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Google Chrome OS
Google Chrome OS
Chrome OS
Chrome OS

Google chrome OS (Operating system) is next open source project aimed at developing operating system. Chrome OS is different from Chrome browser. Chrome OS is expected to be released in the mid of 2010. Chrome OS is targeted to users who spend most of their time on internet. It makes browsing more safe, fast and reliable. Chrome OS is developed for netbooks that are used mostly for using internet. It is being developed for processors based on x86 architecture. However Chrome will also support processors such as ARM. Since the OS is aimed at single use only (Use of Internet), the OS will be fast enough to run on even slow processors. Chrome is also expected to be able to run on Desktop. Though Chrome appears to be just an extension of Android (Google OS supporting Smart Phones) but actually Chrome is different from Android in the same way as Windows Vista for PC is different from Windows 6.5 for mobiles.

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Architecture of Chrome OS- Technically speaking, Chrome is not any new OS. It is just limbs given to Linux Kernel. A new user interface designed basically for browsing is mantled over Linux Kernel. In this way its way of working will be very much similar to UNIX. However because of new user interface, you won’t feel that it is actually Linux. Linux kernel will provide speed, reliability and stability to Chrome OS. New windowing system will give it a unique look.

Like Chrome Browser Chrome OS is kept simple without much technical ‘know how’. The sole aim of Chrome OS is to give convenience to internet user community.

Development Utility- Chrome provides rich environment to develop internet based applications capable of running on all type of browsers. Such application will support all types of Browsers and OS.

Change in Trend- At present most of the work we do is on desktop. We save the files on our PC. Our hard disk is main source for storing and retrieving data. Chrome is aimed at encouraging ‘Cloud Computing’. Cloud Computing is technology in which each file is separated into different parts and each part is saved in different servers across the world. Whenever any user wants to retrieve the file, pieces of file are collected and joined to give user complete information. Cloud computing will reduce the work load on our hard disk.

Some of the key features of Chrome OS are:

· Speed- Since Chrome is using Linux Kernel, speed will obviously be great.

· Light Weight OS- Chrome is small OS built for users who spend most of their time on internet.

· Security- Cloud computing and also design of OS will give it high security to crack.

  • Simplicity- Chrome is kept simple as in Chrome browser. The huge success of Chrome browser indicates that users want simple softwares

Driver Development- Google said that there are many companies that agreed to supply components and drivers supporting Chrome OS. Intel is partner of Google in developing Linux Kernel. The initial collaboration of Google with many companies for software development for Chrome will get great support for Chrome OS. Companies such as HP, DELL, Acer and many more have agreed to support Chrome OS.

Chrome as Windows rival: Google as well Microsoft have been denying that Chrome is threat to Windows market. In reality Chrome is actually a threat to Windows. Chrome OS is going to be released for the first time. We cannot expect Chrome to be as good as Windows in terms of features because Window has evolved over 20 years of research. However over a period of (may be 5 or 6 years) Chrome will be able open challenge Windows. With lot of support of Open source community this is definitely possible.

The other factor that is threat to Windows is that Chrome is Open source so it will be free of cost to its users. On the other hand Windows is very costly to individuals as well to enterprises. The cost latest Windows is approximately $219 for basic version.

Chrome also favours cloud computing, which is again a setback to Microsoft product such as MS Word because chrome will shift computing to ‘web based’ from ‘PC based’.

Initial release: Initial release of Chrome is expected to be in mid of 2010. Initial users of Chrome is not expected to large because chrome is basically developed for internet users. Chrome is expected to support open source application softwares such as OpenOffice (Open source software compatible with MS Word). Other open source software will give chrome many features that Windows or Mac OS is capable of. These open source softwares will make chrome worth using on desktops and laptops.

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