank?

This is the actual thing and trust me it takes days to understand the trick if you don't have anyone to guide, which in your case is me!!!! :) Too much self praising!

We will go step by step through this.

Your ultimate goal is to become more reputed in the eyes of search engines. including google, yahoo, bing, ask and others.....

What you need is:

1. Links pointing to your site

2. Relevant and most searched search terms on your site

3. People clicking your site when it is displayed in the search results

4. Attractive content to grab the visitors.

5. Advertisement to earn your site little reputation (Remember: advertisement may be free or paid) so don't be afraid.

How to get all these:

Sure shot method to improve page rank is undoubtedly "Links ", more your site has links greater will be the page rank. It is the fastest possible method that is known.

1. Increasing links to your site:

Biggest secret is: Associate your site with high ranking sites and your rank will grow at bigger rate.

e.g. if you have link in then you have 10 times more chances of being increased in rank rather than if you have your link at

a: Use link exchange services like GOTLINKS.COM or FREERELEVANTLINKS.COM

b: Exchange links with sites that are interested in one to one link exchange like

c. add your site to web directories like or yahoo directory. This is the fastest way to increase page rank you may find more web directories easily thru googling

d. Use banner exchange services like

2. Relevant search terms:

This is surely the second most important method to get higher page rank. This is a little tougher than the former one.

You have to use the keyword suggestion tool to search for the terms that are searched most on search engines. Fortunately google has one for you The KEYWORD TOOL.

You may enter your web address in it and get to know the most searched terms. You have to work really hard on this part. Find the keywords that are searched most - many sites can do this for you free of cost. Then ad these words to your site in shape of tag cloud or content and you are done.

3+4. People clicking your site when it is displayed in search results + Attractive content:

There is not much to say about this part.Just do two things.

a. Whenever you want to open up your site add it in search box and click the link from there rather then doing it directly from address bar

b. try to make your content very attractive so if your site is displayed in results user must click it.

c. try to add rare content in your site. So that search engined have no choice other than to show your site in the top search results.

5. Advertisement campaigns:

There are two ways to do that. Either use ad exchange sites , where you show ads in return for your ads shown on others site - the only disadvantage in this case is that only low page rank sites participate in such campaigns so you have very small chances of being noticed by search engines.

so you should go for paid campaigns. Adwords can be a cheap option for you. But if you don't have enough money no problem let it go and try the other tricks. 


The rest of it depends on you more you work better will be the result! Thanks for reading. Please considering commenting before leaving. Its just a beginning. I am working on it constantly and will update you as soon as I receive more info.

You may ask any question. I will be pleased to answer. Bye for now! 

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Comments 7 comments

troyjones profile image

troyjones 6 years ago

I've written a few hubs on Page Rank, SEO and backlinking myself. I am continually surprised at how few people even know what Page Rank is let alone understand it.

Now I've tried getting my site into DMOZ but at the time it stated that it would take months - if ever - before I would get my submission into DMOZ. It's been a year or so and my site isn't in DMOZ. Have you had any better luck?

Stimp profile image

Stimp 6 years ago from Upper Midwest

Phenomenal information. Thanks. Check out my hubs to see a piece of what its like to live in rural America....with a funny twist. I look forward to reading more hubs from you.

dyesebel10 profile image

dyesebel10 6 years ago from USA

nice hub.. very informative.. thanks for sharing.

sohaibshaheen profile image

sohaibshaheen 6 years ago from Pakistan Author

@ troyjones

Thanks for comments.... As you know that is an open source web directory run by netscape corporation and all the editors are volunteers so its a matter of luck most of the time whether your site will be listed sooner or latter.

Also which category you choose is really important in this decision since choosing wrong or less suitable directory for your site may result in delay or even refusal.

As far as my luck is concerned Yes I had and I got my site accepted just in 20 days of submission...

Take some time in choosing right category and try to make your site worth visiting visually and content-wise so editor may admire..


compu-smart profile image

compu-smart 6 years ago from London UK

Great hub! very informative;)

learn english online 6 years ago

Thanks for sharing this your information is so useful for my website...

msshandriaball profile image

msshandriaball 4 years ago

useful info voted up!

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