Industrial Heaters

Industrial heaters are generally required to be heavy duty heaters. They are widely used in various heating applications in industries. Industrial heaters consist of heating coils and heating elements that consume a lot of electricity, some of the commonest types of industrial heaters include; Thermal fluid heating systems, Industrial drum heaters, Aluminum foil heaters, Induction heaters for melting, jacket heaters and many more.

An electric industrial heater is a multi-functional heating system which performs lots of functions including; heating tanks filled with fluids, and warming up industrial ware houses. Most electric industrial heaters make use of heating elements and immersion heating systems for their operations.

An electric industrial heater may deliver up to 512,000BTUs and some are accompanied with weatherproof protectors for outdoor operations. An electrical industrial heater may require 150000 watts, depending on its operation demand. Some may even require around 5,000 CFM heated air output, 92-190 Amps or 480V/3 ph/60Hz depending on their industrial requirements and weight.


Modern industrial water heaters are heavy duty water heating appliances which are capable of re-circulating hot waters and may also contain digital water temperature control features. An industrial water heater can convert steam to water through instantaneous heat exchangers with steam control valve and can also perform instantaneous water heating system through boilers. Multiple size flow options are also available for circulating the hot water to everywhere within an industry for usage.

An industrial radiant heater makes use radiant heat energy from sources like infrared and  air heating elements for industrial purposes. An industrial radian heater has several advantages that makes it helpful for industrial heating purposes; It localizes heating in large plants and its very helpful in loading docks, ideal for narrow warehouse aisle heating, It prevents freezing of valves and pipes, and it is ideal for heat hoppers among many other advantages.

Industrial heaters are applied in a number of industrial operations which include; Thermolators, oil heating loops, water heating loops, food processing and several others. Industrial heaters are generally selected for industrial applications that require larger wattages of power.

They are most suitable for the heating requirements of water, oil ,liquid solutions and air. Flanged immersion heaters, screw-plug or bushing heaters, over-the-side immersion heaters, circulation heaters, pipe insert heaters, forced air duct heaters, and tubular (finned and non-finned) heating elements are all used for different industrial heating systems.

Coil cable heaters are industrial electric heaters which are cable heaters can be formed into variety of shapes for different industrial applications. They are high performance nozzle heaters which have been nozzled . These industrial electric heaters can supply heat at temperatures of around 360 degrees or more. They are also used as cartridge heaters where irregular size bores are discovered.

Industrial heaters are mainly built for industrial purposes only and are not required for home or residential indoor and outdoor activities, they generate lots of heat hence their maintenance and running costs are high. Industrial heaters are expensive and there are lots of them built for different activities.

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