Google Chrome for Overseas Social Media Managers


Social Media Man sports his new Chrome dome ...


If you haven't heard, Google has added it's genius to the browser mix with Google Chrome.

Here are a bunch of reasons you should make the switch - especially if you manage social media on an overseas US military base.

Save money. Believe it not, a large monitor and Google Chrome eliminate the need to use dual monitors with creative work. I watched a video presentation recently in which a speaker noted the various programs he had open with his dual monitors, but I was watching it on a large Dell monitor (24-inch) while typing this hub. With Chrome, the tabs along the top are more functional, in that they automatically open into more tabs - like horizontal file folders - rather than new windows (which are about as irritating as pop-up advertisements). Some of the other browsers followed suit once they noticed Chrome doing this - Google Chrome was the first, and is the best at automatically detecting human beings' preference: Which is to not have things popping up in their face.

Take Chrome with you when you travel. Chrome is great for professional social media managers because you can synchronize your Chrome bookmarks between your various computers using your Gmail email account. For example, if you have to travel somewhere to set up an agency or business social media site, you synchronize the Chrome browser on your laptop with the Chrome browser on your desktop computer, and presto! - you have all bookmarks in one place. Plus, Chrome acquires bookmarks from other browsers - very cool.

Spell checker. Pretty incredible, because it essentially turns email messages into word processor documents - at least in the sense that you can now communicate in email messages much more effectively - no goofy misspellings, aye. Regardless of what email service you use, you don't have to click check spelling anymore, because commonly misspelled words are already underlined in red.

The Chrome spell checker is a huge asset from within Blogger and WordPress blog posts, too.

Need for speed. Chrome opens much faster than other browsers, and additionally remembers which browser tabs you had open when you last used it, reopening them them in the same order you left them in (you set this up in your Chrome settings).

Mistakes? It has an undo and redo function that works great in email and other programs that do not normally offer these functions. If you make a mistake, just right click in whatever box you were typing, and then left-click undo, redo, whatever you need.

Are you from H-land? If you're a Hubber from Holland or Hungary, Chrome notices what language a web page displays - and offers to translate it for you.

Very pleasing. Finally, similar to its translation capabilities, Chrome does a much better of job of remembering what language you usually use at Google search engine, regardless of location on the planet, keeping you on your native language Google page when you're searching for information.

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